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10 thoughts on “Dog Bites Increase 35% in Austin After the Adoption of 'No-Kill' Policy

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  1. No Kill without mandatory spay and neuter of all pet dogs and cats is simply insanity. What does it say about Austin as a community? They are managing to get more people bitten all the while warehousing ie abusing the animals. Great values! And fantastic collective IQ at work there!

  2. The lack of mandatory spay and neuter points at who's really behind No Kill. It's the dog breeders. Can't have any limits on their ability to make money, now can we?

  3. Exactly My Quiet Neighbor! Nathan Winograd's No Kill Advocacy website speaks to this specifically. No Kill is in complete opposition to: 1.) Mandatory spay neuter laws 2.) Pet limit laws and 3.) Pet registration/licensing (fee-based) laws…

    Winograd must take his followers as they come (in whatever form). No one debates the obscene number of unwanted pit bulls filling up open admission shelters as well as the number of pit bulls on doggie death row destined to be "killed" after 1-3 serious maulings. Thus, radical "Winogradism" and loyal pit bull lovers and BREEDERS have a natural symbiotic relationship as a result.

  4. I submit that "No Kill" creates a perverse incentive for the irresponsible to over-breed their dogs and cats. They figure: "Hey, I can overbreed my dogs and cats, dump them in the pound where they'll get free room and board for life at taxpayers expense!". Likewise, there would be a lot less guilt dropping off that "Christmas" puppy the kids really didn't want. Its a Win-Win! (NOT)

  5. Looks like the city did not buy off on the $1 million increase.

    220,000 bucks, which is what the proposed budget is recommending: $162,000 to fund the operation of the former Town Lake Animal Center as an overflow facility, and $58,000 to convert one half-time veterinarian to full-time. So instead of 18 new employees, Smith is looking at getting one half of one.

  6. The other aspect of No Kill is the insidious, parasitic nature of the movement…

    The use the taxpayer built animal Control infrastructure as a host while creating the humane and public safety disaster.

    Then the taxpayer picks up the tab for the increased maulings. In some inner cities up to 50 percent of children will be covered by state funded MEDICAID.


  7. If you missed this August 15th article by the Houston Press, do read. It is a detailed investigation into "warehouser" Leah Purcell, No-Kill and Purcell's dog breeding attorney:

    Corrente says Purcell never condoned his killing of dogs. She loved them all, even the aggressive ones. Even the one he says lived in a cage for 13 years. Corrente would just as soon have put the poor bastard down. Not Purcell.

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