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5 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Maul, Kill 96-Year Old Man and His Dog in Harris County, Texas

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  1. "Those dogs should have been kept in a better, safer place or tied up," Velasquez said. "They have been aggressive in the past." — Earth to Harris County, there is a state felony dog attack law with this dog owner's name written all over it.

  2. Apparently, the 223rd American killed by a pit bull since the CDC Report and the 97th on President Obama's watch.

    Too bad the man didn't have Secret Service Protection….

  3. It is sad when they know this is fatality and they instead try to look for any other explanation.. Like the postal worker who had a heart attack during a pitbull attack that was not listed as a pitbull fatality. If a drunk driver hits you and bleed to death, it is called a drunk driving fatality. If you die from a pitbull attack they list the failure of one internal organ as the cause of death.. instead of noting that the pitbull attack caused the body's organ to fail.

  4. Nutter spin:
    Ppl r blaming the pits again with no facts they need to get the facts straight chihuahuas bite an attk too and it was the chihuahua that killed human an the pits were tryin to rescuehim but it was too late when they got there they were jus try to protect him but ppl are racist an the pitbull gets the blame and he shouldn't of provoked them by being in his own backyard every1 knows pits don't like old ppl and yet he still went outside and it's his fault
    /end tard-speaker

    If bite mark casts and identification and/or blood spatter/sample show the pits were the attackers, who wants to bet the nutters will claim it's some sort of conspiracy/frame job… Show of hands anyone?
    The blame-the-victim garbage gets me the most. Reprehensible.

  5. Governor Perry's 32nd Pit Bull DBRF…maybe when the body count gets to 40, he will do something…

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