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10 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: West Price Hill Woman Killed by Her Pit Bull; Police Call Case 'Complex Investigation'

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  1. How many victims need to die horrific deaths, before people realize that fighting breeds should not be kept as pets? There were children in this home, living side by side with a pit bull, their lives in danger every day. Now this little boy and his siblings are going to grow up without a mother. That’s heartbreaking.

  2. Beyond horrific.

    It’s cruel to humans and to pets to support dog fighters and their continued breeding for unprovoked prolonged suicidal aggression.

    Since “good” game insane pit bulls will kill their own family, their own kind,on instinct alone, no other soecies is safe when instinct to maul and kill meets opportunity to reach a victim.

    Dog fighters, the true experts of gladiator dog aggression, know that breeding matters most. That’s why they describe their dogs by their bloodlines. That’s why they choose pits exclusively.

  3. Is there a word that describes the fantasy land that pit owners live in? That’s a pretty serious bite that “he didn’t mean to do it to me he is a friendly and a lovable dog”. We see statements similar to this over and over again from pit owners. They completely deny the aggression, even when they are the victims of that aggression. They make excuses and defend the animals when it is overwhelmingly obvious that they’re dangerous. I just can’t wrap my head around this way of thinking. These owners put themselves (and everyone around them) in the crosshairs, then try to find a reason why the dog attacked – as if that will make it all better and prevent future maulings.

    I keep thinking of that poor boy. Four years old. What a terrible age to discover that there are monsters after all.

  4. Wow. This woman essentially got very lucky in 2014 and survived an attack from a pitbull that did not escalate to a full, all-out mailing. You would’ve thought that when that happened that she might’ve figured out that this breed of dog is very unsafe and volatile.

    • She probably got rid of that dog and acquired another thinking it was the individual dog that was the problem rather than the breed.

  5. Pits are a dime a dozen in low-income neighborhoods. At one point in history, “Heinz-57” mixed breeds were the dog of choice among working class and lower income people. Even though the vast majority of these dogs were intact (as Graffiti clearly was), still we did not have the bloodbath we do today.

    It’s possible the deceased got some sob story about an abandoned “misunderstood” dog, (see above about pits being a dime a dozen) and she fell back into pit ownership.

    • Absolutely correct and yet I was checking this morning of the dogs available at an animal shelter near where I’ll be moving next month, 18 of the 84 dogs up for adoption are “Staffordshire Bull Terriers” — a fluffy name for pit bulls. I’m astounded! How many of these will be adopted by families? The area where this shelter is located are mostly low income ‘immigrant’ families with kids wanting a dog. So I checked my local shelter where I’m currently living and it was the SAME thing? How and why are shelters across the country getting away with adopting potential ‘killers’? I don’t care how many people will claim these are the ‘best pups around and my kids climb all over them’, in an instant that can be the last thing they do!

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