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8 thoughts on “2015 First Quarter Report: Municipalities and Grassroots Beat Back State Preemption Bills Barring Local Pit Bull Ordinances

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  1. Thanks for this article, as I'd never been able to articulate this "ban on bans" too well.

    I always make the point, love these dogs or hate them, preemption is totally hypocritical: Towns and cities often zone out barnyard animals… arguably for health and safety reasons but the county may not regulate my back yard full of pit bulls? What makes dogs so vastly superior to all other mammals?

    Interesting how this crosses known political boundaries: Red states Texas, OK and Utah have Preemption, but so do blue NJ, NY, CT and MA. No Preemption in red KY, AZ and GA and also no preemption in blue WA, OR, VT and MD.

  2. The takeaway: Do NOT donate to Best Friends. They are NOT our friends!

  3. "Fighting dog advocates" is a very apt and appropriate description of what Best Friends Animal Society is.

    Even if they do not care about the human or animal victims of fighting breeds, they most certainly cannot claim to care about the fighting breeds themselves.

    Things are worse than ever for pit bulls!

    Thanks in part to their efforts, the only ones in this mess that have prospered and proliferated have been pit bull breeders and dog fighters, with the parasitic interests of hoarders and dealers that abuse the dogs in order to profit on the side.

    When will Best Friends put aside their egos and admit that they've gone down a terribly destructive path that is failing for all but the exploiters of these breeds?

  4. This is an excellent article with very useful graphs that I plan to send people (incl. legislators) to in the future. I'm happy to live in one of the states without a preemption law, and am hoping to keep it that way.

  5. Thank you for putting this together. I live in PA and would like to get our preemption removed. I think it was enacted in the late 70s but am not sure. It has definitely been around for awhile. These charts are so helpful.

    I think I will give them to my aunt whose daughter has 2 pit bulls and is constantly spouting the they'll lick your face off nonsense. If only she knew how true that really is!

    Your Quiet Neighbor: I won't donate to ANY animal charity that deals with dogs. They have all become pit pushers, IMHO. This includes those $1 donations at PetSmart.

  6. Thank you for the link to the law. I actually was aware of the insurance preemption. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Not being able to get insurance can act as a stick for some people to get rid of a dangerous dog, but for others they would otherwise just go without insurance. It's good and bad.

  7. I called my local State representative and asked to speak with her about repealing the preemption. I'll let you know how it goes.

  8. The reason 19 states were able to pass public hazard state-wide anti-BSL laws is because the general public was unaware that these types of laws were even happening. Now there is a growing voice who have become aware to help stop these type of public safety hazard bills.

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