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8 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Boy Killed by Relative’s Pit Bulls in Colton

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  1. Oh my God!

    These cases are enough to turn your hair white! And these beasts, ripping off the clothes! That sticks in my imagination somehow…

    Poor kid. I hope he perished quickly. Nobody should have to die like that. It sounds more terrible than burning.

  2. With criminal charges pending, its good to see that some law enforcement agencies are not seeing this kind of incident as some kind of "tragic accident". As was the quote in the Gilbert,AZ case.

    The moment you have pit bulls in a home (or anywhere) the "accident" factor is off the table in my opinion.

  3. Samuel was the 225th American killed by a pit bull since the CDC stopped tracking fatality data in 1998 in their dog lobby influenced/incompetent DBRF study.

    One of the best comments ever from a news article on his death:

    Kerry Vinkler

    There is so much misinformation running rampant on this thread that only serves to perpetuate more tragedies like this one. The denial of pitbull owners to truly understand the nature of their breed puts them and everyone around them at risk. The market is flooded with this breed of dog and they are being placed in homes on a platform of misinformation. It is imperative to know what you own without discounting the negative inherent traits of the breed. Denial is the first building block to irresponsible pet ownership. Pitbulls absolutely do not have to be trained to fight nor do they need to be mistreated to display this behavior. Even the pitbull advocacy exclaims that you can never trust a pitbull not to fight and advocate bite stick training. Not because of locking jaws but because of their bite style. I hesitate …to call a pitbull bite as just a bite because what occurs when a pitbull triggers it is a sustained attack and mauling. After the onslaught the pitbull is usually back to happy go lucky because they simply did what there genetics engrained in them. The same way a rat terrier will ferret out a rodent only to return to their owner as if nothing out of the ordinary occurred. Bottom line, know what you own and remember aggression can be managed never cured. Also, the loving nature you see displayed in these dogs is just as real as their polar opposite aggressive inherent traits and this breed of dog was created to not display typical cues prior to an attack.

  4. Nancy Grace covered this story last night. She is an ally. It would be awesome if we could get DBO and Nancy Grace hooked up somehow, someway.

    She "gets it".

    Poor kid. This happens too often in this country, in every city.

  5. If I'm not mistaken, your Facebook page has a photo of the pit bull responsible for this killing. You should put it up on the blog as well. In my view, if there is a photograph of the offending animal it should always be posted so the nutters cannot "spin" the story to claim it was some other breed.

  6. OUTRAGED!!!
    MARICOPA County Animal Control – (Gilbert AZ) Has it's very own Pit Bull propaganda page on it's website perpetuating the myth that Pit Bulls make "wonderful companions".

    Pitbulls are the only breed to be so honored by Maricopa County. Of course they don't mention the Pit's tendency to kill should they decide to bite, nor do they mention the unpredictability of when the dog might bite. No this is a sell the breed to the public page complete with pictures of cute cuddly dogs. Along with a plea for your sympathy for the 9,000 Pits who are euthanized each year, a backhanded pitch for someone to please come down to adopt them so they don't have to die.

    I am nearly speechless with anger (bet you noticed my own little lie there – I'm not quite speechless yet!).

    Is it any wonder the Gilbert babysitter let her pitbulls run lose in the same area as small children? Is it any wonder that the baby's parents gave no thought to the children being exposed to the dogs? Why would our government offices spread propaganda that flies in the face of reason that puts our families at risk…and use our tax dollars and dog licensing fees to do so?

  7. Hats off to California Governor Jerry Brown….Only in office since January 2011 and has already governed over 12 Pit Bull DBRFS!

    Way to go Jerry!


  8. It's not just in Maricopa County. Pima County animal control also pushes pits.

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