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6 thoughts on “Bridgehampton Dog Bite Case in State's Top Court

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  1. Mr. Finocchio!

    How deplorable you are! Liability laws have been egregious for years. So egregious that people are free to own dangerous dogs without an ounce of oversight. These people get a free human mauling and sometimes 2 or 3.

    Current “one-bite-free” laws only encourage irresponsible ownership. Any dog owner whose dog rips off a child’s mouth should be held accountable. How else are we going to teach people that dog ownership is serious business?

    It was “real wise” of your client to stop keeping her dog in her stores after this terrible incident. Too bad an innocent child had to suffer immeasurable harm for her to “get” this notion.

  2. The shelter that placed the “Lab Mix” should come under the liability umbrella for this incident also….

  3. I have a letter in my hand from Hank Greenwood, American Dog Breeders, to our city council. He states that in Prince George County, Maryland it costs $68,000 to maintain a pit bull through some process, I’m assuming a banning process. I could support me and my family for at least three years with that much money. He names at least 10 cities that are considering reppealing their BSL’s. He also pulls out the Responsible Dog Owner of Western States Model Dog Regulation, he doesn’t add one city that has passed this, not one. I’m no lawyer but this regulation has more holes in it than the victim of a pit bull attack. It is written to protect the dog owner not the human. The letter from Mr. Grenwood closes with “we would like to relay your position on this matter to your constituents.” It sounds like this is meant to intimidate.
    I have a total of about a dozen lettes form around the country against any BSL, but not one from a person living in our town, not one that has any interest in our town. The letters are written for their own personal reasons. With people like this, it’s no wonder we can’t get any protection

  4. “Finocchio said making Mendez liable for Scooter’s extraordinary attack could expose dog owners to unprecedented legal risks.”

    all of the pit bull owners right now have their fingers on this case. they are secretly cheering for mendez who now “pretty much keeps the dog off the floor of his stores”.

  5. Dave, why don’t you create a WordPress site and post the letters to it? Help expose these people! Municipalities across the country need to know your experience!

  6. David,

    Getting your dog safety information from the Dog Lobby is like getting Lung Cancer info from the tobacco companies. With no one effectively tracking fatalities and maulings,they thrive in the confusion.

    Please post your letters…The public needs to see them.

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