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10 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Boy Dies After Attacked by Pit Bulls in White County, Arkansas

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  1. His mother Gail also confirms he was attacked by pit bulls —

    Gail Benford Sizemore
    15 hours ago via mobile
    "he was attcked by pit bulls"

    Gail Benford Sizemore
    18 hours ago via mobile
    "my son levi has passed"

  2. Oh, look they are hiding the breed. Do you think it was Poodles? Maybe a pack of Chihuahuas? No, I think they would trumpet that to the heavens. We all know what they were.

  3. Unconfirmed breeds? Well, let me guess: Cocker Spaniels! Or Bassett Hounds. Gotta watch out for them.

    Seriously, I've heard that there are photos showing the dogs. They're pit bulls.

  4. Comment left by family member:

    Chelsea Watson It was 5 pits. That was my little brother. His mom left him outside with them and he got attacked. He was only 4. She said he had a cough and left him outside so her new grand baby didn't get sick. Which makes no sense because its already cold outside. She said it was only a minute but by the time she even noticed he was gone. Never in my life did I think my baby brother would be gone before me. But I guess he is now in better hands then what he was given too.

    Why would someone own 5 pits?

    A: Dog Fighter
    B: Breeder
    C: Rescue Angel
    D: Lion Tamer

  5. "Never in my life did I think my baby brother would be gone before me. But I guess he is now in better hands then what he was given too."

    Oh Jesus, what a sad sad statement.

  6. President Obama's 104th American killed by a Pit Bull since taking office in January 2009. He has also presided over 174 Americans being poured into life-flight helicopters.



  7. As pits become more popular and the marketing to sell them becomes more intense, we are going to see more and more of this. It seems that someone is mauled or killed every few days now, but most people remain completely unaware.

  8. I am so disappointed to read that there will be no criminal charges.

    How many deaths will it take for this kind of thing to not be considered an "accident". Death and maiming by pit bull seems pretty predictable to me.

  9. It is unbelievable that a child can be murdered and no one is charged with it. This was not an accident!!! Horrible.

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