Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Blogger Your Quiet Neighbor  |  2/11/2015 10:36 AM  |  Flag  
Does the CDC know about this?

Blogger Packhorse  |  2/12/2015 2:09 PM  |  Flag  
Regarding the disturbing trend of breeding ever-larger pit bulls, please check out this monstrosity.

This is the reality of what may be coming next to your neighborhood, your local dog park. A very sobering thought.

OpenID joelande  |  2/13/2015 11:51 AM  |  Flag  
Can a FOIA request be made to determine where this attack K9 was purchased from and where it received its training?

Blogger Colleen Lynn  |  2/13/2015 2:36 PM  |  Flag  
Hulk is an XXL pit bull. Niko, the 130-pound killer that was gunned down with 13 bullets last year, was technically an XL pit bull. There are two different classes (apparently). There may also be a triple X. This is "designer" pit bull breeding; the breeders make up the names and weight classes as they go along (See: XXXL classified from 2009). Here is the breeder of Hulk's Instagram page and website:

As for the recent K9 mauling, we captured some information in cache yesterday. The officer's K9 tore off his son's foot in the attack and may have been fatal without immediate human intervention. Now it appears doctors had to amputate the boy's entire left leg. "According to police. Jango has never showed any signs of aggression toward people he knows." Until suddenly it "switched" on a family member.

Michael Mastaler has been with the police department since 2007. He has worked patrol, gangs, narcotics, and is a member of the Inland Valley SWAT team as an operator. Michael Mastaler was selected to be a K9 handler in January of 2014. Jango is a 6 year old Belgium Malinois and was born and trained in Holland. Jango's commands are in Dutch

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