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12 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Paralyzed Man Pulled from Wheelchair Dies After Dog Attack in Dorchester County

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  1. If these dogs were reported to AC before this, the county should be sued into a hole. If they weren't reported, everyone who saw them loose should be shamed and praying to their god for mercy.

  2. I guess we need to ban people from owning Pit Bulls since they insist that it's always bad owners that are the reason for these attacks.

  3. This poor man to have been through what he has, and to have his life taken by this pack of monsters.

    This incident is something out of a horror movie, except these monsters really do walk amongst us.

  4. 220th American killed by a Pit Bull since the CDC Report and the 30th since May 1 2012

    Additionally, this was another DBRF by a pit-breeder's cash cows. This is not seen with the other breeds….Clearly, they are breeding mankillers!

  5. Stinkin', Filthy, Cowardly press. I searched through 8 articles and none of them mentioned what breed of dog killed this man. Makes me puke.

  6. One look at the pictures of Carlton Freeman and his wife and I know they were good people – people that I would like to have known – with so many problems in life like Mr. Freeman's diabetes – he did not deserve to be shredded by pit bulls. Neither did Emako Mendoza of San Diego, or Roy McSweeney of Putnam County Florida. To say I don't understand why America is letting dogs eat people alive is understating it. Why are dogs/dog owners being given the power and freedom to kill these wonderful people that are harming no one ???

  7. And???

    Did they catch the dogs?

    Had the dogs belonged to the neighbor/family member can you choose not to press murder charges?

  8. I hope these very dangerous dogs will be euthanized before they can ever destroy another human being again; or even hurt other animals. Please inform as to whether these vicious dogs have been put down.

  9. Dogs that attack people should be euthanized when they cause the death of a person family pet and pit bulls are very dangerous. My friend had three little Maltese dogs and one of them was killed by a neighbor's pit-bull and I read some time ago about a 9 year old child being mauled to death by a pit-bull but for some odd reason these dogs are always being adopted by people from shelters and that's not fair to an unsuspecting family with children. But a person of any age is at risk with this breed if dog. And some insurance companies won't give house insurance to people with pit-bulls. There is obviously a reason for that!
    My heart goes out to the family of the man who was pulled out of his wheelchair because a thoughtless neighbor let those dogs run around freely. Our society is crazy to let that happen and it's because shelters are getting away with selling these dangerous animals.

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