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17 thoughts on “Anchorage Pit Bull Attack: Explosive Aggression, Immediate Unprovoked Attack, Executes the Killing Bite

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  1. First maul free blind spot from the 17th century…

    What’s crazy is that if the property owner had rotten wooden steps and the kid fell through…he would get his ass sued off!

  2. You are absolutely right. There is no common sense to these dog laws when it comes to dangerous dogs. NO ONE benefits from them except the owner of the dangerous dog. Public policymakers need to wake up to this reality. They literally need a hammer to come down on their heads.

  3. Strict liability and prison time if you can't pay up.

    I'd vote for that, and I am a dog owner.

    If you can't pay for the potential damage, don't own the animal.

  4. There should be no "free bite" for a mauling. If it's a bite that requires hospitalization the "free bite" should be ignored and the dog should immediately be euthanized.

    A nice family pet can snap and give a warning bite. These bites rarely need anything more than a couple of stiches at WORST, most do not even break the skin. The victims do not need to be admitted to hospital, they get sent straight home after treatment in A&E.

    A pit bull "bite" is more like being chewed up by a shark – how can they allow this to count as a "free bite" ?!

    It's insane.

  5. As a dog owner I too would support strict liability for the actions of ones dog.

    The trouble is that even this generic, breed-neutral, common sense measure is bitterly resisted by the pit bull crowd, because they feel it unfairly penalizes pit bull owners.

    You can't make this stuff up!

  6. That bullet list really does cover virtually every pit bull attack I've ever heard of, and it describes 99% of the one I experienced. It's so frustrating to try to explain to people that no, this was NOT the same as that aggressive Dalmation down the street who runs off the porch after you every time you walk by. Not to say the Dalmation wasn't aggressive, or the attack wasn't serious, or that a few non-pit breeds haven't launched massive insane attacks – but 99.99999% of the time, an attack by any non-pit breed is NOT in the same league as that by a pit breed. The comparison that always comes to my mind is the difference between being hit by a car and being hit by a train.

  7. The irresponsibility of the pit bull crowd unfairly penalizes the rest of us.

  8. When I was attacked by a pit bull the beast lunged for my neck and caught my chest. I ripped away and he grabbed the back of my right leg. I broke away and he did not pursue.
    I have said it many times since. I would rather be attacked by a human with a knife than a crazed, ignorant killer dog.
    There is no reason for anyone to own this breed.

  9. Geez, just simply reading about this event made me quiver. I can't imagine having to go through it, especially a young child! Thank the Lord that these men were able to save her and kill the beast.
    This incident should be reason enough for these maulers to be banned worldwide. Unfortunately, most nutters can listen to all of the murders by their menacing mutts and they'll still be in denial. We need worldwide BSL.

  10. I have been reading here a long time but, not really participating. I live in Ontario and there is a ban in place here. In the years before the ban two people were killed by pit bulls in my small city and they are not even a popular breed here. One was a young girl seven years old killed by the family pet and another was a young man walking down a busy street minding his own business when a fenced pit bull escaped and attacked him.

    What has caused me to revisit this topic is that lately local voices to get rid of the ban are rising along with some odd incidents. This fall I attended a very large public event in our downtown. Kids, dogs, loud music, festival type of thing. I am walking through the busy crowd with my dog and there I see a small woman with an enormous pit bull on a leash in the crowd. The dog was not muzzled as those with grandfathered in pb's are supposed to do and was lunging every time another dog walked by. Then this month, someone with not one but, two Cane Corso's was frequenting a place where I go to bath my dog. A local business who thought nothing of having them there with every type of small, medium and large dog as well as children and other unsuspecting clients. Our ban states "any dog that resembles these breeds" is part of the pit bull ban to get around the way people change the name or breed to still own one of these sorts of dogs.

    I am not torn on this topic. These dogs do not make good pets and are dangerous to our community. I do feel sorry for the animals in that people insist on continuing to breed, promote and sell theses dogs to unsuspecting and ill prepared new owners. Before our ban was put in place our local shelters were FULL of pit bulls no one would adopt.

