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10 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Year Old Girl Killed by Dogs in Tallassee, Alabama

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  1. Oh, my God. That is a prayer, not blasphemy. And I do not often pray. I thought this was the same girl from a couple of days ago. Why are all mothers not terrified for their children? There should be a group, like MADD, only about gripping dogs. I just want to scream, "WAKE UP!" How many more? If this insanity continues at this rate, there will be nearly 50 dog bite deaths this year. Why is this not on the "real" news, nationally? Have all of them sold out to the highest bidder?

  2. Members of a local forum are commenting more:
    jmj120 Offline 8 point – Terrible news. This was about 2 miles from my house. The media is reporting this as being in the city limits. It was not. Evidently these dogs had been reported numerous times to County officials. Flame me if you want, but they were pit bulls. The kid is related to a girl I work with. Needless to say the family and everyone else is devastated.

    jmj120 Offline 8 point – Just found out the dogs belong to another co-worker. This town needs some good news. It's been a bad week.

  3. Dogs leaving a dead kid that looks like a bear attack?
    Sounds like a pit bull….
    I thought it was a Husky/Shepherd type, but since there were two, I wonder.

    The local says they were pits- why if they were not?

  4. It bothers me when the neighbors talk about being trapped in their own homes by dogs. Especially in rural areas where AC doesn't exist or respond. There are a couple effective ways to deal with dangerous dogs. I wish people would get more proactive. Too many have died or had life changing injuries, how many more until the majority figures it out?

  5. My guess is that "lab mix"
    is more pit bull then anything.

    I do hope there are photos of the offending dogs.

    Looking like a "bear attack" to me is a trademark pit bull M.O. Land shark is more like it.

  6. Disgusting. But they would not be the first rural county to face such a disparity — quite literally, dogs in these counties can kill human beings at will with zero criminal penalties.

    “It’s heartbreaking what has happened,” said Tallapoosa County District Attorney E. Paul Jones. “We have investigated the possibility of charges. But Tallapoosa County doesn’t have a law on the books that says owners can’t allow their dogs to run at large. If there is no law, there can be no charges.”

    I sense a hole is being dug somewhere.

  7. I read a comment elsewhere they identified the "shepherd mix" as a shepherd-pit mix. Has this been confirmed? Anyone?

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