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28 thoughts on “2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Family XL Pit Bull Kills 4-Year Old Girl in Houma, Louisiana

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  1. How many dead children are enough?

    When will lazy/corrupt lawmakers turn their backs on professional pit bull advocates, a small, shrill, well funded special interest group?

    When will lazy/corrupt lawmakers realize that normal dogs don't have, or require professional breed specific advocates?

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  3. Meanwhile, in Phoenix, Arizona, the child mauler named Mickey has been saved from euthanasia.

    When will this madness end?

  4. I don't understand. The dog was living with the woman in the apartment, but still belonged to the breeders? Is she connected to the breeders?

    Also, I never thought I would say this, but I feel sorry for Khloe having to live with Niko. That right there seems to be a cruel- offence, not to mention them both living with a child, not to mention one killing a child. Hard to know where to begin here, but unfortunately we see how it ended.

  5. Thanks, Colleen. Mercy, that was a raunchy scroll. I can't believe it, but it was so raunchy, I even felt sorry for Niko. I am feeling all kinds of new things with this story.

    The story gets even more disgusting if they were pumping the dog with steroids.

    I just don't even know what to say.

    If anyone has time, the NYDN story on this has a lot of comments (last time I checked),about him being too big to be a pit bull, and no counters. Maybe they could use an education on XL and XXL.


    I hope this doesn't become the new way to raise money online. Have a kid, get a pit bull, and let nature take its course. I just wouldn't put anything past these people anymore.

  6. I'm sorry, but I could never donate money to this family for a funeral. Maybe if the little girl had lived and needed surgery, I would. That would be for the little girl who was an innocent in this nightmare. The parents should be in jail, not making $$ from their daughter's horrific death.

    • After seeing how the mom is not cooperating with the investigation, I think this entire situation is a mess. The detectives seem to be asking questions from far out in left field . Will there ever be justice for Mia?

  7. Puppy caption:
    "Keeper girl off Niko and Z at 15 weeks Super correct and a cold stare"

    aka Future Mauler

  8. The "caring $$" has gotten over $32,000, and still pouring in. Such a sickening reward for feeding your child to the wolves. Wonder if they spend a thousand on cremation and keep the rest. That would be more lucrative than breeding killer XL pits.

  9. I would hazard a guess that somewhere there is a "nanny" picture of Niko with the deceased child or someone elses.

    Just what the world needs XXL pit bulls. I heard of the pocket pit bulls many years ago and there has been at least one at the dog training class my friend runs.

    13 bullets to stop him. Wow. What is an ordinary citizen supposed to do to stop an attack. I presume most folks don't have a conceal/carry permit.

  10. OMG, that one link with the XXL pits has maulers as big as I am! And I am not a lightweight. Its a horror show. 175# pit bulls? You would need an assault rifle with extended mag just to stop it. This is what they want, I am sure.

    I don't fear these particular dogs, because I am sure they are valuable and kept under lock and key with their owners, so only a danger to them (like killer NIKO was). My worry is when some idiots buy a few of these, then they go add them to their own pit bull breeding, enlarging the whole bunch.

    BSL NOW.

  11. Yes to PutMeInCharge. The dead child and a substitute in case she was not ready for her next close-up.

    Also, the "Caring$$" site has raised over $32,000 for the parents who fed her to the monster. Imagine the horror if they spent $1000 on simple cremation, and kept the rest since their big bucks high dollar sperm machine is dunzo.

  12. Well, that was a trip down raunchy road lane that I do not want to ever repeat, reviewing the breeder's Instagram site. I have one question: Where is Kash? Kash is the breeder's OTHER 135 pound pit bull. There are plenty of photos very recently of both Kash and Niko in the home together; there is at least one that shows all three dogs together from 2 months ago. That's a heck of a lot of dog in one apartment. Mr. Breeder can continue his breeding program (of deformed mutant dogs) with Kash and Khloe like nothing ever happened. Here the pedigree of Kash.

  13. The "American Bully" world is quite interesting, and if you venture onto any of the breeders websites or message boards, please be prepared to take a shower after…you will want to. Most of the "breeder" websites look like a teenagers low budget rap video. Most of the breeders are very young men, high school drop outs, gansta wannabes, and run of the mill unemployable thugs looking to make quick, easy money breeding status dogs. They have developed fake registries and "dog shows", where they parade these deformed monsters around a parking lot and hand each other ribbons.

    The American Bully breeders have set themselves up like an MLM, marketing dogs to young thugs and convincing them to pay outrageous prices for worthless dogs so that they can breed them and sell them to OTHER aimless young men as valuable "show dogs". People are not buying American Bullies as pets, they are buying them as a "business investment", as a way to make money. The dogs themselves are structural and genetic train wrecks, in fact, many breeders of the fad "blue" color have disclaimers on their websites that the inherited allergic, chronic skin problems the dogs have are not their responsibility.

    None of the American Bully breeders have likely passed a high school science class, so understanding the genetics of dog breeding is beyond them…these dogs are almost certain to have unstable temperaments, as temperament is not a word these breeders could spell, much less understand.

  14. I see the "nanny dog" pictures with the poor deceased child and other children exists. Not surprising at all. That the dog can behave with a child for one moment in time seems to be proof to some of the dogs disposition.

    Now their deceased child is apparently their "cash cow" and more profitable then their monstrous dogs. It sickens me that they are going to profit off the childs death. When you surround yourself with this kind of dog this is never an "accident".

    So, I ask again, what is a person supposed to do to defend oneself or their loved ones against a dog that takes 13 bullets to stop it.

  15. We'll, putmeincharge, that's the whole point. They don't want you to be able to defend yourself, or your family, or even your own dogs. I would bet my that the breeder and his fan's are impressed by the amount of gunfire it took to stop the mauler. Among themselves, this is the kind of "pit legend" they love to share, and boast about. It makes them feel proud and powerful. These are people with little actual power, so they borrow it from their beasts, and relish the terror on others faces.
    There are fewer penalties for the owner if a killer, than for someone that kills one to protect themselves! Since they have zero accountability you can see why they ramp up the fear factor. What's anyone gonna do, give them a ticket for no leash? The laws are BS, and they know it.
    It's an arms race w maulers.

  16. Colleen I hope that someone is reaching out to Law Enforcement with the information you posted today (4/4).

    Perhaps there is just one sensible person on the investigation who might just understand how dangerous these animals are and when they attack its not an accident.

    Ok I know I am expecting to much but one day I am hoping everyone "gets it" and stops giving these animals and their owners a pass.

  17. No steroids found in second dog at fatal attack, police say
    By Jordan Gribble | Staff Writer
    Published: Friday, April 11, 2014 at 11:19 a.m.
    “Tests for steroids performed on the second dog present during an attack by another pit bull that killed a 4-year-old girl in March came back negative, Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis said Thursday.”

  18. It's now 6/16/14 And the mother and boyfriend are still refusing to talk to police. I really don't understand how that is even an option. A child in your care was murdered by a dog in your home. Neglect, Supervison…something. I live in this part of Louisiana and have seen people who know these people personally comment how the dog had bit her before and the female dog in the apartment at the time was in heat…..will anybody ever be held responsible????

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