    The Cane Corsos are owned by a woman who is not at all able to restrain either one of those dogs let alone two. She is cagey about where she lives only stating a general location on her FB profile. *Yes, I looked!* I think her neighbours should know she is probably in contravention of our ban and that these big lumps are not just impressive and lovable but, should they go after you or your pet you'd stand little chance of fighting them off or surviving. They are a horrible accident waiting to happen. I cancelled an appointment to groom my dog at this business today because both Cane Corso's would be there at the same time. Sorry, I'm not taking any chances with my dog!!

    We had two deaths in our relatively small community before the ban, as it is right now you are not even supposed to drive through Ontario with a pit bull yet here I see these dogs suddenly and people are ignoring the ban along with the advocates fighting hard to over turn it. The ban is working, there has not been one single death in our city due to a dog attack since the ban was put in place. Why then would someone want to overturn it? Why when there are literally thousands of good dogs without homes would someone feel the "need" a pit bull or other gripping dog? I understand loving dogs, I do too but, I want a dog that will be safe to all who enter my home or cross my path with the greatest degree of certainty, not the least. Yes, other dogs bite, they are dogs but, they almost never KILL and MAIM, these dogs do and there is no logical explaination once you realize that is the truth to justify someone owning one of these breeds at all. Whatsoever. I wrote to the province last year when lifting the ban came up as a government topic and argued they should not do it and they in the end did not but, with the voices that support these breeds spreading so much pie in the sky scenarios and marketing them as "misunderstood" I fear some well meaning, ill informed official will over turn it and put all of us at risk. I cannot tell you how much safer our dog park and community has been since the ban on these breeds was put in place! Yes, the bans DO work if they are worded correctly! I appreciate your efforts here and will keep up with this blog site!

    • It is propaganda following the herd. It is all that these Pitbull owners know to do. They cannot think for themselves comma they lean on want d Pitbull propaganda promotes. Also the mentality and psychology of pitbull owners is 12 research. It is very interesting

  11. What's even worse is many times the mauler isn't even put down. ANY dog that harms a human or pet has no place in human society and should be put down without appeal, as close to immediately as possible.

  12. I have a neighbor who has Two pitbulls. They attacked my dog on Monday and bit me.
    The owners of the pits no I'm sorry or are you OK NORHING.
    The dogs are allowed to quarantine at home so what does the owner do.. he sucks one of his killers on me (only a 4 foot fence between us) so the dog snarling charges me .. I take off running for my back door. The pit owner called his weapon off at the fence and thought it was funny. I called the sherifff and nothing was done. Quarantine did not matter, the owner telling his dog to attack did not matter. Texas law in dogs is worthless.

  13. Ya know I am so scared of these dogs I have not sleep in days. I am scared for my family for my dogs. I will probably talk to the johnson county sheriff and see what help I can get. But the laws are non existent when it comes to dog owners and there dangerous dogs.

  14. I personally know of some excellent, lovable pitbulls. I also know of some who I would have no trouble picturing committing the above acts. But I'm not naive enough to say "it's all in how you raise them." That's all well and good, and people can have the best intentions, but the unfortunate thing is that much of the recent stock of pitbulls comes from game bred dogs. A pitbull in drive is meant to grip their prey and not let go. It is meant to kill. It's in their nature as a breed. Hitting them, punching, kicking, what-have-you, only excites them and further escalates their drive.

    Whether the poor dogs that were bred for the dog fighting ring, or the those who were bred to hunt like so many other breeds in the terrier group, these specific fight drives are bred into them so deeply that when you combine one with an inexperienced handler, trouble is not a matter of if, but when. The issue becomes serious when people don't know how to shut down a pitbull before its drive escalates. Redirection can be common in these cases, and then you may be witness to some of the attacks like those stated above. It's truly sad for all parties involved.

  15. I live in a one bite state found out 35 stiches later & God knows how long outta work.Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Haven't heard from home owners yet it's been 3 weeks. Raised right are not dogs have bad days like people this is gonna be an expensive bad day

  16. I ride bicycles everyday with my wife for exercise. We have been charged by pitbulls and rottweilers. I now have a concealed handgun license and am well trained in defensive handgun use. I will not hesitate to shoot an attacking dog to prevent crippling attack or death from ANY dog that comes at my wife or myself in a threatening charge. You can't count on pepper spray to save your life from these dangerous breeds of killer dogs!

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