Teenage Victim Shares Chilling Account of a Family Pit Bull Mauling; She Suffered Devastating Injuries

devastating injuries - pit bul attack
In late June, a teenage girl sustained life-altering injuries from a family pit bull.

DogsBite.org - In late August, we were contacted by Nicole Baker (a pseudonym), 16-years old, who was attacked by a family pit bull and sustained devastating injuries. The dog latched onto her leg and tore out a large chunk of tissue, tendons and muscles, leaving a large, gaping hole in her leg. The attack occurred on June 26 at 10:26 am. At that time, her step-father Zach was home, along with her mother, who was upstairs, her two younger brothers and her grandfather.

The attack occurred days before her sweet sixteen birthday, Nicole said. The family pit bull had been living in the household for over a year. She said her family acquired the dog when it was 11 weeks old from a UKC breeder in Virginia, specifically Sudden Impact Kennel, which breeds American pit bull terriers and American bullies. Nicole has shared her chilling account of the brutal attack in her own words with us, along with photographs of the catastrophic injury to her lower leg.

hi my names nicole i’m 16 years old and i was attacked june 26th right before my sweet 16 i’m trying to get my story out…

june 26th i was attacked. there was a small propane torch leaking in my room, i was freaking out because me and my mom have always been afraid of that stuff, running out of my room, the nauseating smell of propane slapping me in the face, then i open the gate at the end of the stairs and heard the growl, the growl i knew wasn’t a playful growl, the look in his eyes that i’ve never seen before, as i quickly turned so he wouldn’t get my face or throat, i tried to get back up the stairs before he actually locked onto me but i couldn’t, he got my leg, the dog that’s been in the same house with me for more than a year just hanging off my leg, ripping, tearing parts of my leg that i didn’t even know could hurt, feeling his teeth graze my bone, watching zach sweating and stressing trying to get what we thought to be one of our protectors completely attack me, no one could have predicted this, it was extremely terrifying, so so painful in the moment but it’s still no one’s fault. sitting there on those stairs screaming “i’m fucked” over and over again, thinking in my head there goes my plans of getting my permit on my birthday, as i’m watching my blood cover the floor, walls, and doors, going through towel after towel soaked in my blood, muscle, tendons, etc., all i could think about is how did this just happen? why did this just happen? did i do something wrong? why me? but the other part of me was so thankful it didn’t happen to one of my little brothers. let’s say the ambulance just arrives, i’m still frantic, they’re all trying to calm me down but i can’t calm down i just can’t, they undo the belt zach put on to act as a tourniquet, then they did the actual tourniquet i remember the exact pinch i felt, that was the only feeling i had left at that point my leg was numb, i was in shock, but i felt that little pinch from the tourniquet. they couldn’t fit a stretcher at the place i was in the house, i knew i couldn’t walk my leg had a chunk gone out of it, i was scared so scared, i was scared to go in the transport chair, i was scared to bend my leg, i was scared of it all. finally i’m in the ambulance but wait why haven’t we left to the hospital yet? another 10 minutes and we’re still waiting the blood isn’t even under control, another 20 minutes 2 more ambulances show up i’m thinking what the hell is going on, i need to be seen, i need my leg fixed, why are we still waiting in my driveway? a paramedic comes in the ambulance i was in, still hyperventilating scared didn’t know what was gonna happen or what was going on, the paramedic puts two ivs in my arm, i bleed from one of them, just seeing more of my blood come out even just from a small iv made me want to lose it, i thought come on i’ve already lost enough haven’t i? ivs are done, they hook me up to fluids in one and then they were getting pain medicine ready, two doses of fentanyl they gave me, that made me even more nervous, that’s killed so many people, i looked at zach outside of the ambulance trying to make eye contact enough with him so he could see i was scared to have that medicine, it didn’t do much at all, it didn’t help the pain like they said it would it just made me feel shitty, so they gave me morphine next via iv that barely touched the pain, at this point we’re almost to glens falls hospital, i was scared to go there i didn’t think they’d be able to work on it, so we get to glens falls hospital, i get in a room, does vitals and everything, then comes in the doctor with a few nurses. when i tell you he picked up one piece of gauze didn’t even see the entire wound he set that piece of gauze down so quick and stepped back, looked at me and said you’re gonna have to go to albany, my heart dropped even though i was already expecting it, i didn’t really wanna hear it, i knew i was gonna need immediate surgery, i was so so scared, i had never had surgery, never put under or nothing, i was terrified, so the ambulance shows up to bring me to albany, that was just a shitty ride i was still in pain, nauseous, it felt like that driver just hit every pot hole they saw, definitely didn’t make the journey any better, finally at albany, i don’t remember much from the beginning honestly at albany, but i remember right before going into surgery, i was terrified, i had zach take my piercings out because i had to, i was so scared to not be with my mom and zach they had been by my side the entire time, all my piercings were out, i start to break down because it was getting closer and closer to go into surgery, they finally wheel me away from mamma, i was so scared the only thing i remember is being wheeled into the operating room then i just felt the tears getting heavier, i have no memory of anything after that, hours later i wake up all curled up in a ball with a blanket in a dark room by myself instant tears again, i didn’t know what was going on, i knew but i didn’t, i didn’t know where everyone was, i felt alone for the first time through this entire thing. to me what felt like a hour was probably only like 15 minutes i finally get wheeled out on the stretcher to see everyone, i was so scared and happy and just so full of all emotions, i was so happy to see everyone, my mamma my zachypoo, my sissy and, sethypoo were all waiting for me, all i cared about was how surgery went, within those hours after surgery i had talked to so many different doctors, groups of surgeons, and nurses i couldn’t tell any of them apart. after stuff finally calmed down i was attached to a stupid tube wound vac, in a room with my mamma, zach, sierra, and seth and everything just hits, my brain is going crazy thinking how did this happen, thinking how are we gonna afford all of this, psh the ambulance bill alone is over 2 thousand, what about the multiple surgeries i have to go through, not even that what about gas money for my mom and zach to get back and forth to see my brothers, how’s zach gonna get back and forth to work? but i can’t let them know i’m worrying about that stuff. time goes on the nights almost over everything’s becoming more and more real, the feeling in my stomach won’t go away, i can’t get the thought of it all out of my head. why me i keep wondering, how did this happen? it was like i didn’t know it was happening but at the same time it was all so real. - Nicole, August 24, 2022

