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17 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Fulton County Infant Killed by Family Pit Bull

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  1. I am not sure if I am more angry or sad.

    The family pet for eight years.

    Whenever people try to tell me how sweet a pit bull is I tell them they all are until their genetics kick in.

  2. Team Nutter is out in force spreading the unfounded rumor that this pet was chained. Looks like a nice townhouse community. How many chained up pits do you normally find in a small backyard like these have?
    Another moron questions how long the mother was in the bathroom, and implies that she must have heard the mauling, but didn't do anything – that she wanted her kid dead. Are you kidding me?! I understand why more and more sites are disabling comments – so these insensitive asshats don't get a chance to inflict more trauma while they praise their murder dogs.
    I could be in the bathroom for 4 hours if I want to and know that my dog will not maul anyone. What these insensitive nanny-pushers are really saying is: Don't leave old trustworthy Nanny alone with your child for even a second or it will kill your kid. Don't even think about taking a shower!

  3. This is the attack I was referring to when I emailed you back tonight- Completely Devastating! It really hit home b/c of the info I spoke with you about via email today..Again Thank you for your quick response..I am desperately hoping to get some kind of resolution to my situation SOON!


    1987: "Pit bull terriers are six times more apt to attack people than other dogs are, Mark Paulus, a Humane Society official, told a House subcommittee considering legislation to control vicious dogs in Georgia"

    Everyone please take a moment to look at the Georgia DBRF map and note where the CDC sits. It is nearly obscured by all the Pit Bull DBRFs near Atlanta!

  5. orangedog said…
    "Team Nutter is out in force spreading the unfounded rumor that this pet was chained."

    I bet team nutter will ignore the neighbors comment in one of the interviews that the father "walked the dog every night".

    Obviously that kind of information will not work in their belief that this dog had to be "abused" in some way.

  6. From the interview that Truthbird posted.

    I wonder what the guy that is late in the interview and holding his child, "trains pitbulls" to do. He will no longer keep them at his house."They are not all bad". Nope, not until that day they remember they are a pit bull, then all he** breaks loose.

  7. Now this has had time to sink in, I'm now wondering what this father had to be restrained from doing. The pit bull is going to be kept for behavior testing. This means the owner not only has not requested immediate euthanasia but also wants the pit bull back.

    I wonder if this 'distraught' father was trying to get to his wife to beat her up for leaving poor pittie-poo with the bad, bad baby. Or was he trying to stop police from taking his poor, poor pittie poo.

    Something is really wrong with this picture, ya know.

  8. If he wanted to kill the dog, he still could. It's his, he can have it euthanized as he pleases. Or not, as apparently is the case. I can't help it, and I hope I'm wrong, but this 'behavior testing' stuff suggests he wants his undog back.

  9. When my dog, a Doberman Pinscher who was laying on the couch, was attacked there were no sounds. My dog could barely get a cry out because the pit bull had her by the throat. There was no growls like you would expect in a dog attack.

  10. This is so tragic, and another horrible result of the dangerous propaganda put out by people like Jane Berkey, Karen Delisle, Ledy Vankavage, et al. who insist that pit bulls are not dangerous and are fine as family pets.

    The owners of the dog were likely influenced by all the misinformation out there which insists that pit bulls are "nanny dogs" and are safe family pets. The reality is that this dog displayed a behaviour that was been selected for by the dog fighters that developed this breed. That behaviour is the 'grab and shake and don't stop' bite style it displayed. Most dogs will bark or snap at something that annoys them, but a pit bull can bite, grab, and then disfigure or kill.

    The plain, undeniable fact is that if that propaganda about pit bulls weren't so widespread, these people may have chosen another dog breed as a family pet and their child would be alive now. Their child and the other ten that have been killed by pitbulls in the US this year.

  11. Bites are fairly common in the dogfighting fraternity but generally nothing worse than a broken are or leg. They never report it as a dog bite. I think two things are at play in this. For one the bad guys contain them on chain and axle sets. The other is that from the time a dog first begins to show signs of incipient start their aggression is channeled to other dogs. The aggression itself is not species specific, it's just channeled in a specific direction. Dogfighters know what these dogs are and what they're capable of doing. Apparently the average neonutter dingbat is not as bright as the average dogfighter. That's a really scary thought.

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