2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Young Boy Mauled, Killed by Dog in Rural Monroe Center, Ogle County Illinois

A 4-year old boy was fatally injured by a dog in rural Monroe Center, Illinois. Child Killed by Dog Ogle County, IL - A 4-year old boy is dead after being mauled by a dog, according to the Ogle County Sheriff's Office. The attack occurred on February 29, 2024. At approximately 4:40 pm, the Ogle County 911 Dispatch Center received a 911 call about a child mauled by a dog in rural Monroe Center, which is located 16 miles away from Rockford, and that CPR was in progress. The child was tran… [Read full blog post]

Chilling Video Captures Pit Bull Attacking Man and His Cavapoo in Bensenville, Illinois; Victim Shares Account of the Attack

David and his cavapoo "Kali" were viciously attacked by a loose pit bull in Bensenville, Illinois. Bensenville, IL - Just after the New Year, David, who is heard on this video trying to save the life of his dog, sent in his account of the attack that occurred on September 29, 2022. The video is chilling because of what you can hear but cannot fully see as he attempts to "extricate Kali (and later, myself) from the jaws of the pit bull." Kali suffered severe and crushing injuries in th… [Read full blog post]

Man's Death in Springfield Continues to be Under Investigation by the Sangamon County Coroner's Office

Jonathan Mendenhall, 34, died after a dog biting incident in Springfield, Illinois. UPDATE 04/02/24: In late March, our nonprofit filed a FOIA with the Sangamon County Coroner's Office regarding the cause of death of Medenhall. On April 2, Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon stated, "The manner of death was 'accidental'. The dog bites did not contribute to the death." 11/12/23: Man Found Unresponsive Springfield, IL - On November 6, the Sangamon County Coroner's Office… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Dies After Breaking Up Dogfight in Kewanee; Did not Seek Treatment After Severe Bite Injuries

Juan Ruiz, 66, died after breaking up a dog fight at his home in Kewanee, Illinois. Victim, Dog Breed Identified UPDATE 05/02/22: One week after a man died after breaking up a dog fight, the victim has been identified, as has the breed of dog involved. Kewanee Police Chief Nicholas Welgat confirmed Henry County Coroner's office information that the victim was Juan Ruiz, 66 of 819 North Vine Street. The breed of the attacking dog was a pit bull. County Coroner Melissa Watkins sai… [Read full blog post]