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18 thoughts on “No-Kill Eats Their Own: When the 'Badge of Honor' to Keep Serial Biters Alive Causes Rescuers to Devour Their Own

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  1. Thank you, Colleen, for detailing in this exhaustive work, that evil does evil not only to good, but also to evil.

  2. Such an interesting way of looking at a dog’s bite history: comparing the tiny number of bad days to all of the good days. What she is showing is that he is good 99.11% of the time! What a good dog indeed! He should have a chance!

    • This is exactly what I dealt with yesterday when a pit bull charged into my yard from the street covering at least 50 feet to start growling and lunging at me. I was luckily behind a gate which I had been just about to walk out of and grab a bag of dirt. But I was so scared that if I turned or even moved it was going to come over it, I called emergency services. They sent out Animal Control. The dog after about 3 to 4 minutes and coming back a second time had finally gone far enough away that I felt safe to get back into my house through my back door. When they arrived dog was still right in front of my yard and contained. When I stated that I believed it could be the dog that attacked my leashed dog about 18 months ago, at first they denied ever being contacted despite the fact I believe it was the same woman in my home observing my dog bleeding from the head and also came out a second time a month later Just a few months ago we also called on another pit. When I showed an email I sent as a follow up, well then tune changed to,, Then the reply was because there hasn’t been a call in over a year about that dog, so all is peaches and cream and we treat this as a new incident and nothing about prior history matters. The fact that it did not one but two documented unprovoked attacks, one resulting in injury has no relevance to the fact that it came charging at me and if had happened about 10 seconds later, good chance that since I would of been bent over I would most likely have been mauled with one around to come help. This is what we face with the pit lovers in control of our safety.

      • Victoria, I hear you. I’m a gardener who always felt safe being outside my fence. Then, a man with two small children (one in a stroller) started walking through my neighborhood with his large, muscular, male pit. Of course, the dog was always in front with it’s dominate swagger. I’ve read several accounts of women on their hands and knees (vulnerable) in their own gardens being mauled by these monsters. There was one woman who lost both her arms. We live in strange times as we’re held hostage in our own backyards.

      • Yes, it has been over a year so therefore, this is a good dog and we will not hold that against this because it is out of the probation period. These dogs are treated like human offenders and human law and reasoning gets used on them.

  3. This is the direct result of these agencies being staffed with animal rights lunies and public safety, which should be FIRST PRIORITY, being put last.

    It’s a DOG, and a vicious one at that. There should be no place in HUMAN society for a vicious dog. There is no shortage or dogs, the loss of the worst of them is no real issue. Communities being terrorized and people losing life and limb and not being put back together IS an issue.

  4. Wow, Ted Bundy didn’t kill more than 2 days out of 365. Let’s let HIM loose. /s

    Are they kidding?

    This is a war on the poor. This is the murder of the most vulnerable in society–the financially disadvantaged, the physical and mentally disabled, seniors.

    Inevitably, it tends to be people with less money to spend on dogs, that wind up with these maulers. Dog prices have skyrocketed and while it’s easy to say, “Go to a breeder”–the cost right now is as high as the downpayment on a car. Let that sink in. The average price is 2-5k.

    Yet, the very people who *should* be looking out for the needs of their less affluent customers are the very ones selling them unmanageable dogs that they are in no position to fix, even when they’re fixable.

    While the middle and upper classes’ charity and tax dollars, funnel money into these “rescues”.

    • @Boni – HA! I ALWAYS think of Bundy when they start with the “he’s only mauled ONE kid” kind of argument.

      But let’s de-humanize this. How many atomic bombs were created in the Cold War vs. how many times did they kill people? Nuclear weapons only killed people on TWO DAYS of their entire existence. They are so safe! We should all have a few in our garage. The neighbors shouldn’t be worried!

      But dogs, especially Pit Bulls, have invaded societies collective brains as something that should have all the rights as humans, but with none of the responsibilities or consequences. A pit should have ever right to go anywhere it wants, but if it tears the arms off of an old lady, let it go back home. It was provoked (because it’s too stupid to know that old ladies aren’t out to harm it) and not responsible for its reaction. If a human tore the arms off of an old lady, they’d get sued for every penny they had, and thrown in jail or sent to a mental institution for longer than the average life of a dog.

      It’s insane and as an IT person I’m going to attribute it to “Social Media Madness (TM)” where batshitcrazy ideas are reinforced by other batshitcrazy people until whole portions of the population lose their grip on reality. /rant

      • You’re right about the internet crazy inflating small groups into huge prominence–while sometimes, huge groups are made to seem as if they’re the fringe minority. The internet often amplifies messages and the ones it amplifies aren’t necessarily in the best interests, or even the will of the average people.

        I too am astonished at this idea that somehow, mauling pitbulls are the fault of the owner while simultaneously, the owners are not responsible for the devastation created by their dogs.

        Either the owners *are* to blame for the pitbull problem or the pitbulls as a breed are to blame for the pitbull problem or a combination thereof–any of which leads to the same conclusion.

        Pitbull owners statistically cannot be trusted to control their pitbulls for whatever reason so the pitbulls need to be removed. The kindest way to do that is to euthanize the ones that create havoc, control the rest through BSL, make them illegal to buy or sell and within 20 years they should be near extinction.

