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40 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Type Dogs Attack, Strip Naked and Kill Dayton Woman

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  1. "It is totally obscene that these dogs had nine complaints against them and Animal Control did squat. AC should be up on charges as well."

    Amen! The people of Montgomery County deserve a Dog Warden that understands that one of the biggest parts of his job is PUBLIC SAFETY!!

  2. It is totally obscene that these dogs had nine complaints against them and Animal Control did squat. AC should be up on charges as well.

  3. Owning a dog (any dog) should require a properly regulated licence. As someone above said, the authorities did squat (did they at least go check?). Give those guys better training, and more teeth

  4. At this point, with this breed-name game the pit bull lobby plays, the only correct way to refer to all of these dogs is 'pit bull type dog'. Indeed, the judges were correct when they wrote that an artificial name pasted onto a pit bull type by a kennel club isn't relevant. These clubs can add or change any of those names any time they like by voting, as they did when they registered the first fighting pit bulls as 'American Staffordshire Terriers'. These votes and the pieces of paper that result don't change the genetics of the actual animals.

    Secondly, saying it's not a pit bull mix but a mastiff mix is like saying 50/50 is different from 50/50.

    Finally, being a 'mastiff mix' doesn't exonerate any dog from being inherently dangerous. Here's a piece of the real history (not breed club romantic fiction) of the mastiff type, collected from original ancient sources everyone can check:

    "The references by Roman writers to the canes pugnaces of Roman Britain suggest a dog of a large and heavy type. Oppian says the fighting dog had light brown eyes, truncated muzzle, loose skin above the brows, a broad back, great stature, and muscular legs.

    Gratius Falsius an ancient Roman author and historian wrote in the year 8 AD of a large exhibition of dog fights in the ancient Roman amphitheatres between the Pugnaces Britanniae from Britannia and the Molossus from Epirus. The exhibition reflected the wide-mouthed dogs from Britain were far superior to the ancient Greek Molossus.

    “Although the British dogs are distinguished neither by colour nor good anatomy, I could not find any particular faults with them. When grim work must be done, when special pluck is needed when Mars summons us to battle most extreme, then the powerful Molossus will please you less and the Athamanen dog cannot measure up to the skill of the British dog either. ”
    Gratius Falsius, 8 AD

    In 43 AD, the Roman conquest of Britain made Britannia a Roman province. At that time, in Britain there were giant, wide-mouthed dogs, which the Romans called Pugnaces Britanniae, that surpassed their Molossus dogs. A Procurator Cynegii, was stationed in Venta Belgarum and responsible for selecting these dogs, which were exported to Rome for contests in the amphitheatre and for integration into the military of ancient Rome as war dogs.

    The 'Pugnaces' dogs of Roman Britain were specifically referred to by the Greek historian Arrian in 130 AD."

    [source of this summary of ancient writings:

    Note that the British mastiffs were so savage that they impressed the Romans as much better than the attack dogs the Romans themselves had developed. Note also that these superior British mastiffs became the root stock from which all modern mastiffs world-wide have been developed.

    Note also that these mastiffs are the same stock from which the bear-, bull- and horse-baiting, bulldogs of England's royal court were bred, later mixed with a small amount of terrier to make the smaller, more easily hidden pit fighting bulldog.

  5. I can't find any research into the incidence of the heritable behavioral trait 'impulsive aggression' in the mastiff types. However, given their origins, purpose and size, and given the frequency with which this trait occurs in the various pit bull types, it seems foolish to me to be mixing any mastiff type with pit bull type. The risk is great that you will end up with a dog several times the size of the average pit bull type, that does happen to inherit the impulsive aggression trait. The trait is strongly heritable – a dog doesn’t have to be fully half pit bull to have high risk of possessing it.

    It is in any case not an exoneration of any dog to say ‘it’s a mix of mastiff and pit bull’, no matter which half you choose to list first.