When Nicole sits on the stairs screaming, "I’m fucked" over and over again, "thinking in my head there goes my plans of getting my permit on my birthday," you can see how the brain misfires when the body undergoes acute trauma. The brain cannot compute the severe damage while it shuts down vital functions to enter into survival mode. Also as she sits, "I'm watching my blood cover the floor, walls, and doors, going through towel after towel soaked in my blood," she said.

Nicole was in traumatic shock, heavily bleeding, most of her leg was numb, but she remembers "the exact pinch I felt," when emergency responders applied the tourniquet. "They undo the belt Zach put on to act as a tourniquet, then they did the actual tourniquet," she wrote. "I remember the exact pinch I felt, that was the only feeling I had left at that point my leg was numb." Amazingly, a team of doctors were able to save her lower leg. Amputations could be more common.

We have seen what Nicole describes next after many severe and fatal pit bull attacks. The first hospital is not equipped to treat the injury. The patient must be transferred to a Level 1 trauma center, in this case, located in Albany. "Then comes in the doctor with a few nurses. When I tell you he picked up one piece of gauze, didn’t even see the entire wound, he set that piece of gauze down so quick and stepped back, looked at me and said you’re gonna have to go to Albany."

This was a "mauling injury," not a "dog bite," which requires treatment at a trauma center. This doctor did not even see the entire wound.

Current Condition

Nicole said that she is currently starting physical therapy and that her wounds are almost closed. She still can't put much weight on that leg. She said that "some days are harder, some are easier" and that "each day's different." She added that she has made good progress. "I’ve come really far since the beginning," she wrote. Most of the time she has to keep her leg elevated, so her daily activities are limited. She said that doctors told her she will have to learn to walk again.

