2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Pack of Breeding Pit Bulls in Compton, California

35-year Dominic Cooper was killed by a pack of breeding pit bulls in his backyard in Compton, CA. Man Killed by Pit Bulls Compton, CA - A 35-year old man is dead after being mauled by a pack of breeding pit bulls in the backyard of his home. The attack was reported around 7:10 am in the 900 block of North Thorson Avenue, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Just before 9:00 am, deputies were still trying to enter the yard where the pack of aggressive pit bulls were… [Read full blog post]

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Arkansas Man Arrested After Pack of Guarding Breeds and Pit Bulls Killed his Cousin

James McCool died after being attacked by a dog pack at Copperhead Road Kennels. Dog Owner Arrested Lincoln County, AR - On January 18, a kennel owner in Star City, Arkansas was arrested after authorities said his YouTube channel shows canines he trained to "attack in a pack like manner and have a prey drive at a young age" killed his cousin last year. Scott Alan McCool, 48, was booked into the Lincoln County Detention Center on a manslaughter charge in connection to the October 2… [Read full blog post]

Why Were They There?

In Memory of My Aunt Jill: She was Killed in a Savage Dog Attack Jill Peterson was killed by a pack of vicious dogs in her own backyard in 2019. Pall Mall, TN - Bessie "Jill" Peterson, 88-years old, was savagely killed by a pack of dogs belonging to her neighbor on February 26, 2019. Her sister, Nina Brown, witnessed part of the violent attack. Jill had gone into her backyard to clear a drainage ditch. The pack of six mixed-breed dogs came from behind and attacked her. "They dragged he… [Read full blog post]

Coroner: Dead Before Mauling - Man Found Dead Could be Result of Dog Pack Attack in Big Spring, Texas

Big Spring police suspect that Jasson Bullard, 40-years old, was killed by a loose dog pack. Post-Mortem Bites UPDATE 01/08/24: Preliminary autopsy findings indicate that Jasson Bullard, 40, died of pulmonary emphysema with bullae formation, a chronic lung condition, and that animal predation occurred post-mortem. Bullard's death marks the second high profile case in 2023 where post-mortem predation (bite damage) occurred. Bullard's body was exposed in an outdoor… [Read full blog post]