    It’s unfortunate that publishing this information will likely make these mixes all the more popular in the arms race that’s going on re inherently aggressive dog types.

  6. This is the same county dog warden who ignored calls from neighbors and from the USPS about dogs living in an abandoned house and walking on the roof barking at passersby for a YEAR. Neighbors complained that the whole neighborhood smelled like death and justifiably so, both living and dead dogs were finally removed from the home. Read the last story in this post for more details. Kumpf is a huge liability to Montgomery County.

  7. That poor women, this was a preventable nightmare, and a horror show. That she knew it was coming, and feared for years, while desperately trying to get help, is the worst part.

    She was stuck- the law wasn't helping, even a little, and she lived in fear. But if she had taken the law into her own hands and killed the dogs any of the times they were threatening, she would be in jail for cruelty.

    This story makes me madder than most. If those owners aren't jailed for murder, there is no justice at all in this world. I hope her cats can be saved at least.

  8. I truly hope authorities burn over this one. They have as much, if not more, culpability than the dog owners. It is time to purge AC and LE of these corrupt criminals.

    This horror scenario also demonstrates that Smith and Wesson are the animal control agents of last resort.

  9. The victim (911 call): "Once again I have those two pitbull mastiff's up my driveway"… "I'm trying to put a lawnmower together. I should not have to pick up a tool and chase these dogs down"…"This has gone on for a year and a half now. I'm done! You know I don't want to get a gun. I don't want to get a gun permit. I'm anti guns! I can't live like this!"

  10. @yourquietneighbor

    unfortunately not anymore, their role is to protect pit bulls and their owners, thanks to the pit bull lobby and our friends at "Best Friends".

    Good to know the owners of these dangerous killer dogs are at home watching TV now, or probably shopping for new killer dogs.

    This is a sickening story of discrimination and injustice. I wish so much she had gotten a gun. I really do. And blown those dogs heads off while they were in her driveway.

  11. WTF is going through AC's hive mind when they get calls like the one truthbird reports, huh?

    "Oh, just another hysterical woman," maybe?

    Again, I say Animal Control is at least partially at fault for this woman's death. This reminds me a lot of the Sue Gorman case, but with even an even more horrific outcome.

  12. There also were complaints about barking. Which is noise pollution. Obviously, animal control blew that off too.

    Animal control, to say the least, is a waste of tax dollars.

  13. It looks as though this woman fought the best she could without taking the law into her own hands and start shooting.

    If she had taken a gun and shot the dogs, my guess is her 'friendly neighbors' would have pursued any criminal charges that might have applied (cruelty, discharging a weapon in city limits, etc.) and sued her for the "value" of the dogs, and THEN gone and got more dogs.

    Klonda was begging for help and NO ONE IN THE SYSTEM LISTENED TO HER.

    What is wrong with this country?

  14. It seems County Animal Controls are slowly, methodically being taken over by pit bull rescue and anti BSL groups with their big money propaganda machinery. They dupe animal lovers to think a more humane animal control is being issued in, and that's how they gain support. You don't find out until later preference is given to the pits and their types and the other aim is to pressure lawmakers to repeal local BSL. I have to wonder if another aim is to start hiding and skewing the DB numbers. They are in a unique position to do not only this, but also to purposefully misidentify the breeds involved.

  15. I really hope an attorney grabs onto this case and goes after the officials at animal control who are accessories in this murder.

  16. its entirely possible , but probably impossible to prove that those dogs were let loose on purpose to attack the victim . i can say this because it happened to me , that a pit owner deliberately let loose his pit to attack me and my dog .

  17. Jumped keeps claiming all but one of the calls were anonymous. How can it be???? She was so specific in her calls, and the media easily found out about them. Does he think by claiming that it somehow excuses his inaction? Of course he does. Every comment he has made has been self- serving.

  18. Every time I think this case cannot get more sad and horrific, new evidence comes out. I didn't know her, and I tear up every time I think about her attack and the years she lived in fear.