The attack was only two months ago. It's too soon for doctors to know how the next couple of years will go. However, doctors believe the pain will increase as her leg heals because of the inner damage to the muscles and tendons. Looking at her photographs, one can only imagine how intense that pain will be. Nicole said she also sustained severe nerve damage in her lower leg and her big toe is paralyzed. Nicole has suffered all of these physical horrors by the age of sixteen.

"Chunks" of Flesh

We recently wrote about the Tya Lucas attack. Her dominant arm was "more or less eaten off" by a family pit bull in May. She shares short videos of her recovery on her TikTok page. We wrote then, that a "family dog," an XL pit bull in her case, "ate her arm," consuming chunks of flesh. The pit bull in Nicole's home, "latched onto her leg and tore out a large chunk of tissue, tendons … leaving a large hole in her leg." She even felt the dog's teeth graze her lower leg bones.

We didn't ask Nicole what the scene looked like after the attack. But she did describe the scene while sitting on the staircase, saying that blood covered the "floor, walls and doors." We imagine the scene was as gruesome as the Lucas attack. Any citizen or law enforcement officer who did not know the scene was the aftermath of a "family dog attack," would assume that a violent crime or murder had taken place. Both acts, however, were perpetrated by a family pit bull.

Any dog breed that is known to suddenly attack a person unprovoked, as pit bulls historically are, -- by tearing off "chunks of flesh" muscle and tendons, and in the process "consuming" parts of it -- do not belong in any household. Nicole said that "no one could have predicted this." The dog had been living at her home for over a year. Lucas said that as her family pit bull ravaged and ate her arm, she screamed at the dog, "Hercules It's me!" But there was no recognition by the dog at all.

Over the 16-year period of 2005 through 2020, pit bulls killed 380 people. Just over half, 53%, of these victims were family or household members.

Sudden Impact Kennel

Sudden Impact Kennel appears to produce pit bulls with "sudden impact," of which pit bulls were already selectively bred for. There are two words involved, "sudden," as in a sudden unprovoked attack with little to no stimuli beforehand (Nicole had opened up the gate at the base of the stairs). The second word is "impact," as in a completely disproportionate response -- a severe mauling -- to minor stimuli. What better states "impact" than Nicole's injuries -- a catastrophic hole in her leg?

"Sudden impact" does not mean "sudden impact to intruders only." It could potentially involve anyone around the dog, including its owner and family members. Nicole states, "watching Zach sweating and stressing trying to get what we thought to be one of our protectors completely attack me." The alleged "protector" that suddenly turned into the family attacker, because the dog makes little to no distinction among its victims, a quality of being bred for explosive aggression.


Nicole's account of her attack is terrifying. From the brutal attack to her blood covering the floor and walls, to the two tourniquets being applied. From the ambulance lingering in the driveway for 30 minutes, to the two doses of fentanyl that made her feel "even more nervous." From the doctor who said, "send her to Albany," to the emergency surgery she was terrified of undergoing, and finally, to her trying to understand what "was happening but at the same time it was all so real."

Nicole has a long road ahead of her. The injuries she sustained are devastating. She is only 16-years old, yet will face a lifetime of permanent disfigurement. It is unknown how much function and feeling will return to her lower leg. We do know one thing. We have seen severe injuries like hers before, and after many surgery procedures, they heal remarkably. Medical advances move quickly too. There could be options available to her three years from now that aren't available today.

Visit her GoFundMe to help cover medications and medical supplies that she needs.

devastating injuries - pit bul attack

The male family pit bull, "Southy," that inflicted the attack. Southy was from a Colby bloodline and UKC registered. The photo on the right is when the dog is being seized after the attack.

devastating injuries - pit bul attack

The family acquired the male pit bull over a year earlier from this breeder in Virginia.

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Victim of Domestic Pit Bull Attack Reemerges After TikTok Suspends Account Over Graphic Content

Why Did My Dog Try to Eat Me Unprovoked?

Tya Lucas - Domestic pit bull attack
Tya Lucas, 40-years old, suffered life-threatening injuries in a domestic pit bull attack.

