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4 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Milwaukee Woman Mauled to Death by Her Dogs Over the Weekend

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  1. The chihuahua did it! Had to be that dastardly chihuahua!

    That's what the pit bull fan club will say. Sigh …

  2. Obviously owners of pit bull dogs and their mixes are totally unaware of the dangers of owning/raising these animals, and most frequently, pay with their lives or the life of another family member, friend, stranger, pet or farm animal. DNA in the pit fortells its' future but owners refuse to heed. STOP BREEDING this poor animal!!!

  3. I can just hear the pitbull apologists now, "she obviously died of natural causes and the pit-bulls were guarding her body", or, as Your Quiet Neighbor posted "the chihuahua did it." If zoning ordinances don't allow people to keep mountain lions, in their household, I don't understand why they would allow a pit bull.

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