    Talk about a failure- these people terrorized her, and no one cared because they were "just neighbors with dogs"? I guess we do a crappy job with stalking and harassment in general, but there is no excuse at all for the denial of a protection order, no reason at all for no action by AC or the police. These were low life criminals! Harassing a law abiding citizen! If laws can't help, why have them?

    Had Klonda taken the law into her own hands, and killed those beasts, the cops would be using all this evidence to show that she had been plotting "animal cruelty" out of "revenge". Pit bulls have MORE rights than people do.

    There are NO laws when a person is harassed by a dog, but if you harass a dog, they have all the resources in the world to track you down and jail you.

  19. Interesting truthbird, the report said they had moved out of the house recently. I wonder why. They owned the house, didn't they?

  20. Anita, there is more information here. Yes, Nason owned the home.
    "Payne declined to comment further on the investigation. Earlier reports said damage was estimated at between $5,000 and $10,000. According to the Montgomery County Auditor’s website, the home is valued at $22,870. Nason purchased the home in 2011 for $8,000, the website says."

  21. There will be no justice apparently for this poor woman. This ruling makes me want to cry.

  22. This story really disgusts me. Her neighbor got these two dogs to scare Klonda, and to torment her. I think he let them off leash on purpose, hoping they would attack her, and they did. It really is scary that there are people out in our world like this. I'm a huge dog lover and have two of my own, but someone needs to put restrictions on who can own these bully breed dogs. Instead, anyone can go online and buy one. My dog was viscously attacked by a pit bull which was off leash. This pit came running towards her, unprovoked, and ripped a hole in her stomach that required 20 staples and a drain. Not to mention the other various bites on her legs. And this was another irresponsible pit bull owner letting his dog run free, saying " he's never done that before". Sure he hasn't! You had no idea your dog was vicious!? This crap needs to stop. This breed should be banned or heavily restricted.

  23. The guy bought these dogs specifically to kill this woman and her cats she had multiple cats and he was having the dogs maul them deliberately. It was on investigation discovery on a show called fear thy neighbor

  24. Felons are not allowed to own guns but they are allowed to own dangerous dogs? I don't get it.

  25. I hope that Nason got a shive in his back in jail or even better a Christmas tree shaped knife in his rectum. Custer hopefully will have to carpet munch a big butch lady while in jail. They committed murder and get a slap on the wrist. Someone should burn their house to the ground with them in it. Klonda deserves justice. Wherever you are Klonda I'm sorry you were let down by our bullshit system. Like I always tell people, cops will not prevent your murder but you can die in peace knowing they will send the murder to jail or the death penalty for murdering you. In this case they didn't even get charged with first degree murder, which it was.

  26. Anyone know how accurate that Fear Thy Neighbor episode was?
    They make it sound like Klonda just let all her cats run free. I can't see a cat lover doing that in town. I also can't see animal control being fine with that.

  27. I can't find Klonda on your google map of dog bite fatalities.
    Am I just missing it?
    I was trying to figure out how many had been killed by pits since Ohio dropped the ban.
    When one man let loose his collection of dangerous wild animals Ohio tightened up the laws on keeping those kinds of animals even though no one was killed.
    I see 8 pit deaths since the law was changed not counting Klonda.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  28. I remember this horrifying case when it first came out. I would have loved to have had Ms. Richey as a neighbor, and while Nason and Custer should have faced felony charges (in my opinion, Nason and Custer, knowing their dogs were aggressive and encouraging their animals in this behavior, premeditated this crime), there was also a multiple tiered failure by both animal control and the court system that chose to neglect Ms. Richey's welfare. As a teenager, I had a Nason like neighbor who used to threaten us and would encourage his pit bull mix to attack us (thankfully that b****** and his dog are both deceased). Let's start prosecuting dangerous dog owners under felony laws and giving them real legal penalties, not just fines and probations.

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