Watch Recent Video
Lewisville, TX - On May 16, Tya Lucas, 40-years old, was viciously attacked by her daughter's large pit bull. The dog destroyed her dominant arm. Medical professionals told her she was lucky to be alive. While hospitalized, Lucas began sharing her story on TikTok. That proved to be too controversial (no surprise). In short order, TikTok silenced her voice. Lucas is now back online, hoping to share how she is recovering. We will take readers through several of her key videos.

Released from Hospital

The dog first attacked her boyfriend. Lucas ran outside to see if her daughter and her son-in-law were there -- they were not. So, she knew she had to help him by herself. "The dog was attached to the back of his neck," she said. He had to get about 18 staples. She put him into the bathroom for his safety. Then the XL pit bull started attacking her. Despite her screaming that she was dying, her boyfriend did not or could not try to help her. He's "not my boyfriend any longer," she said.

There was a history of interpersonal violence in the home. The dog had gotten between Lucas and her boyfriend fighting in the past. This time, however, the dog attacked the boyfriend then attacked Lucas, essentially eating one of her arms. An earlier video also describes the attack. "I was getting thrown all over the house. Watched the skin literally peel off my arm," Lucas said. When police arrived, the swat team was upstairs, "my dog was basically sitting in my bedroom eating my flesh."

Now we learn about the bloody bathroom door. During the attack, Lucas had been banging on the bathroom door, where her boyfriend was protected. She could not get inside the room. He did not open the door for her, or come outside to help. "It's kinda messed up," she said nearly in tears. Fortunately, her daughter's husband arrived and began "beating the dog off me, saving me, taking me outside. Last thing I said was, 'I love you,' and passed out from blood loss," she said.

"I saved somebody's life who never came out of the bathroom to help me," she said. "Also has barely been to the hospital to see me."

Elevated to National News

In June, a local publication, the Denton Record-Chronicle, reported her attack. Eight months earlier, Lucas' daughter, Tana Dollar, 20, her husband, Harley Dollar, 21, and their pit bull named Hercules, had moved into the apartment Lucas shared with her then boyfriend. The young couple had found the dog on the side of the road two years earlier covered in cigarette burns. "He was always happy-go-lucky," Harley Dollar said. "He never showed any signs of aggression."

She remembers yelling, “Hercules, it’s me!” but he still had his teeth sunk into her arm, thrashing his head and shredding her skin and muscles.

Panicking and trying to get away, she left blood splatter everywhere she went. She tried desperately to get into the bathroom where her boyfriend had fled. But she said the door wouldn’t budge, even though there was no lock, as if her boyfriend was braced against it.

Tana and Harley Dollar arrived home to find the carpets, walls and bathroom door all painted red with blood. They could make out a forensic trail of Lucas’ and the dog’s movements. - Denton Record-Chronicle, June 9, 2022

We learned of this attack in June while reading the Record-Chronicle piece, which linked to a study co-authored by Laura A. Reese, a pit bull advocate, who failed to disclose her conflicts of interest, "The authors have no conflict of interest in this project," states the study. Reese co-authored a policy paper in 2016, Pit Bulls, Perceptions, And Public Policy, loaded with pit bull propaganda, and wrote an editorial decrying breed bans after pit bulls killed a boy in Detroit.1

Days after the attack, a GoFundMe to help pay Lucas' medical costs was launched, labeling the animal an "XL dog." The photographs of Lucas' injuries on the GoFundMe are gruesome. By mid-June, her medical bills were roughly $180,000 after spending 19 days in the hospital. She also made a TikTok video. That was when her account got suspended due to graphic content. Despite news articles about her attack going national in July, Lucas' fund has yet to raise over $6,000.

Fortunately, Lucas also created a back-up TikTok account. On July 20, she shared about her recovery, including that some muscles in her arm "are firing," as in they are learning how to function again. But her hand still lacks functional use. Lucas stopped creating video updates for awhile because she started having suicidal thoughts. Then something happened. "Things started to get better," she said. "Maybe I could become an advocate for dog attacks?" She said.

