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5 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Portage Man Mauled to Death by Pet Pit Bull on Christmas Day

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  1. It has become unbearable. Day after day of this, all across the country.

    This victim is one of the faces of pit bull and bully breed advocacy, however, manipulated himself by an industry that used him, an industry using propagandists and pretend experts to market, lie, and push these known dangerous breeds into these communities. All because an irresponsible media and advocacy machine directs them to do it and tells them it is fashionable, they "sell" it and these victims don't even know what they have been tricked into buying.

    Can you imagine the risk that every one of his neighbors and his girlfriend were living in every day, but the rabid pit bull lobby tells him he should have a dog like that and that it is perfectly fine.

    How does this dangerous way of thinking and living get perpetuated? It is demonstrated right here in that news link. If you read through to the end of that news link, the alleged reporter Sarah Gollner is another guilty party to these Selling Tactics. She just reported on the devestating danger that the public needs to learn from, the Reality of fighting breeds.

    But Sarah Gollner feels the need to keep selling the dangerous product, and she trots out to pick up a local self-professed pseudo "expert" who then proceeds to tell every lie about fighting breeds that the victim was fed, and encourages more people to put themselves at risk and believe lies, and even to kill their loved ones and even themselves by not facing the realities of the dangers and problems of these breeds.

    Victim advocacy groups need to contact these irresponsible news outlets and demand equal time, as well as demand an explanation for the irresponsibility of those they hire as reporters who instead choose to use their news reports as advertising and damage control for a business industry. It is not ethically acceptable for Sarah Gollner to simply produce propaganda for the pit bull sales lobby and hide behind a representative of that business.

    There was no equal time for the victim lobby. That isn't ethical. Gollner isn't ethical.

    "oni Bianchi, owner and trainer of Positive Experience Training School, said although this dog may have been aggressive, she believes the dog's breed is not the reason for this incident.

    NWI. com and the Timse of Northwest Indiana have some ethical problems with Gollner here. (

    from Sarah Gollner's news report, it ended with this fabrication and falsehood- from a self-promoting newbie with no serious experience who jumped on the dog trainer bandwagon a few years ago when pit bulls started getting promoted as what someone called a "fashion accessory" and now spreads the falsehoods

    "Pit bulls get a bad rep," she said. "I think this incident has nothing to do with the dog's breed."

    Bianchi has been a certified professional dog trainer since November 2005 and a certified dog behavior consultant since December 2008. She said, in her experience, pit bulls don't appear more aggressive than any other breed of dog.

    "I've worked with some pit bulls that are therapy dogs and they're great," she said. "An aggressive dog can be any breed. I've seen just as many good pit bulls as bad pit bulls."

  2. It's fortunate that his social media pages were still available for some time after his death, as they have yielded some interesting information about his kindly treatment of the pit bulls, which he raised from puppies, and no shortage of cute pics which "prove" that pit bulls are swell dogs. Now we can see clearly just how much assurance we can draw from such pictures.

    In contrast, Darla Napora's husband made it his top priority to shut down her FB account immediately upon discovering her mangled remains at the scene of the violent and bloody mauling. It's a shame that whatever information might have been drawn from her FB photo collection have been lost forever.

  3. I realize this is well past the time this man was killed.
    However, have to comment on what one of the Pitbull nuts said recently in a post. She told how people just don't know what a Pitbull looks like. She goes on to say that the dog involved in this death "was a Coonhond. Judy look at it, it has a Coondog head". It's like, how do you fight people like this, who are so rabidly defensive of Pitbulls, who don't even know what members of the breed look like? These people are crazy, and totally dog ignorant.

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