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7 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 75, Killed by Bullmastiff-Mix in Arkansas Gated Community

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  1. This is absolutely shocking.

    So we have killer dogs that are littermates.

    So is someone going to call this latest death an "accident". I seriously hope law enforcement does the right thing and prosecute the owner. In a perfect world the breeder would be accountable as well.

  2. Joan and Hans Kappen received Yard of the Month in July…"Since then, they transformed it into a beautiful garden, filled with a huge variety of plants from tropical to southern traditional and native. Their lawn features, among many other plants, a passion flower vine on a trellis, crape myrtles, clematis, weeping yaupon, elephant ears, creeping jenny, a Colorado birch and many plants which they brought with them from California…"

  3. "One free bite" and that includes mauling and murder?

    Is there any chance the authorities will take into account that the other dog owned by these people killed a child?

    What kind of alternate universe are we living in these days.

  4. That is why it is so important to report any attack by any dog, whether it attacks a pet, livestock, or human. Then follow up to make sure all of the correct paperwork is filed and part of the dog's record. It's a pain, but it is absolutely necessary. I would not be surprised to find out that these two dogs had attacked before but it was not reported.

  5. With the rumors confirmed- that these two murdering dogs were indeed littermates- is any effort going to be made to round up the other members of this canine "Manson Family"?

    Or are they going to be allowed to freely live in their neighborhoods as ticking time bombs until the next "accident".

  6. Thank you for posting this information! I live in Arkansas, and have had several encounters with pit bulls in my rural community, so I watch the news of your site with great interest. What is needed is more "litter mate" studies. Would be most interesting; akin to "twin studies" in humans. I'd like to see if there is a pattern to this, and in particular, if there is variation between the types of owners of litter mates, we would have more data to work with in the debate that persists about "nature vs. nurture."

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