"This is a really controversial issue," Lucas said. "There will be people that blame me for this. That is why I get death threats. Or, I'm ignorant and stupid because I had a pit bull. Well, it wasn't my dog. It was my daughter's. And the only way she was going to move in is if I let her bring that dog. So, if I want my kid, I've got to take her dog too." - Tya Lucas

In mid-August, Lucas provided another update (she explained that it took a few months to get her TikTok account back). One can see improvements in her dominant arm, though, her wrist still dangles. She is undergoing physical therapy twice weekly, and also went back to work as a server. How are you going to work with one arm, the staff asked her? She said, "Wait a minute. I have two arms. One just doesn't work the same as the other." Lucas said her job is working out just fine.

Her daughter and son-in-law have since returned to Tennessee. Her mother, who lives in Florida, is now staying with Lucas. "There are still certain things I can't do," she said. "Like sometimes I get stuck in my shirt. I can't get it over my head," she said. "Or, I can't put my own hair up. Or, I did my make up today," but I am still learning how to use that hand, she said. Now that her account is active again, she hopes to make more videos. Lucas asks that you follow her and like her videos.

XL Bully Designer Breeds

Hercules is yet another hulking "designer" pit bull breed -- known interchangeably as an XL pit bull or XL bully -- that has inflicted a horrific attack. Hercules falls into the same category as "Blade," the XL pit bull-type dog that killed Serenity Garnett in March; "Beast," the XL bully that killed 10-year old Jack Li last November; the 120-pound beast that killed 41-year old Amber LaBelle last September; and "Nikko," the 130-pound monster that killed 4-year old Mia DeRouen back in 2014.

To gain a better idea of how large Hercules was, review the nearly 40 images Tana Dollar, the dog's owner, attached to a Facebook post in May, where she said, "I will never own this dog again in my life. I let everyone face their own opinion, but me and my family do not need you saying that the bite marks do not add up so it’s fake, reporting our pages, name calling, and death threats because none of us knew that we would wake up and our lives would be changed forever."


Herein lies the problem with pit bull injuries. Pit bull-type dogs disproportionately inflict permanent disfiguring injuries, requiring multiple surgical interventions, including reconstructive surgeries and skin grafting. That a "family dog," an XL pit bull in this case, "ate her arm," consuming chunks of flesh, is a behavior that earlier generations of dog owners never would have tolerated. But pet pit bulls "consuming chunks of flesh" from household victims today has become "normalized."

That domestic violence existed in the household prior to the pit bull arriving, is significant as well -- we see this factor in fatal dog maulings at times. When there are perpetrators of violence and/or victims of violence in a household (actively or with a history of), and a pit bull is added to the home, a dog breed selectively bred for fighting, the results can be devastating. Lucas ditched her former boyfriend and Hercules was put down after the attack, hopefully ending this cycle.

Tya Lucas - Domestic pit bull attack

Images showing the bloody bathroom door and where the dog dragged Lucas around.

Tya Lucas - Domestic pit bull attack

Images of "Hercules" posted to the dog owner's Facebook page after the violent attack.

1Animals journal - "All authors must disclose all relationships or interests that could inappropriately influence or bias their work. Examples of potential conflicts of interest include but are not limited to financial interests (such as membership, employment, consultancies, stocks/shares ownership, honoraria, grants or other funding, paid expert testimonies and patent-licensing arrangements) and non-financial interests (such as personal or professional relationships, affiliations, personal beliefs)."

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Dogs Suspected in Man's Death in Channelview, an Unincorporated Area in Harris County

Channelview dog attack
 Police suspect that a man found dead Friday in Channelview was killed by dogs.

Man Found Dead
Channelview, TX - A man found dead near his bicycle early Friday morning is believed to have been killed by dogs. Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) investigators said the body was found at about 1:00 am in the 15700 block of Garlang Street near Sheldon Road in Channelview, an unincorporated area in Harris County. Investigators said the man had multiple dog bite wounds on his body. The man was described as Hispanic and between the ages of 30 and 40-years old.

