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9 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Union City Boy, 6, Killed by Uncle's Pet Pit Bull

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  1. In the interview, the relatives said they heard crying, but didn't know what caused it.
    So, how can they speculate that the child may have tried to climb on the pit bulls back?

    I speculate that the child was juggling 3 running chain saws while whistling Dixie.


  2. So, are we still punishing the deed here? I mean, who is going to face the manslaughter charges?

  3. 37th Californian Killed by a pit bull since sinister HB-14 precluded BSL as an animal control tool in 1989.

    Be sure to view the fatality map F Minus grade assigned to the stat legislature!

  4. "He played with kids, very obedient, he was never allowed in the house, stayed right at the door, so we never had any problems with him at all," the boy's aunt, Iona Keanaaina, told KGO-TV.

    Attorney Michael Rains, who works for the San Mateo police union and is acting as a family spokesman, said the dog's owner, whose name he did not disclose, believed the boy's injuries were not very serious and went to work before learning he had died. He said the owner lived at the house, as did the victim and his mother.

    Read more here:

  5. I continue to be amazed by people who keep pitt bulls around kids. Dogs are always "well behaved" until they aren't. And it may be true that other breeds are more likely to bite, but when a cocker spaniel attacks, I think we can all agree it's less likely to result in death.

  6. Anonymous said-" Dogs are always "well behaved" until they aren't."

    That statement sums it up.

    I was just having a discussion at a ranch the other day as I was looking at the 80'ish pound grey Pit Bull they have there, and then looking at the mares and foals. I made a pit bull comment to the trainer and he said "oh hes a good dog", I said "until the day he isn't". I was horrified as I watched the dog go through the horse pasture with one of the mares and foals.

    Yep, if my Collie or Pomeranian were to have a bad day, no one or nothing is going to be hurt. A pit bull has its bad day and people and animals are maimed, mauled, and killed.

    I pray for the day when Colleen will no longer have to update this blog with another victim.

  7. I believe in that same video, Rains said they had the dog for 2-years, but the age of the dog was not mentioned. Nor, where they got the dog from.

  8. Of course, Bad Rap and Brent Toellner are doing the expected spin job/victim blaming.

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