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29 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Stockton Woman Mauled to Death by Pit Bull; Owner Convicted of Manslaughter

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  1. Stockton has been trying to declare bankruptcy for months; looks like they finally qualified. This can only mean MORE bad news in MORE Stockton neighborhoods, infested with dangerous pit bulls.
    "Since 2009, Stockton has cut its police force by 25 percent, Fire Department by 30 percent and the overall city staff by 43 percent. Given the soaring violent crime rate in Stockton, the judge said, the city cannot cut any more without putting residents in danger. Its police force is so decimated, he said, that officers "during peak activity respond only to crimes in progress."

  2. No way are the clean cane corsos; most in America have been bastardized by pit bull breeders. In California, this goes without question.

  3. Maultalk we are indeed seeing more of those "big nasty pit bulls" in California.

    I am seeing an increase of Cane Corsos on craigslist.
    Seven ads just today in the L.A. area.

  4. Boy is this story taking a turn.

    So, the guy has no idea who was killed on his property but thinks the woman jumped the fence looking for work as a house cleaner.

    If anyone believes that I have a bridge in New York for sale.

    I also just love how the owner of the dog will only care about the victim if its someone he knows.

    Last but not least the owner says his dog has bitten but not really ever hurt anyone…..

    Yep just another typical pit bull owner.

  5. Dead people don't speak. Sunset in Stockton was approximately one full hour earlier. It was fully dark at the time of the attack. What might be remotely possible is that the woman went to the wrong house (it was dark)? The house cleaning story is incredulous along with the time of day it occurred. Who knows if the man's gate was open or not? Would only take few moments to walk outside and close it…

  6. People canvass this neighborhood during the day. Especially if they're seeking odd jobs.

    Which is yet another reason why I think the owner of the poor, misunderstood pibble is lying.

  7. San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office said they could do nothing about an agressive and dangerous dog attacking people and pets? That is an outright lie.

    These authority figures chose not to uphold the law and deal with a criminal (the dog owner) and they now carry blame for a death that their failure to do their job caused.

    Does anyone know if this is in a poor area, and these people were being ignored because the authority system throught they could get away with ignoring them?

    The residents should have contacted their state government reps to report failure in the sheriff's office.

    I wish that there had been lawsuits filed, such as by the man that had been bitten. Victims must all do this in addition to filing reports.

  8. I saw that; I don't believe it — the dog's photo was submitted by the owner. I actually had expected it to be a California style "pit bull-mastiff" monster. But its nothing more than a full on ugly pit bull. Of course the owner has more than one pit bull apparently, wouldn't be the first time an owner submitted a photo of a different dog!

  9. I'm sure some nutter will see the picture and state "that dog is too big to be a pit bull! it is a bandogge (or insert something else) most obviously!".

  10. Ahhh. It looks like the same guy. The FB photo was posted in Jan 2009, but we don't know how old it really is (and there are many very dated photos on the page, though that photo is the least dated). I think jumping off bridges and being in trouble with the law has paid a toll on the man's aging. The tattoo markings line up similarly with the owner of "Russia" as well.

  11. So the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office was more interested in protecting a long time felon with a lengthy criminal history over law-abiding citizens getting terrorized by his dogs through the neighborhood.

  12. There may be more. You have to go into archives to see it.

    San Jose Mercury News (CA) – May 29, 1987

    San Jose police early Thursday tossed a cherry bomb-like device into a fortified Santa Cruz Mountains cottage to storm the house, shooting a pit bull to get to the ex-felon they were seeking on drug charges. "It was like an infantry assault," said Sgt. Dwight Messimer. A dozen members of San Jose's MERGE (Mobil Emergency Response Group and Equipment) team surrounded the house — surrounded by what appeared to be dog skulls –…


    A Mountain Home Raided for Drugs
    An alleged drug dealer was arrested yesterday after police raided his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which was guarded by three pit bull terriers and enclosed by a barbed-wire fence. A San Jose police special forces unit shot one of the dogs and confiscated three semiautomatic weapons, including an Uzi rifle, while serving a search warrant at the home just after 7 a.m. Brian Hrenko, 33, and two others were taken into custody on weapons possession and drug…

    San Jose Mercury News (CA) – May 28, 1987

    San Jose police stormed a fortified home in the Santa Cruz Mountains early today — shooting a pit bull dog that attacked them — and arrested a former convict on charges of possessing drugs and firearms, including a semiautomatic Uzi. Two crossbows, two daggers, a Mac-10 machine-gun pistol and three other pistols also were confiscated, along with $7,400 in cash, 3 grams of cocaine and an ounce of phencyclidine, or PCP. Brian Hrenko, 33, was arrested for investigation of possession…

    There is a partial listing of his record here, non dated.

  13. Snippets from the San Jose Mercury News article (1987)

    Police said the main gate to the compound as well as walls of the cottage were festooned with what appears to be skulls of animals, possibly pit bulls. Police thought perhaps the animals died of wounds not inflicted by bullets because Hrenko's living room decor included photographs of pit bulls fighting. Officers, with a search warrant, found an ounce of PCP, three grams of cocaine and $7,400 in cash … Madison said police will ask the courts to place $500,000 bail on Hrenko when he is arraigned, possibly today. They want to be sure Hrenko won't disappear again as he did after posting bail March 7 when he was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and possessing drugs, police said. Hrenko, whose record includes a felony conviction for possession of PCP, also was free on bail from an August 1986 arrest on charges of possessing a stolen, loaded revolver in a car, according to Madison.

  14. Stockton does a terrible job with dog attacks. My brother and sister in law were attacked by two pit bulls/ american bulldogs last friday night. I called 9-1-1- twice before they finally sent an ambulance and police. I asked why animal control wasnt coming for the dogs they said they are closed till monday. My brother and family have been at my home till date because animal control LEFT THE DOGS at the place of residence.(mind you they have a shared yard with their neighbors the owners of the dogs)saying they are quarentined till next monday. My brother and his family are fearful to go home since dogs were allowed to remain there. My nephew and 2 neices ages 3-13 yr witness the attack my brother has over 25 staples all over his body and cannot return to work till his wounds have healed, we are be giving the run around and being treated like we did something wrong?? What Can we DO. Seeing a atty on Tues. HELP

  15. California has now sustained 37 Pit Bull DBRFS since passing their idiotic BSL Preemption in 1989.

    I am repeatedly told BSL doesn't work though!

  16. In the most recent article on the News10 site it ends with
    "San Joaquin County Animal Shelter took custody of the dog."

    Does this mean the dog still lives?

  17. If they are keeping the dog evidence I hope its for the prosecution and not that someone for the defense has given this dog a "temperament test" and deemed it "safe".

  18. Contra Costa County has a law preventing convicted felons from owning dogs over 20lbs….That may have protected the public in this case.

  19. Yet the killer dog was kept alive, most likely at taxpayer expense, until this year. Way to go.

  20. At least they finally killed the dog and didn't ship it out of state so they could wash their hands of it.

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