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6 thoughts on “Georgia Pit Bull Owner is Convicted After 8-Year Old Girl Suffers Amputation

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  1. the dogs were described as a pit mix and an amstaff. one of the dogs needed to be shot and the other ran off. we can see from the photo of the slightly smarter dog who had an iota of self preservation which one had to be shot.


    VAUGHN must get REAL prison time out of this!

  2. Go Georgia!

    Why can Georgia Crackers manage to send this SCUM to jail, at the same time sending a message to all Georgia SCUM, and the prosecutors in City of Big Shoulders can't find their ass with both hands?

  3. I'm so happy she made it through alive. You're a strong little girl, Erin. I know what it's like to go through a dog attack and it's horrific. I hope you and your family get better soon! May your beautiful smile make a difference in many people's lives.

  4. I wonder what excuse this pitiot has for the attack. It's all in how you raise them? Kids shouldn't play in their own driveway? Basketball is a pit bull attack trigger? He should have got ten times the jail sentence. You choose the breed, you own its deed.

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