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33 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Adopted Two Weeks Earlier Kills Woman in Columbia, Maryland

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  1. The depth of idiocy and denial of the usual “don’t blame the breed” statement is astounding. Just LOOK at all the risk factors! New dog, bad breed, elderly person. This was as easily foreseeable as most fatal and near fatal pit bull ‘yard accidents’.

  2. Her sister cares more about the reputation of fighting dogs than her sister’s death at the hands of one. She is insane.

    • Imagine this in any other context:

      “My family member was killed by a drunk driver, but please don’t stereotype all drunk drivers! I have buddies who go out driving buzzed all the time and they’ve never hurt anyone!”

  3. I’m just glad it was she who was killed and not an innocent, sane person. Also, her sister is nuts too.

  4. They need to figure out which dog rescue allowed that dog to be fostered out. Why was it from out of state? Sometimes, rescues will transfer dangerous animals to new states to ‘save’ them from being euthanized. Someone in this dog’s history likely knew it was dangerous and needs to be held accountable.

    The way it kept trying to attack the husband and police officers made me think of a lion or grizzly bear protecting a dead prey item. A domesticated animal should never act like that.

    • Alas, her mindset is all too typical among those who are involved in the animal rights/rescue movement. Misanthropy runs rampant among them.

    • it’s partly ignorance and partly because of the lies on the part of Pit Bull owners. I know one Pit advocate that was attacked while she was sleeping by her pit and her screams brought her son and he helped drag the dog off or she might be dead now. She only told her best friend and swore her to secrecy (best friend told me because she was horrified) She did put the dog to sleep thankfully but doesn’t want her story to get out and hurt the breed. I know of a couple that 2 pits attacked their adopted children and they had to be life flighted, they claimed they were stray dogs so they didn’t have to put their dogs to sleep. People are batshit crazy.

      • Is there any documentation of the children being life-flighted? If two strays attacked children, it might have been reported.

      • Wasn’t there a case where a couple claimed their kid was attacked by a cougar or bear and it turned out it was actually their pit bulls that did it? I remember something like that anyway..

  5. Seems that it is more important to the sister to be right than to admit the truth about these dogs. So sad. Their beliefs put everyone at risk.

    • And the key word in your comment is the word “beliefs.” Because that’s what we’re dealing with. Beliefs, not facts.

  6. These dogs are on “death row” for a reason and it isn’t because they are cuddle bugs.
    It seems as though some people have this God complex and feel like they are THE ONE that can help this poor, misunderstood( sarcasm) breed. To travel out of state to get this dog just shows the warped desperation that some people feel. Gotta save this dog at all costs!

    • And saving this dog is MUCH more important than protecting the lives of the humans around it.

  7. Bullet? Returned 2x?
    If the lion tamers had just let it be PTS, as planned, this lady would still be alive.
    And they renamed it Snowball. Outrageous.

  8. I’m no dog behavior expert, but the body language exhibited by the 2 pit bulls in the video you posted doesn’t appear happy, friendly, or relaxed. If I saw a dog showing the body language of Snowball/Bullet/Snowflake/Avalanche of Death I’d be expecting a dog fight. We all know wagging tails mean NOTHING in pit bulls. It’s not a sign of happiness or benign excitement with them – more like a side effect of the last remaining normal dog genes that have been almost completely bred out of these freaks of nature.

    The hold the jammy pants wearer has on the spotted pit’s leash does not imply trust or relaxation on her part, either. It’s a hold you put on something you’re expecting to have to yank back, and need as much leverage as possible. It’s like they were prepared for a dog fight between those two.
    I’m pretty sure most of these sorry rescues are run by morons who don’t know their a$$ from their elbow. It’s a blind obsession with “saving them all”. Too bad they don’t have the same passion for protecting our most vulnerable.
    I think Bullet is a great name for a pit bull, because the old saying “you are what you eat” will be apropos if one comes anywhere near me or my loved ones.

  9. Death row dogs should stay on death row. Everyplace is glutted with dogs, there is no point to saving the worst first, except for the morons who keep giving donations to do so.

