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4 thoughts on “Blogger Dissects Deceptive Online Pit Bull Identification Test, 'Find the Pit Bull'

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  1. Uneducated felons seem to have no problem identifying Pits…There has to be a top Secret Bully Breed Identification Academy they go to!

  2. We need look no further than the pit bull lobbyist's own words when trying to figure out what this particular propangandistic game is all about.

    Despite the fact that Ledy VanKavage, who works as a lobbyist for both Best Friends Animal Society and Jane Saul Berkey's Animal Farm Foundation, has produced reams of public relations material extolling the promotion of and her project for what she has self-described (and incorrectly, I might say!) called "America's Dog the pit bull" and lobbies for the interests of pit bulls that she claims to be able to represent from miles away, from just a photo or description, Ms. VanKavage suddenly becomes quite coy when discussing INSURANCE and pit bulls, and claims to, as Sgt Schultze of the TV show Hogan's Heroes asserted, "Know Nothing."

    Suddenly Ms. VanKavage claims she doesn't know what a pit bull or pit bull mix is without a "DNA test," despite the fact that she and her breeder friends lobby for them and jump to their defense at every opportunity, no test necessary.

    Ms. VanKavage is ON RECORD as suggesting what I call "INSURANCE FRAUD AND DECEPTION."

    A quote from VanKavage,
    "Van Kavage also cautions that when you own a mixed-breed dog, don't offer your insurance company a guess on what the predominant breed in the mix is. "It's impossible to guess correctly what the breed is unless you have a DNA test done," Van Kavage says."

    Ridiculous, false, contrary to what the AKC and UKC assert as they profess an ability to determine breed by breed characteristics, and certainly Ms. VanKavage is not performing DNA tests on the dogs she lobbies for. She identifies pit bulls and pit bull mixes EVERY DAY without a DNA test.

    Yet an actual expert in the insurance field, Ashley Hunter, owner and president of HM Risk Group (an insurance and risk management brokerage in Austin, Texas) cautions policy holders or applicants.

    "If you own one of the dogs that might be deemed aggressive by your homeowners insurance company, should you let them know? Hunter says, "Yes."
    "Insurance companies have misrepresentation in their coverage, and if you don't reveal that you have one of the 'questionable' dogs and you file a claim, they may not pay anything," Hunter says."

    MISREPRESENTATION, Ms. VanKavage, which you should understand in your trade as a lawyer and member and self-described expert and representative of the American Bar Association, with your associate Rebecca Huss.

    Ledy VanKavage is so radical as to suggest insurance MISREPRESENTATION to anyone so ill-informed and gullible to believe her. She has no cares for the financial disaster she may be creating for a pit bull or pit bull mix owner; she cares only for lobbying for increased ownership of a fighting breed, or mix thereof. And what about the victim of a pit bull or pit bull mix attack that nullifies the policy because Ms. VanKavage has convinced the dog owner to deceive their insurance company? The victim will be bankrupted. Ms. VanKavage clearly has no regard for the victims.

    Only protection of the fighting breed matters.

  3. The claims that "no one can tell what a pit bull is" is a propaganda ploy by a lobby that advocates for fighting breeds that are mauling and killing at greater and greater intensity and numbers.

    But this pit bull lobby has no regard for the law or honesty and concocts public relations scam after scam to try to alter the truth.

    The "Find the Pit Bull" scam is exactly that- a scam intended to encourage insurance fraud, and consumer fraud by those selling or "rescuing" pit bulls who are mislabeling fighting breeds as more innocuous and less dangerous breeds.

    It is always astonishing how low the pit bull racket will sink to protect and sell fighting dogs.

    Countless pit bull propaganda web sites, pit bull lobbyists, pit bull rescues, pit bull advocates, pit bull promotional activities, pit bull defense fundraising, pit bull merchandise sales, and no one can tell what a pit bull is? The lies have reached epic proportions. The pit bull lobbyists have demonstrated they are willing to say anything, no matter how ridiculous or fraudulent, in order to excuse the pit bull attacks and enable more, as well as oppress victims, human and animal, of pit bulls.

  4. "Insurance companies go by the average number of bites reported by a certain
    breed," says Ashley Hunter, owner and president of HM Risk Group, an
    insurance and risk management brokerage in Austin, Texas."

    INJURIES AND DEATH. That's all insurance companies care about. What breeds or breeds mixes are causing the most injuries and deaths.

    Of course, it is the PIT BULLS, and their many manifestions and mixes such as American Bulldogs, that are responsible for the most serious injuries and deaths, by an overwhelming margin. Even the Rottweiler (another breed intentionally bred by man for aggression) comes in a distant second. All other breeds pale in comparison to the deaths and severe injuries caused by pit bulls.

    Insurance companies deal only with the FACTS, unlike the deceitful pit bull lobby.

    So the pit bull lobby now has resorted to LYING. Trying to claim that "no one knows what a pit bull is" or "pit bulls are misidentified" or any other specious deception they can dream up to avoid the REALITY that pit bulls are fighting breeds (and always have been) and have always been dangerous and NEVER have been companion breeds.

    And are easily identified by anyone, with very specific, identifiable breed characteristics that predominate even in a mix, no specious "tests" required.

    The pit bull lobby refuses to admit the truth, refuses to take responsibility for the death and injury, refuses to be honest, therefore increasing the number of fatalities and maulings (both human and animals) and instead are intent on persecution and destruction with the idea that they need only lie to cover up the problems with pit bulls, and keep the bloodshed happening

    (as well as trying to cheat insurance companies and increase everyone's insurance costs, and make other dog breeds pay for the violence of pit bulls, either with their lives or false blame. The pit bull lobby also wants to increase the insurance costs for ALL dog breed owners, despite the fact that pit bulls and pit bull mixes create the overwhelming majority of the problems and costs)

    I am not sure that there has ever been a more sociopathic, hateful, deceitful, corrupt group of humans as the "pit bull advocate."

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