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7 thoughts on “Announcement: Happy Birthday!

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  1. Happy birthday!

    Thanks for all the good work is doing educating the public to save lives.

  2. is an extremely valuable, if not essential, public service. The American people, as a whole, would be shocked at the lies and political dogma hoisted up by the well organized and suspiciously well funded pro-pit bull lobbyists on behalf of pit bull breeders, owners, and fighters. Many Americans know the truth that pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds of dogs and pit bull restrictions are a rational method to prevent serious or deadly pit bull maulings. Any effort to make a true difference in a community is often killed for the sake of political efficacy, as the policy makers don't understand the issues and are taken aback by the sudden onslaught of the organized email, letter, and phone calls by the Pro-Pit Bull Lobby.

    Never before has one person made such a difference in standing up for what is right on behalf of past and future victims as Colleen . There has never been a mechanism to gather the truth and provide it to individuals, groups, communities, and elected officials in such a manner as to possibly be effective as fast as possible.

    For all who agree, I ask you to do 3 things: (1) Make a donation to to keep this effort alive; (2) Share this information with your friends, neighbors, local law enforcement and animal control agencies, and your elected local government officials; (3) Ask your local Postal Carrier Union, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)Union, ER administrators, doctors, nurses, firefighter unions, to support this effort both officially and financially. This effort may be effective in reducing the number of bloodied, dismembered children and adults that will habe to be transported to Emergency Rooms for a long series of emergency and comestic surgeries, if the victims survive. No American deserves this type of horrific torture of being ripped apart by a tenaciously strong animal with powerful jaws and teeth that will NOT stop.

    Let's ALL help Colleen & – we can save the very lives of children and adults. One look at the report of the Detroit Coroner published in the Forensic Journal of Pathology will explain why we need, why we MUST do this!

  3. I would like to wish and Colleen a very happy birthday. Colleen is very brave and has endured some truly vicious attempts
    to keep her efforts quiet. I will be making a donation to I was mauled years ago and have struggled to tell my story to prevent others from the same fate. I can’t begin to tell others how important her work is to the public safety of the United States.

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    Thank you for your efforts to educate and inspire people to do something to protect those who can’t protect themselves. People need to be educated – and then they need to be able to take a stand.
    We appreciate your efforts to bring forth the value of life and safety when often ‘land use’ and profit are the measuring line.
    May more people be encouraged to do what is needed to protect our future – our children.

  5. It is hard to imagine that we would even need this web site.

    Think about it. Dogs being bred specifically to fight and be aggressive, killing and maiming all over the country, killing livestock, killing pets, holding people hostage in their homes and living in fear.

    You would think there would be an immediate leap to action by authorities to stop the insanity.

    Instead we have authorities working WITH the dog fighters and breeders to keep the deaths and maulings escalating.

    Dog fighters and breeders that don’t even pay taxes!

    What kind of country is this that would allow this to go on?

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