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7 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: San Antonio Woman, 83, Dies After Pit Bull Attack

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  1. "cited for the bite"?! Which bite? Will she be cited for each bite that occurred in this horrendous, unprovoked mauling? The wording that these officials and news agencies use is chosen to put their own spin on whatever they are writing about. It makes a difference in a readers understanding of an incident whether the perpetrator is an armed gunman or a freedom fighter. Or whether the dog attack was a bite or murderous mauling.
    While I want to respect the victim and not make their death a spectacle, people who read the few articles that are written about these attacks are misled. The horror is played down to the point where a murderous butchering is called a dog bite.
    There is no truth in news agencies anymore. Or in the reports written by AC. I am glad that you are here, Colleen, you and Decatur AL, Dawn James, and so many others that insist on telling the truth. Thank you

  2. This poor woman. Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought that feeding her cats in her own yard would be fatal.

    Why these canine psychopaths are allowed to be kept as pets is beyond me.

    This morning my husband and I were watching our local news and they described an 8 year old being attacked by dogs. Hubby and I looked at each other and said "it was probably Pomeranians"…

    Finally at the end of the segment the reported said "and neighbors report that it was four pit bulls"

    Not so shocking is it.

    When is enough enough?

  3. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to dog attacks like this one. We have had several, similar incidents in and around the Los Angeles area in the past 12-14 months including an elderly woman killed by a pack of dogs in North L.A. County. California, like many states, provides for strict liability against the dog owner for any injuries caused no matter whether the dog owner had any prior indication of the propensity of their animal(s) to attack or bite people. For more information on dog laws in CA go to:

  4. These stories are so upsetting, because they are PREVENTABLE. Who needs a Pit bull as a pet, first of all and secondly, if they think they MUST have one, please do not leave it outdoors in a "crappy chain link fence" where it can get out and kill someone like this precious mother and grandmother!

    • This is so devastating. It makes not want to get a dog as a pet for my kids. I'm sending Prayers for this family. Yes, the dog owner should have accountability in this case. Build better fences and take care of their dogs.

  5. I can understand people saying they do not want to get a dog as a pet. But please understand that a Pit Bull and something such as a Bichon are about as different as a horse and a mouse. I speak from experience, as I have been a dog trainer for over three decades. My show dog friends hate it when I say I am in favor of breed related laws.. But if they would just take the time to read two or three pages of this website, I cannot see how in the world they could deny that Pit Bulls were never meant to be pets. They were developed as a dog to be used for gambling, for matches to bring down BULLS. They never quit, due to an inherited trait called gaminess, which is highly prized by breeders of these animals, in fact, they "cull", which means put down, the pups who do not have fight drive and high prey drive, the very ones who might have a chance to be a family pet. The result is that people have been misinformed by the media, including rescue groups, that these dogs are the same as any other dog, if raised right. That is simply untrue. The rise of no kill rescue groups, sadly, has made this are also, as they no longer wish to put down Pitties. Most rescue groups are unable to properly evaluate these dogs, and assume that a dog acting friendly means that it will not attack people or other pets. Would you expect a horse to never buck if frightened? Of course not. And you cannot expect a game bred dog to never attack and kill, because it has been selectively bred in to their nature.

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