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15 thoughts on “Elderly Man Shares Account and Aftermath of Having His Lip Ripped off in a Vicious Pit Bull Attack on April 15th, 2018 in the ‘Little City’ neighborhood in Bangor, Maine

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  1. Thank goodness Otto survived the attack . sheesh people can even walked outside without getting killed or seriously the dangerous pitbull I wonder what the pro pitbull going to said oh it the owner fault for not training his dog or it the old man fault he was in the dog way.

  2. Thank you for the detail from your scientific mind, Otto. We are very fortunate you have been willing to share the trauma of these last 5 years with us.

    Not only are the rabies shots expensive, they are also very painful. It is outrageous what you were put through when Animal Control should have had the rabies data immediately. The lack of enough meds for you is truly shocking.

    I am praying for your comfort and healing. Also for winning a lawsuit on the destabilizing effects on your life of an uncontrolled dog. May the peace of God be with you, Otto. We care for you and will remember your story.

  3. At the root of this man’s story is a societal problem and that is the out-of-control worship of dogs.

    Until dogs are put back in their proper place — they’re not furry humans, they’re animals — the attacks will continue.

    • I think it’s a combination of dog worship and a lack of social responsibility. For many (most?) people, owning dogs is a completely selfish act that only creates problems for the community (the fouling of public sidewalks and waters at the very least). “I, me, my” seems to be the accepted mindset today.

      Meanwhile when a dog harms someone, its owner faces little to no consequences (even so-called “strict liability” has loopholes), the burden of suffering is carried by the victim, and animal shelters and breeders never stop shoveling more and more potentially dangerous dogs out into neighborhoods.

      • My friends and I are 100% responsible for our dogs and cats. None of us has a pitbull. If you look at what breeds are being promoted today, you will find the pitbull and the bully breeds outnumber all the other breeds. Many pitbull owners let their dogs roam. Have you heard of euthanasia by car? It is real. One fellow I know who is producing as many children (10+) as he can turned his Jack Russell Terrier loose on US 31 for a euthanasia by car. It was quite effective and free. Then he can explain how the dog just got out and was killed.

        Pitbull owners often care little about their dogs. After all, when they get tired of a pitbull, they can dump it on the streets or in the shelters. Often the owners cannot be located. If the dogs seriously hurt someone, the owners are missing. One can sue, but the owners have no money.

        Pitbull owners largely have no money and get no penalties for their vicious monsters running loose. They make puppies with little concern about what happens to them. If the pitbull and bully breeders were shut down, the situation would improve quickly. By breeder, I mean everyone who produces any pitbull or bully puppies.

        The term pet parents is widely used today. Why not say pet owners? I saw the other day there is now a dry dog food available that is insect based. The first ingredient listed on the bag is an insect. Will pet parents buy buggy dog food for their furry family?

    • True, but it’s still mostly a PIT BULL problem, a pit owner problem, and a lack of law and enforcement problem. Most dogs aren’t rampaging through neighborhoods mauling and killing like it’s the Serengeti. Pits should not be pets, and serious dog attack were RARE until they were rebranded as pets.

  4. Heya Otto, with the layers of trauma in your story, I’m not surprised that you’re struggling. I wish things weren’t so difficult for you.

    There’s the horrifying mauling, the medical abuses and neglect, your world collapsing as a result.

    I want to thank you for sharing your story in such a well-written article.

    It shows that this is not just about a simple nip when pitbulls are involved. It’s a devastating event in people’s lives that often comes out of nowhere causing destruction in the lives of people that are mauled, and those around them.

    Then there’s the medical after-care, lack of medical awareness and inflated costs of care, treatment and medications. Add in the horrifically backwards state of mental health care. All of these stages of citizen’s neglect require improvement.

    All of these injuries pile onto the trauma of an attack that while not always preventable could be cut down to very low numbers by banning one specific, invasive predator created by irresponsible people that often targets the disabled, the elderly and children.

    Pitbull rights are NOT human rights.

  5. All those who understand the frustration of lax Animal Control Services will want to see the comments of Eva from Germany in the link called “Teenage Victim.” Eva rarely sees a pitbull due to strict regulation and taxation. If even one or several American states would commit to this model, it might encourage other states to eventually do so. And include a DNA sample as MM recently suggested. Imagine a remaining pitbull regulated by a law that the mutt must be walked only by its o)wner.

  6. Otto, I am so sorry you’ve had to endure this endless nightmare. This site does an amazing job primarily focusing on fatalities. Colleen has plenty to report; deaths are on the rise here, in India, the UK and the highest, South Africa. Maulings, disfigurement, and other life altering injuries are seldom reported in the news. People lose limbs at the jaws of pitbulls. The one national story reported by David Begnaud (ABC news) that got people’s attention was the young woman who had her face and body destroyed by two dogs she was going to dogsit. They described one of the maulers as a “mixed breed.” This is now code for pitbull or pit mix. Animals 24/7 did an in depth article on this distortion. In the UK pitbulls are labeled Staffordshire Bull Terriers to get around the dangerous dog bans. A dog walker was recently killed by one of these in her pack. (She had to be identified by dental records.) This is the insanity we now live in. I’m thankful you made it out of the attack alive. Thank you for sharing your story. Godspeed.

  7. There’s your typical moron pitbull owner in a nutshell.
    Can’t be bothered to leash or control their animal and
    “He’s never done that before”.
    This is why pits should not be pets any more than lions and bears.

  8. After reading your story Otto I’m having a difficult time not feeling just furious rage toward that insensitive dog owner. I just can’t reconcile such lack of remorse. I hope you find improved health, and ample peace & happiness for the rest of your days. I can only pray that these erratic monster dogs will get phased out of society.

  9. Dear Otto. I’ll pray for you. I could have written the account you gave, from personal experience. No warning, just that lunge. He ripped out the middle of my upper lip up to my nostrils and tore through one nostril into my sinuses. My mind thought my nose was gone. I finally found a painting on a mirror so I could see the real damage and I yelled at th owner that he’d torn my lip out – go outside and get it so they can reattach it!!! He’d eaten it. I had 4 operations on my face and I resemble someone born with a bilateral cleft lip. I was blessed to have a good surgeon. Life has never been the same. I was a pretty young woman of 34 years old. Now I’m an old lady of 64 and the scars blend more with the wrinkles… I couldn’t grow a beard like you! So sorry you and so many others go through this every day too, it’s so wrong that so many vicious dogs are allowed to strike. I tried to find you on facebook but couldn’t. Thanks for sharing your account, people need to connect with the problem and that’s one way.

  10. You have told the right people Mr Otto Snow. We actually have sympathy for you around here. It’s a shame that most people will either blame you, the dogs lack of training (you have to train a pitbull not to attack a strangers face?) or some other nonsense that may be the case with other breeds but not a pitbull.

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