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9 thoughts on “Alexandra Semyonova: Heritability of Behavior in the Abnormally Aggressive Dog

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  1. Oh Oh! The Pit Bull breeding community is going to howl over this…. They want to be able to continue pumping out dog killing thoroughbreds without a scintilla of liability.

    I think the tobacco companies once engaged in a similiar practice.

    The Charles Smallwood line pits should be a case study on bumper attacking and Level 5/6 human mauling traits.

  2. “The dogs used to guard extended farmlands in such countries as France (the Bordeaux) or South Africa (the Boerbull), the slave
    -chasers (Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasiliero), they were all selected for killing performance at the sight of strangers of another species – thus again a willingness to attack in the absence of the normal signals that provoke aggression in a dog and the unwillingness to stop (sometimes even after the other is long dead).”

    If I’m reading that correctly it means Dogo Argentinos and Fila Brasilieros were created for the purpose of human aggression, not dog aggression, and mostly likely the same goes for the first two. Call me crazy, but lions and tigers are not genetically human aggressive yet considered too dangerous to own as pets, but I should be unconcerned if my neighbor has one of these dogs??

  3. Where are the American academics, who have access to all kinds of written dog-fighting history and page by page accounts of the entire american pit bull terrier at their fingertips?

    Hmmmmmm. Other the Dr. Alan Beck, who else has surface in the USA to contradict the outrageous propaganda disseminated from the pit bull nutters?

    This should be a call to

  4. There also are the pseudo “professionals” who will howl

    Those people such as veterinarians, hazy “PhdS” and self-appointed “behaviorists” and and all the rest with AKC and other dog breeder lobbyists interests

    Just like corrupt stockbrokers churing funds for cash, or lawyers pilfering clients’ estates, these corrupt fake professionals get money and notoriety on hehalf of their propagandizing for the breeder lobbies.

    Some of them work at universities (just like drug companies and tobacco companies have faculty plants and mouthpieces that are university-hired and pretend to be “experts.”)

    These people will do the dirty work of trying to cut down Semyonova’s research.

    These people are in the business of creating lies and protecting lies, and they will lash out at anyone who exposes those lies.

    They try to use university degrees to break down those who they perceive as a threat to the earnings of dog breeders and dog fighters.

  5. “Where are the American academics, who have access to all kinds of written dog-fighting history and page by page accounts of the entire american pit bull terrier at their fingertips?”

    A good number of them have business and PERSONAL relationships with business lobbies like AKC, etc

  6. Or take the case of Jere Alexander, involved with dog fighters.

    She had her degrees, and was getting money from Emory University to write “papers” promoting dogfighting as an impressive cultural putsuit.

    And remember Alane Koki?

    Since anyone on earth can easily pick up long strings of university degrees these days, there are any number of conners and fakers pretending to be experts and rattling off their degrees to try to impress

  7. Then remember the veterinarian (AKC connected) who was declaring in some articles that “pit bulls are mixed breed” and that the ones that are killing are “mixed breed.”

    To protect the purebred dog breeding world, this veterinarian (was it Beaver?) is outright LYING.

  8. Almost all pure bred dogs are “mixed breed” somewhere in their lineage. They had to be created from something. That veterinarian is a moron. I think people who make false claims about pit bulls and their so-called safety should be held liable whenever this breed injures or kills another. Force them to donate a sizable chunk of their income to a pooled victim fund every year they spout their nonsense. They’re making money off of shilling pits. It should cost them when that shilling costs others.

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