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18 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Adopted Two Weeks Ago Kills Woman in Columbia, Maryland

  1. The depth of idiocy and denial of the usual “don’t blame the breed” statement is astounding. Just LOOK at all the risk factors! New dog, bad breed, elderly person. This was as easily foreseeable as most fatal and near fatal pit bull ‘yard accidents’.

    • Imagine this in any other context:

      “My family member was killed by a drunk driver, but please don’t stereotype all drunk drivers! I have buddies who go out driving buzzed all the time and they’ve never hurt anyone!”

  2. Just to let you know, been having a comment alert problem. We stopped receiving email notifications from WordPress in late August. Hopefully this is resolved now.

  3. They need to figure out which dog rescue allowed that dog to be fostered out. Why was it from out of state? Sometimes, rescues will transfer dangerous animals to new states to ‘save’ them from being euthanized. Someone in this dog’s history likely knew it was dangerous and needs to be held accountable.

    The way it kept trying to attack the husband and police officers made me think of a lion or grizzly bear protecting a dead prey item. A domesticated animal should never act like that.

    • Alas, her mindset is all too typical among those who are involved in the animal rights/rescue movement. Misanthropy runs rampant among them.

  4. Seems that it is more important to the sister to be right than to admit the truth about these dogs. So sad. Their beliefs put everyone at risk.

    • And the key word in your comment is the word “beliefs.” Because that’s what we’re dealing with. Beliefs, not facts.

  5. These dogs are on “death row” for a reason and it isn’t because they are cuddle bugs.
    It seems as though some people have this God complex and feel like they are THE ONE that can help this poor, misunderstood( sarcasm) breed. To travel out of state to get this dog just shows the warped desperation that some people feel. Gotta save this dog at all costs!

    • This ‘God complex’ is also rampant in dog trainers. There is an explosion of classes for ‘reactive’ dogs (in former days they were called aggressive) Trainers are adamant they they have special powers that no other trainer posses. Trainers claim marvelous superpowers that they alone have. These trainers align themselves with rescues as experts in working with ‘reactive’ dogs and are quick to defend how much these dogs deserve second, third and fourth chances to keep the money trough rolling in. For a trainer to say to an owner “This is a dangerous dog and he wont change” is business suicide as well as an invitation for the rescues to bombard them with business ruining fake Yelp reviews etc. I am a dog trainer of forty years and have learned to duck, dodge and avoid these kinds of dogs, situations and rescues but it sure costs me a lot in time and stress to do so.

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