        Otherwise we are sanctioning the preventable murders of humans with no accountability on anyone’s part.

        It’s like making drunk driving, legal again.

        • Yep. It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owner’s fault, but the owner can’t be held responsible because the dog did it!

          One of the problems is that dog’s status has change dramatically over the years and the laws haven’t kept up. Way back in the ’80’s when I first started looking at dog laws in my state, there was still one from the 1800’s that said “Any dog seen by the sheriff without a license after June 1st of the year, must be shot (by the sheriff)”.

          The intention of that was to get people to license their dogs. Imagine that in the days of “Dogs are people too”; only they’re not because they’re never responsible for their actions.

          We need BSL, but we also need laws that clearly state owners are responsible for the damages caused by their dogs up to and including prison sentences for death or dismemberment.

  5. So this is fun. I’m posting this here because she reminds me of the OP in featured in this piece.This post showed up on my After doing some research, the OP has two pit bulls. Two pits she struggles to control while walking at the same time. Thankfully, several people handed it to her for her craziness of confronting an elderly woman:

    This is why I prefer animals. ..
    Today I had someone that lives in the area just stand there and watch instead of offering assistance to me as I struggled.
    I have been taking my dogs on jogs together with no real problems until today.
    I dropped my wallet/phone and as I stopped to pick it up a dog behind a chain link fence ran our direction. Just as I got my stuff my dogs noticed other dog and jerked the leashes. I got scratched up pretty good and dropped my stuff I had just gathered. I was noticeably struggling to get my stuff off the asphalt while controlling the dogs.

    I finally make it to other side of street still dropping my credit cards multiple times before I was able to gather everything. I then noticed a woman just standing there staring at me not even asking if I need help or if I’m ok. I really could have used a hand to just gather my stuff and put it back in the wallet.
    I later went back and knocked on the door and got the son.
    His excuses for her were,
    You can’t trust people… it was obvious I needed help

    Shes older… ok probably the same age as my mom. My mom who is short like me, weighs probably 90lbs would not have hesitated to help. I’m also no spring chicken. And at 44 will be feeling today’s fall in my bones and muscles for days. I have road rash, a bruise where my now broken watch was.
    Luckily I am due for a new phone in November.
    Help your fellow humans, especially your neighbors.
    I am not really surprised by all this. I am just tired of it.
    This was a rarity in states I lived in the past. Here though, everyone only seems to care about themselves.

    • Okay, let’s see if I understand this. Someone is walking TWO pit bulls and can’t control them. And she’s dropping things.

      Hey, if I saw somebody walking down MY street, struggling to control two pit bulls, I think I’d be staying inside my house. Where it’s safe.

      I have better things to do than try to help someone sort things out while she’s walking pit bulls she can’t control.

      • Later in the comments, she makes herself a martyr -she does pitbull rescue working with the worst and of course magically fixing all their problems. You know where her two came from.

    • Okay so lemme see what my take is.

      Two pitbulls yarking her around on harnesses that won’t sit and stay for a minute-and-a-half while she picks up the sh*t she dropped–because she’s too lazy, ignorant or stupid to control them.

      And she wants some old lady to either pick it up or hold back her pair of maulers she doesn’t know while they’re attempting to attack another other dog through a fence.

      Yup. Rocket surgery, right there, folks.

      I’m all for helping folks with dogs but you know what usually happens? They either ignore what you’re telling them or they give you every excuse why their dog won’t do it–even though in the entire history of dogs, there’s almost none who couldn’t do a simple sit/stay or heel.

  6. You’re right. Austin Animal Control is the first line of choice… euthanize it or pass it on. Austin Pets Alive is the second line of choice which takes dogs from AAC; but they refused this particular dog. PINKS is third in line, or the place of last resort.. and you hit the nail on the head… PINKS is bitchin’ that AAC and APA wouldn’t keep the dog and now PINKS must take it (or the dog will be euthanized). Is she bitchin’ about being in third place? No. She is bitchin’ about being the recipient of a dog she doesn’t want, but must take it or else she risks losing face and looking like a hypocrite! Now PINKS must take on the responsibility, liability and cost of yet another damn worthless and dangerous pit bull that she will never be able to get rid of. And since psychopathic people like her cannot correctly target the source of their problems, and must always save face, PINKS must attack something else… in this case AAC and APA. Snake eating its own tail… pit bull puppies mauling their littermates… PINKS biting the hands that feed it inventory… same shit. And just like a pit bull.

  7. Unbelievable. Here is my neighborhood in L.A., a couple had their dogs attacked – one was killed – by a pair of loose pit bulls. Nextdoor was full of “blame the owners” and “dog racism” and “my sweet pit bull has been chased by chihuahuas” and so on. Only a few of us are holding our own with this, and it takes courage. I’ve been called “ignorant” “cruel”, etc. What will it take? In some cases, the post stating that it WAS a pit bull – and it nearly always is – is removed from Nextdoor site. You would only know that by reading the comments from pro-pit bull people, who read about it before it was removed. A man a few miles from here was killed a few years ago by two pit bulls that jumped the fence. Only a matter of time before it happens in my neighborhood.

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