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3 thoughts on “Aurora Voters Favor Keeping Pit Bull Ban by Wide Margin in First General Election Vote

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  1. OTOH, there's very bad news from Pima County, Arizona. The build a bigger shelter (for pit bulls) initiative won big. This was the work of a local no-kill group (and its unwitting helpers).

    All I can say is this: If you voted for this initiative, you OWN the consequences. All of them. Including the increased attacks and maulings.

  2. I sent an email to my county board representative with the numbers from this ballot measure. He voted to allow our county shelter to adopt out pits after years of banning the practice. Of course this was all kept very hush hush and the only people he heard from were proponents until after the fact. I basically told him that no matter how vocal and well-organized pit advocates are, the bottom line is that they are a minority of voters, period. Normal people do not want these dogs in their neighborhoods and in the future he needs to think about the political consequences of putting public safety at risk.

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