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13 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Back-to-Back Dogo Argentino Attacks, One Fatal, Both with Similar Circumstances and Victims

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  1. I did some online research on this breed and what I saw was terrifying. These dogs, like the boerboel, make pit bulls look like beagles. I was also surprised how many of both dogos and boerboels were available on PetFinder given that they are both rare breeds.

  2. One other thought (as someone who used to breed hunting dogs)…when breeding, you take the female to the male’s home (territory), you do not bring the male to the female. The one attack seems to be a case of bringing the male to the female and this results in aggression, usually by the female.

  3. The pics of the dogs covered in blood and attacking some unfortunate unidentifiable animal are chilling. It shows that owners are most interested in the violent capacity of these dogs.

    • I wondered the same thing, whether it was a poor bait animal or if they were turning them loose on wild game. The picture of the two squared off should be enough evidence with the other photos to bring dog fighting charges. You’re right, these people are very interested in the mauling abilities of their dogs.

  4. Horrifying images of the blood stained dogs that sadistic “breeders” are raising as weapons. Also another victim who tragically and naively assumed that these breeds of dogs were safe to be around.

  5. God those dogs are hideous, and that photo with the blood makes me feel sick. Anyone who loves this breed has a screw loose.

  6. Agreed Elizabeth.The mentally deficient people who think this is a desirable trait in dogs are a danger to society.

  7. I wonder if they buried her with the dog?
    I suspect in the case where the woman survived the relationship will not.

  8. I was attacked by a Dogo Argentino that is owned by my husband four weeks ago . I was lucky to be able to escape and call 911. I have wounds and they have been healing. My husband is still defending those dogs but he moved them out side the house. ‘This dog bread should be banned

  9. It should be noted that the husband of the attack victim in California has given up all of his dogs and ended his breeding program for his wife’s sake. She lost one arm and is working to regain function in the other. She was lucky to live and he knows it.

  10. The husbands of those two young women should be not just grieved, but also ashamed of themselves. It’s their job to keep their loved ones safe, and to be smart and prudent when it comes to taking care of their families. To put a fragile woman in a household with multiple dogs that were bred for nothing but fighting and killing is either retarded, or evil. The young man wanted to be a macho, you see.
    How about asserting your manhood by being a hardworking, solid, reliable and intelligent protector and provider for your wife and children.

  11. I was attacked by our 4 year old Dogo. I was home alone one night. By the grace of God I got the dog off of me. I thought he was going to kill me. I ran and called for an ambulance. My husband put the dog down. There is no way in hell I would have agreed to keep the dog after he attacked me. I’m lucky to be alive. I’m now going to counseling for ptsd.

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