An autopsy will be conducted by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. There were no witnesses to the attack, police said. Detectives are asking area residents to review their surveillance cameras for evidence of the attack. Dogs are known to roam the area. "This area is known for having lots of dogs. I haven't seen any recent reports, but it is known to have stray dogs in the area," HCSO Homicide Detective Wallace Wyatt said during a press conference Friday.

KHOU spoke to neighbors who said they believe they know where the dogs came from. There have been multiple close calls with pit bulls coming from one house that is close to the attack site. Jerry Davila said the same pit bulls have come over to his restaurant. "They go look for food around our dumpster and we chase ‘em off. Now, they’re getting to where they attacked him. They’ve never attacked anybody. Now they have," said Davila, owner of El Tejano Restaurant.

Back in June, Nicolas Vasquez, 51, died after being attacked by three pit bull-mixes in Huffman, also an unincorporated community in Harris County. In 2020, Veterinary World published a study of risk factors for dog bites in unincorporated Harris County. Channelview and Huffman were in the top ten highest incident rates for dog bites. County-wide, pit bulls had the greatest frequency of bites (25.07%), and the greatest frequency of severe injuries (49.57%), the study found.

Also, "a strong correlation between dog bite incidences and stray dogs was found after controlling for the human population and income," states the study. The "stray dog admissions" map by zip code shows that Channelview was in the highest level of stray admission (the darkest purple). In the study, any dog without an owner ID on its bite case record was considered to be stray. Overall, stray dogs had a significantly fewer percentage of severe injury bites than non-stray dogs.

channelview dog attack harris county

Both Channelview and Huffman were in the top ten highest dog bite incidence rates.

A look at the incidence and risk factors for dog bites in unincorporated Harris County, Texas, USA, Hasoon BC, Shipp AE and Hasoon J, Veterinary World, 2020 Mar; 13(3): 419–425.

channelview dog attack harris county

The man's bike is seen in the background toppled over near the site of the fatal dog attack.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

Mini Horse Needs Your Help After Vicious Dog Attack in Bethune, South Carolina; One Mini Has Already Died

While Preparing this Post, We were Informed that Rebel Died

pit bull attacks mini horses in bethune south carolina
The pregnant mini horse, Chocolate, seen from one side of her stall after the dog attack.

Chocolate Died
UPDATE 08/27/22: We were informed on Saturday, August 27, that Chocolate, who was pregnant, was found dead in the family's pasture at about 5:00 pm. Both of the family's mini horses died due to injuries from the vicious dog attack on August 5. "Chocolate is dead, she was just found dead. Both of our horses are dead just thought I would inform you," Hinson wrote in. Rebel, the male mini, was discovered dead on August 26 after suffering extreme injuries to his genital area.

"Another Painful update, Chocolate, our sweet girl has passed away one day after Rebel. Both of my children’s pets were killed by this vicious pitbull attack any further funds received will be strictly for horse replacement or legal advice fees. Thank you all." - Erica Hinson, GoFundMe, August 27, 2022

pit bull attacks mini horses in bethune south carolina

Chocolate, who survived nearly a month after a vicious dog attack, was found dead August 27.

08/26/22: GoFundMe for the Mini Horses
Bethune, SC - On August 20, Erica Hinson, the organizer of a fund supporting two mini horses attacked by a pit bull along with two other dogs, sent an email into our Press Alerts. The injuries inflicted by the dogs truly are "like something from a horror film." Rebel's mutilation injuries are shown in one photograph. Chocolate, who is pregnant and fighting for her life, suffered multiple deep lacerations to both sides of her neck, torn tendons and gashes to her abdomen and legs.

