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3 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Grant Parish Woman Dies After Dogs Inflict Catastrophic Injuries

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  1. It is such a tiny town; you can easily Google Street View it. It does not appear to be a town that would have 15+ stray dogs roaming around. Someone in the area may have been feeding them — must have been? It reminds me of the Oglethorpe County attack. Too bad it took this woman's horrific death for officials to do anything about a very large pack of dogs roaming around.

  2. Local government leaders have blood on their hands again.

    It is their responsibility to form adequate animal control laws and enforce them with adequate employees, and for hundreds of years we have known that loose dogs are a public health and safety risk.

    The public needs to start getting very aggressive with their government leaders on the issue of animal control, and stop letting the criminally negligent get away with hurting evreryone with dogs. Stop the chain of inadequacy and special favors for some that hurt everyone and put them at risk.

    It is up to local government leaders to deal with offenders in court if they need to. Individuals can't police the community on this issue, and they shouldn't have to if government does its job.

    If No Kill is a problem in local animal control, it needs to be wiped out of public safety jobs, because No Kill hurts everybody and is dangerous for man and beast. No Kill has drifted into refusing to pick up stray dogs, or take dogs that people are giving up that get get abandoned, and letting packs form in some neighborhoods.


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