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11 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Kernersville Woman, 25, Killed by Her Boyfriend's Two Pit Bulls

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  1. Commenters over at the Piedmont Fox page argued that the pit bulls killed her because they were outside dogs. That makes no sense at all. All sorts of dog breeds live in kennels and dog houses during good weather, and they do not kill people about it.

    It's terrible to read about a young woman cut down in the prime of her life, and then dog rights advocates start making excuses for the pit bulls.

  2. Making excuses for pit bulls is all that's left for those people. Because the facts keep interrupting their pitty party.

  3. One of the inane comments was that the dogs had obviously been starved so they would be forced to fight. Do those dogs look skinny AT ALL? The one looks borderline obese.

  4. Looks like that female had been used for breeding…..Great! Just what America needs, more litters of man-killers trafficked into neighborhoods!

    Oh well, hose the blood out of the kennel and pump out another litter….


  5. Pit nutters just can't accept that dogs in general just don't kill people. They just don't, especially adults. If they did, then we would not have dogs and love them so. It is just so plain to see. Labs and other normal breeds do not kill people with any regularity. It is just a brute fact.

  6. I grew up with "outside dogs"; saying that is simply insane or there would have been a blood bath in every small town and rural community I ever knew 40 years ago.

  7. Gotta wonder how "boyfriend" Albert Tico Jacobs is doing at this time. Of the many condolences left on his Facebook page not a SINGLE one mentions a dog or dog breed or the violence in which Katherine Atkins died. This is called THE PIT BULL CULTURE and it really couldn’t be more obvious than in North Carolina, where dogfighting and the breeding of pit bulls is historically and presently raging. Gotta wonder how many offspring his two dogs produced?

    "Hard times"
    "soooooo sorry…"
    "I'm here for ya brother…"
    "Damn man. I just found out and it took a minute to register "
    "Tico: I am so so so sorry for your loss"
    "keep your head up is what she would have wanted"
    "I am so sorry for loss"
    "know that familia loves you man"
    "Im sorry sweetie"
    "I am so sorry for your loss"
    "Hey bud just heard the news"
    "So sorry bro, words can't express"

    THE PIT BULL CULTURE reads from the same manual on how to handle a fatal YARD ACCIDENT — don't even whisper dog or breed, just load up on the "so sorry for your loss" bullshit. Albert Jacobs was breeding these monsters, as evident in the photos. I'm sure the only "damn it" left in Jacob's mind is the offing of his two man killers. The street price for more litters would have skyrocketed if they had remained alive. Next batter up: New girlfriend, new set of pit bulls…

  8. I noticed something quite significant that's missing from those comments. The word BUT. Since there is no victim left alive to attack and blame, there are no "Sorry for your loss, but…" statements. It's chilling.

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