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17 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Dog Mauls Grandmother to Death While Babysitting Toddler

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  1. Won't file charges? Ye gad. That poor poor woman! Those poor children to have to witness that! I would like to know about the "other people" in the house — all children? Any adults? Too bad the deputies didn't shoot the aggressive beast on site, rather than give the owner a chance to bring poor widdle misunderstood wiggler home, with no charges, so that the beast can do this again. There is nothing in the world this woman could have done to deserve this! Normal dogs don't shred people at the drop of a pillow like pit bulls.

  2. The excuses have begun: "this dog has never shown any aggression before. it slept in the bed with them. They've had it 4 years. This is a traggic accident". With the victim's blood splattered on the walls and puddled on the floor, I just can't wait to hear how this one went down – with the 3 children ages 1-12 in the house watching and all.

  3. Cue up the pictures of doggie behind bars at the dog pound and the "save the doggie" campaign in 3,2,1…

  4. …and then, further on down the road near Charleston in Berkeley Co SC – Quinton and Chantel McGrew, whose infant son Aiden McGrew was dismembered and killed in April of 2012 by their dog – are back in the news – it seems Aiden's older brother has been bitten in the face by the "family dog".

  5. There is already one I just this minute saw on Yahoo…."Buck" the dog, shot in the face, $30,000 and counting in donations….want to guess what breed? Just wait until he recovers then watch out.

  6. How is it that the McGrew parents, having lost one child to a dog, have another human aggressive dog in their home? What the hell is going on here?

  7. Well…On the bright side, at least the Pit Bull community made it 8 days into 2013 before killing someone….

    US Piticde number: 354

    The interesting thing about the McGrew case…That was the first American child mauled to death by a Golden Retriever since 1974…..That's 38 years. The wasn't even a Golden Retreiver DBRF listed in the 20 year CDC Report.

    The Pit community can't even go 38 days between child DBRFs!

    * Disclaimer…You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

  8. As usual these days, the inmates are running the asylum-

    "Angy Hall, of the Greenwood Humane Society, said the dog was very submissive Wednesday, but because of the fatal incident, it had to be put down.
    Hall speculated that given its history, the dog was likely just being protective of the children"

    Dogs attacking family members has nothing to do with protecting anything.
    It has to do with being a dangerous animal from a breed that is not fit to be a pet. Wouldn't it be nice if just ONCE someone from AC or the Humane Society would say something to the effect "its a pit bull, what do you expect"

  9. I try NOT to read comments on news articles, but this one takes the cake..from the UK Mail Online Article I linked above.

    "This is indeed tragic. I love pit bulls, they are wonderful dogs. They are very protective of their family members, especially children. But, they should always be safely contained when their adult masters are not present. A babysitter, even if the dog knows them well, is never fully in charge of a house containing a Pit bull. You never know what a dog will consider as a threat. Even with the most calm, loving and adoring Pit bull, reprimanding a child could turn deadly in an instant. Assure the health and safety of both dog and sitter, contain your Pit bull before you leave….
    – Common Sense , US, 11/1/2013 16:03"

    And anyone would think that is a normal kind of dog to live with, and that kind of behavior is a virtue?

  10. I've seen enough photos of the SO-CALLED Golden Retriever in the first McGrew case to say for sure that it was part pit bull. Just for the record, okay?

    Meanwhile, as I understand the pit freaks, a pit bull never attacks unless it was trained to do so. So I suppose the son's wife hated her mother-in-law and secretly trained the pit bull to attack Grandma. Or maybe the son hated his mother and did the training.

    How's that for a pit-freak certified reason to press criminal charges?

  11. It's NORMAL for the family dog to attack Grandma?! ANY dog would do it?! People who live with normal dogs know how false and offensive this statement is.

  12. RE:: Revelation that dog had killed the families Siberian Husky.

    Wait a minute, one of the nutters favorite claims is that "animal aggression is different then human aggression".

    Those of us in reality know that is bologna since prey drive is prey drive. It just depends on what the pit bull decides is prey that day.

  13. There's no such thing as prey drive. Even if there were, which there isn't, not even in wild hunting species, let alone in domesticated species, it would have nothing to do with why pit bulls kill. No need to introduce more misleading misconceptions into a topic that's already so full of them.

    The reason why animal aggression in a case like this is no different than aggression towards humans is: The dog that kills another household member is showing that it's willing to kill members of a species it perceives as social partners, even those that belong to its permanent social group. Since we humans also are in the social-partners category the domestic dog lives with, the killing of another dog in the house means the killer dog won't hesitate to kill one of us too, even if we are family members.

    Thank you.

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