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9 thoughts on “The DNA Paradox: Hired Gun Ledy VanKavage Flip-Flops Position on Pit Bull DNA

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  1. I cannot believe how CRAVEN these women are. Ledy is trumpeting the DNA issue while she knows full well those home kits are a crock and completely unable to identify a pit bull and will even give back false identifications rather than say undetermined. As the following pit nutter demonstrates with her champion staffordshire terrier that came back as primarily border collie:

    In the comments section of "sad news from dogtown"blog post, a commenter says:
    "I have met Lucas, Michael Vicks prize fighter. Lucas is court ordered to never leave the sanctuary. When I was there his care giver mentioned that they did a DNA test on him and he has cocker spaniel mix in him."

    Ledy knew full well those tests are a crock all along, yet, makes comments like its a "whole new ballgame" and scaring municipalities with the costs.

    As soon as she got wind of a possible pit bull genetic profile, she shut her big mouth up!

    And Ed Sayres, what an idiot. Once you gather enough dna samples, you have the makings of a pit bull profile. He's talking out of both sides of his mouth. If they can prove that this dog is related to a fighting pit bull of known lineage, they have just identified the breed.

  2. In just the first 22 seconds of the video, incredulous lies pop out of Ledy's mouth:

    "I've been involved in many legal cases involving fatal dog attacks (possible lie) and certainly it's my impression that these are generally cases where everyone is to blame. (The crescendo starts) You've got the unsupervised three-year old child wandering in the neighborhood (lie), killed by a starved (lie), abused (lie) dog, owned by the dogfighting boyfriend (lie) of some woman who doesn't know (blaming the mother) where her child is. (The crescendo increases) It's not old Chep sleeping by the fire that suddenly goes bonkers (lie)."

    The truth is — and Ledy darn well knows this — it's nearly always a FAMILY dog; the incident happens in the family's HOME or YARD; the dog is in GOOD HEALTH; while the owner of the KILLER pit bull often is the BOYFRIEND, this boyfriend is NEVER a dogfighter (with the exception of John Colby) and lastly, Chep, the family pit bull with no history of aggression, often is the killer! Just ask Savannah Gragg's parents.

    So, Ledy and Jane Berkey, wearing a t-shirt reading, "I love pit bulls and I vote," are shaping public policy through pro-pit bull junk science calculators and reports just like the tobacco industry did. What's next on their agenda? "Mice study shows that mice pack a meaner bite than pit bulls."?

  3. "I love pit bulls and I vote,"

    You may be interested in where they came up with this catchphrase. It is a takeoff on a phrase used by the for-profit dog breeding lobby, in particular that aspect of it that lobbies to protect puppy mills, dog fighting, and the more abusive and profitable aspects of the dog world (hog/dog hunting, penning, racing, etc.)

    It is also no coincidence that this Animal Farm Foundation and these people are using tobacco industry lobbyists and hacks to come up with fake statistics and propaganda.

    Rick Berman of the Center for Consumer Freedom has been a tobacco industry lobbyist for many years. CCF and Berman also lobby for dog breeders, especially puppy mills, pet stores that sell puppy mill puppies, the AKC which is dependent upon puppy mill registrations to survive, and dog fighters and that milieu.

    The strange thing is that Berkey and VanKavage and Berkey's other puppets are destroying the world for pit bull breeders. Berkey at al. advocate putting pit bulls in family homes, and the inevitable result is gory attacks that make the headlines and dead children and family pets. The growing public outrage ensures antipathy against pit bull enthusiasts and more regulation, no matter how much propaganda is concocted.

    There is also greater scrutiny on breeders, liability for the dogs they breed, and tracing dogs to breeders. This is what Berkey and the rest have created for breeders. When lives are lost and blood is shed, that attracts a lot of attention that the shady world of dog breeding does not desire, but dog breeders in their desperation for any ally to help them avoid regulation will support.

    Berkey and the rest have done nothing but destroy the "reputation" of pit bulls and call attention to their savagery, as well as help increase the numbers of pit bulls that are homeless, abandoned, back yard bred, and generally abused.

    Whatever they think they are trying to accomplish (whether to "help" pit bulls or help the breeders,) they are actually accomplishing the exact opposite.

  4. "If DNA was the be all and end all, all of Secretariat's foals would be champion and win the Triple Crown. They don't."

    What a ridiculous statement. of course not every one of Chinaman's offspring will go onto be a pit winner but overwhelming, they WILL fight.

    "Unlike the Thoroughbred racing community, which embraces bloodlines and genetics, VanKavage and pit bull advocacy groups insist the pit bull's genetic heritage of dogfighting is inconsequential."

    The people who truly understand pit bulls (ie the dog fighters) embrace bloodlines and genetics 100% of the time, unlike VanKavage et al who conveniently choose to ignore genetics when it suits their argument. Ledy and Tom Garner only own pit bulls. why? because they are genetically different from other dogs. some pit bull owners claim to be drawn to loyalty, some – gameness, but they do share one commonality: they wouldn't even consider owning a poodle or pomeranian.

    "Even if VanKavage and her friends succeed in stopping research in the United States, they’d have to have a stranglehold on the entire world-wide scientific community to prevent identification of the genotype associated with impulsive aggression in dogs from happening — and soon."

    I don't think even BERKEY has that much money!

    "Why isn’t VanKavage interested in the pit bull lives such progress might save?"

    I think the VanKavage camp has more in common with the dog fighters than anyone realizes.

    this is an absolutely brilliant expose of these two dangerous lunatics.

  5. Excellent research. Thank you so much for doing this.

    You know the saying "A house divided against itself cannot stand?"

  6. The Pit Community should embrace CODIS and use it to eliminate the man killing genes from the pool.

  7. I found this quote from a dogman named "Randy Fox" about his dog breeding:

    "I've bred some good dogs in the past and have studied genetics for many hours. I've come to the conclusion that The best dog breeders have two strains or bloodlines of dogs that cross well together. Racehorse people call it a nitch. I call it a click. I tell everyone the trick is in the click. I had a neighbor who was a veterinarian and a racehorse man. He came to me and we talked about how I bred good dogs years ago. He was new at horse breeding and he followed some of my advise and became very good at breeding good race horses. He won lots of races at remington park here in Oklahoma."

    Wonderfully ironic given VanKarnage's Secretariat quote.

  8. Very interesting story and it is illuminating how the no gene for the breed has changed to lets not find the gene.
    One story I am waiting to see is the PSYCHOLOGY of these women who fight to protect pitbulls. I know they use denial to ignore research, and they diminsh the severity of attacks and blame victims, but what attracts them and other women to raise these dogs. My personal experience is women who own these dogs thinks it gives them some interesting and unique to present about themselves.. as if they were saying they were skydivers, or karate experts, or rock climbers. They like to see how people will react to their admission of owning several pitbulls. Individual families that take in this breed and believe that their pet can't be like the ones that attack.. I would love to know what screws are loose in the grey fiber of this group too. The Racheal Rays of the world have got to have some genetic problems, too.

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