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8 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bull Fatally Attacks Newborn in Crib in Citrus County, Florida

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  1. Yes, this fall has been a hyperphagia with the maulers (reminiscent of December 2017). Almost makes you think of what a bear does before hibrinating.

    On another note, I would not be surprised if the parents try to find a way to blame the manufacturer of the crib.

  2. It’s just overwhelming to know that yet another baby has lost her life to a pit bull. Another.💔

  3. Dog fighting is a felony.
    It’s a felony to plant land mines or rig a hand grenade to explode upon trespass.

    Dogs intentionally made to attack unprovoked and prolonged are worse than hand grenades or land mines as they can move about under their own power.

    We need new laws.
    One suggestion:

    When a dog inflicts severe or fatal injury on another dog, cats away from the dog’s residence, farm animals, or Humans Anywhere, all the dog’s owners, handlers, users should be charged with Felony Animal Neglect And Cruelty.

    Immediately remove all dogs from the property or their contact.

    Found guilty, they all are banned from any dog contact or ownership for Life.

    Signs must be posted “No dogs permitted”

    The FBI tracks convicted animal abusers so they could manage the National Registry.

    Any dogs later found on the property or in their contact will immediately be confiscated.

    Publicized and enforced, this breed neutral affordable law will begin to make more dog owners care to prevent that first attack.

  4. At the pharmacy today I saw a birthday card with a pit bull on it. I thought the pic might be better suited to a sympathy card.

  5. Yesterday on the ABC National news there was a story about a pitbull that wandered into a school and attacked a number of children. One of the kids said the dog was friendly at first then suddenly began biting. The point here is that there are breed specific behaviors, and we certainly can make judgements about specific breed behaviors. Border Collies herd, Dachshunds dig etc. Pitbulls have a prey instinct that is very strong and can be keyed in an instinct. The solution: a ban on all commercial and private breeding of pitbulls, mandatory spaying or neutering, and a special assessment to the license fee for pitbull owners.

  6. I cannot articulate how enraged I become when i see these absolute morons woth their baby lying or playing near their pitbull on youtube. The level of arrogance is astounding

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