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18 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Year Old Mauled by Pit Bull Dies; Babysitter Arrested

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  1. This is awful. We aren't even to the time of year where these attacks seem most common.

  2. WOW! 28th killed in 365 days by a pit bull….I haven't seen anything about this on national tv….but yesterday I saw a long segment of Fox news about a boy that got attacked by an alligator in Florida. The child could stand and talk and their were pictures of his scratches, contusions and lacerations. I wanted to scream through the tv somehow, "DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN MAULED BY PIT BULLS AND ROTTWEILERS JUST THIS WEEK IN THE US?"

  3. This little girl was the 28th American killed by a pit bull in the past 365 days.

    Despite the worthless, breed neutral assurances from the dog lobby, the fatalities and the serious maulings are accelerating.

    It's an EARNED RAP!

  4. Poor baby.

    I was just at a Pet Expo this last weekend.

    Two of the pit bull booths has large signs that read "Nanny Dog"

    People just like to be spoon fed "information" and I am shocked that anyone with half a brain cell would believe it.

  5. For those attending pet expos, download some of the safety flyers that are available on this site. Then share them around the expo.

  6. Your Quiet Neighbor I had not even thought of that.

    I will print things up for next year when I attend.

    This particular Pet Expo I attended had 30,000 paid attendees last year. It seemed larger this year.

    I would love a Dog Bite Org booth to be at something like that with that kind of exposure. The average pet person needs to know the truth about these monsters.


    In the interest of fairness and in light of the boy being killed in Georgia yesterday, I must correct myself:

    There have been 29 Americans killed by Pit Bulls in the past 365days.


  8. If you're a neighbor complaining about this type of dog, make sure that you complain to:

    1. The owner of the property. Do so in writing. Certified mail, return receipt requested.

    2. Your public officials. If you're calling the police or animal control, get the case number. You'll need it in case something happens.

    The above are meant to start a paper trail. It's hard to say "We didn't know that the dog was a problem!" when such a trail exists.

  9. From sleuthing on her FB page, she also has young children….not wise to keep a pit bull named Brutus when you have small kids…dummy.

  10. This news report has been circulated widely. If you search this or a related report, you will find 1,000s of nutter comments to peruse.

  11. This morning as I read this article on Fox News about the defeat of a criminal background check on folks that want pit bulls, Rottweilers and Mastiffs, I could not help but wonder if this baby would have been saved had something like this been in place.

    As well as in the other recent babysitter pit bull fatality.

  12. My father, a mail carrier, was killed by three pit bulls in 1981 while delivering mail in Southern California. I guess because of this, I have always kept up with these types of horrible deaths. It's so many, and so very sad. I hate when people try to argue that it is only the fault of the owner and how they are raised. That can be a part of it but people have too know. These dogs have been purposely bred to be more and more aggressive. It is in their nature like any wild animal. Anyone that owns one should know that like a wild animal they can turn on you or someone else at any time. They just seen to look past all of the evidence of this and say, "not my dog! Mine is different" until it's not and it attacks or kills. These people need to be prosecuted just as anyone that wields a loaded weapon does and someone dies.

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