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17 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: New Family Pit Bull Kills 3-Year Old Girl in Duncan, Oklahoma

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  1. The family needs a lot of prayers? Okay, here is mine:

    I pray that you have a rendezvous with reality. That's a place where pit bulls are recognized as dangerous.

  2. I am very disappointed that if the family's gofundme the call it a dog attack and not a pit bull attack.

  3. A recent issue sweeping our culture is the danger involved when children consume laundry detergent pods. It's all over the news and social media. There are calls for the U.S. government to ban their manufacture. Could we maybe see some numbers on the deaths caused by pit bulls vs. those caused by Tide pods? I think we can all guess which one will come out on "top"….

  4. Here's another prayer:

    I pray that, in the future, you place the welfare of your family first. People first, dogs second.

  5. This will never cease to be heartbreaking. How people can advocate for this breed after this type of horror is beyond understanding. People have lost all sense of right and wrong over a dog breed. It's insanity.

  6. He clearly cared more about the safety of a dog than the safety of his own daughter. Disgusting.

  7. I once again ask a parent who brought a pit bull into their home: Was it worth it?
    How truly horrific. And the poor grandmother who has to live with experiencing her granddaughter's death. I can't even imagine.

  8. I was sickened to see here in Rochester, NY today, a picture posted in the Verona Street Shelter of a young family with a little toddler taking home a pit.

  9. I am a vet tech and I am sick to death with this save -at -all cost mentality. Where do I even begin…oh yes, with the shelters . I have seen first hand how the shelters mis-label a pit on their paperwork. I have seen the breed boxer mix, lab mix , even basenji mix( that one was laughable because this particular dog showed no resemblance to a basenji- it was full american bulldog(aka: pit).Moving on, I have seen new adoptees CLUELESS about the type of dog they just adopted.When I am looking at the paperwork and going over it with the new owner, I will ask them what their pit is mixed with and I am met with a blank look and they will say" oh, the shelter said it is a "lab mix".. is it a pit?" A lot of times, they have small children. I hear this a lot: "yeah, he was running out of time at the shelter "… that should be a HUGE red flag but it seems like the masses are clueless to to point of negligence. The need to do good and "rescue" overrides common sense.
    I will never allow a pit into my home nor will I ( or let my son) go to a home that is harboring a pit.Some of my co-workers act like I am personally offending them when I mention my dislike of this breed. Why , oh why, are so many people brainwashed by these franken-maulers?I do not get it.

  10. Very well said Concerned Vet Tech. The Pitbull is the breed that overwhelmingly does the bad deed.

  11. Concerned vet tech is right on the money. To see the parade of purposely concealed pits and pit mixes come into the homes of nice people who are not able to get any other information except from the pit lobby is frustrating, to say the least. In my puppy class now is a pit mix that was sold as a lab mix. It is from a rescue group that gathers up Mexican strays, smuggles them across the border into California breaking several laws in the process,then resells the pups at an astounding markup. This pup was so human aggressive at 12 weeks she was almost unstoppable. The owners will keep her. To return her would be a perceived social sin few owners can or want to tolerate the outrage from the pit pushers and Mexican pup smugglers

  12. I have friends who love PITS and I hear the same story its how you raise them and I say a pointer points a retriever well retrieves and a pit bites your ass sooner than later ,,,,,

  13. This father learned the hard way that there is a very good reason for "what happens to pit bulls" in animal shelters. (and the reality is, all too often, violent animals who should be euthanized are not, instead they are adopted out to unsuspecting families.) Bottom line, an animal that would maim and tear apart a child for opening a door is NOT a household pet. Most dog breeds do not (ever) maim, go for the kill, or tear apart their victims. Pit bulls are not safe for households, how many times must they prove this before their apologists will accept reality?

  14. I also want to add, while I also picked up the "no big deal" attitude from the dad, I think its important to remember that people grieve in different ways. I think the dad might be still be in the denial phase, he talks about missing his daughter, with the emotion that she is off at summer camp having fun and will be back soon. I think the denial in his mind might be a coping technique to protect himself from the extreme guilt that he will feel once he really accepts the situation. Just my armchair psychology.

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