  10. In real time for most people the videos look benevolent. However slow them down and you will pick up what a canine behaviorist sees. Video 1- tense posture after jumping, air snapping and a turn away and high alert before second jump. Video 2- both dogs on high alert, handlers are not giving any slack, both dogs are not giving appeasement signals until the cutoff of the video where the brindle pit goes to sniff the side of ‘snowball’ who is still in high-alert drive. Makes you wonder what happened next.

  11. About a year or two ago, a vet tech from another office “rescued” a pit from a local shelter. That dog was on the euthanasia list.She brought it to our clinic where her friend worked. She bought it in to weigh it and her friend kept it at our clinic for a few days ( I’m not sure why she left it with us) but I digress.She put a post on her facebook page asking for someone to adopt it….So, evidentally, she did not want it for herself, she just didn’t want it to be euthanized but was going to pawn it off on someone else. Approximately 2 months after she ” busted it out of jail”… she was still trying to find someone to adopt it. The dog was not good with cats . I think is had killed a cat or two in it’s previous owner’s home( hence the return to the shelter). When people were responding to her posting, some were saying that they couldn’t take him because they have cats. Her response to that was ” well, I’m not for sure that he did attack the cats”…( trying to deflect the dangerous nature of this dog). One of her last entries was “No one wants him ” sad face).I don’t know what ended up happening with that dog. Ignorance to the point of negligence.

  12. The shelter should be held liable and charged with manslaughter for adopting this dog out.Dog shouldve been pts and if it had been this lady would be alive today.This “we must save all” mentality has gotten out of hand.This is why i will always advocate for BSL.Dog shouldve never been born to begin with.

  13. Pits are descendants of the Cubano Dogo dog which was used to hunt and kill humans (slaves), and later bait bulls (antagonize and bite/subdue them by the nose) WIKIPEDIA CUBANO DOGO. When are people going to wise up to the CHOICES they’re bringing this unpredictable creature into their homes?? There is generational hardwiring for killing people and animals, and that trigger is going to be itched or pulled at some point. It’s just a matter of when and where.

  14. I was going to comment the same thing. The 2 dogs look quite tense and ready to react. The handlers are holding the leashes too taught – even in 2 friendly dogs this could cause a fight to occur.

    The other vid with the dog jumping all over the shelter worker – why is the person encouraging such crazy excitement? She’s encouraging the dog to jump up and mouth and paw her which isn’t something most families want when they adopt a dog :/

    The jumping up, wide stretched mouth, heavy panting and excessive licking can also be signs of stress. They don’t show a dog who is completely comfortable in the situation it is in.

    I don’t think most shelter workers are trained in recognizing dog body language and so misread interactions and intentions which can have disastrous consequences when the dog is then branded “safe” and adopted out :/

  15. Someone posted a story on Facebook showing a particularly cute looking pitbull, with the usual pro pitbull talking points. The accompanying remarks from others were also full of the usual cliches. There seems to be certain people who fantasize that if they love a dog a whole lot, that it will never turn on you. I’ll bet these people are like the women who write to, and marry men in jail.

  16. The previous owner was well aware about the nature of pitbulls. Why else would you call a pet dog ‘bullet’? The shelter knew as well, they know damn well it’s an odd name for a dog so they went for ‘Snowball’, which sounds innocent. That woman had no idea what she took in her home. And her family is just stupid. It’s so sad that these fatalities are allowed to happen. The Netherlands, a libtard country, does not allow guns for self defense but pitbulls are okay.

    • At least I don’t have to worry about my gun jumping out of its safe on its own, then aiming and firing itself at the neighborhood kids. The bottom line is Pit Bulls Suck big time.

  17. This is insane and criminal. Is it not a fundamental purpose of government to protect its citizens from harm? Aggressive pitbull dogs bite, maul and kill people. Therefore they should NOT be rescued or adopted. Rather, they should be euthanized immediately. These Pitbull advocates are not just stupid, not just mentally ill, they are evil. Personally, I would like to see every pitbull in America not only on death row, but dead.

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