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One thought on “Maul Talk Manual 2.0: A Guide to Understanding the Language of Pit Bull Owners and Advocates

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  1. It's the same everywhere. Where a pit bull ban is repealed, this is disastrous not only for the community but also for the pit bulls. Where bans are in place, there are only a few pit bulls in shelters awaiting euthanasia. As soon as any ban is repealed, shelters begin again to be flooded by pit bull types, all of them dumped by their 'loving' owners.

    These people claim during a ban that they can't live without possessing a pit bull, are greatly suffering due to their choice being so limited (to only about 400 other types of dog), and are crying themselves to sleep at night thinking about all the poor pit bulls euthanised because of the ban.

    The instant a ban is lifted, they run out and get one or more pit bulls. Within a very short time, this 'beloved' animal they couldn't live without ends up at a shelter. Suddenly the pit bull 'lovers' don't mind at all that a hundredfold of pit bulls are being born only to be put down compared to during any ban. That's apparently okay as long as they are the ones choosing to do this to these animals.

    These facts indicate that the entire pit bull lobby is not at all concerned about animal welfare or well-being at all. It's not only the fate of the normal animals slaughtered en masse by pit bulls that leaves them indifferent, but in fact also the fate of the thousands of pit bulls they themselves breed then dump.

    It's the same story all over the world, again and again:

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