"On Friday, August 5, 2022, my Father’s miniature horses were viciously attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull along with their two other dogs. The injuries were like something from a horror film. The male stud, who’s name is Rebel, was mutilated in his genital area resulting in an emergency at home vet visit where he tragically lost a testicle. He is torn from where his leg meets his stomach all the way down to his private area, he has flesh tears to the neck, legs and nose as well. The female, named Chocolate, is pregnant & fighting for her life. She has a foot long, two inch deep laceration to her neck with torn tendons on one side of her neck on the other side she has two 6 inch long slashes to the neck along with gashes to the abdomen and legs, she is retaining fluid..." - GoFundMe/Erica Hinson

We asked Hinson several more questions and she responded. The vicious attack occurred in Bethune, a small town of less than 500 people in Kershaw County, South Carolina. Hinson's father is disabled. The primary attacker was a pit bull; two other dogs belonging to the same owner were also involved. The owner was fined $400 for owning a vicious animal, made to pay the emergency veterinary bill of roughly $720 and was ordered to rehome all three of the dogs in 30 days.

Hinson provided a detailed update about the condition of her mini horses. Both continue to suffer gravely from their injuries. Many more veterinary visits are expected. "Daily treatment consists of 15 minute wound wash per wound, followed by antibiotic spray. The vet did no stitching as the wounds are so open and missing meat in several areas," she wrote. "Antibiotics are administered by mouth daily along with pain medication, all these cost fall on my family," Hinson wrote.

On August 26, just before we published this post, Hinson told us, "Rebel was so strong but he was found dead this morning around 8:30 am."

Hinson's family also has to face the cold, hard reality of a civil case, which often requires waiting until all of the injuries have stabilized or healed before filing a lawsuit, "so that we could have an accurate number to present to the court system." In the meanwhile, her father and family have to pay all of the veterinary medical costs. "I don’t understand how so much of this is falling on my father while the dog owner is given a petty fine and only one emergency vet bill," Hinson wrote.

There were no media reports about this attack. Hinson hopes to spread the word of her GoFundMe on different social media platforms. She mentions Reddit, which is an excellent choice. We encourage readers to share Hinson's GoFundMe on your favorite social media platforms, especially with groups that are horse-related. Making a donation, however small, ensures that you will receive updates about Rebel and Chocolate, as well as developments in the civil case.

"Daily treatment consists of 15 minute wound wash per wound, followed by antibiotic spray. The vet did no stitching as the wounds are so open and missing meat in several areas. I will attach photos, they are graphic though I must warn you. The incident happened in Bethune, SC and the police agency in charge was Kershaw county law enforcement along with Kershaw county code enforcement. A citation was made to the dog owner and a hasty trial was held at the trial the dog owner was only fined 400 dollar for owning a vicious animal, made to pay the first vet bill which was roughly $720 dollars and told the dog must be rehomed within 30 days. My family was shocked as many more vet visits will be necessary, our stud lost a restocked and is in high risk of losing the second one as well, all it would take would be for him to brush across something in that area and the other would fall out of the sack holding it, we are trying our best to prevent this from happening. The female is pregnant and severely mauled in her neck area (both sides), abdomen and knees, she is swollen (the vet says it is from air entering her body through the large lacerations). Antibiotics are administered by mouth daily along with pain medication, all these cost fall on my family. The judge said we would have to sue at a later time in civil court which would be months away, as we cannot pursue a civil case until all vet care, medication cost, the cost of a farm hand when needed is accumulated and that would be after the horses are healed at least to a point that the daily regimen of cleansing and care and healing has taken place so that we could have an accurate number to present to the court system. I don’t understand how so much of this is falling on my father while the dog owner is given a petty fine and only one emergency vet bill. There has been no media attention just word of mouth in a small town of a population less than 500. I'm trying my best to spread the word on GoFundMe I’ve never used the platform before, someone suggested posting to Reddit and I have gotten around $400 worth of support which I am grateful for but I just don’t know how long we can go on like this, the cost and care are draining and our beloved horses never saw this coming and they will never be the same. Thank you for the email, I appreciate your concern and taking time from your day to ask about our minis." - GoFundMe/Erica Hinson

These poor little minis have a long road ahead of them, assuming they both survive. Their injuries are savage. When Hinson writes, "I just don’t know how long we can go on like this," it makes our heart break. All of it is heartbreaking; the attack, the injuries and what will be a prolonged aftermath. If Rebel and Chocolate do survive, "they will never be the same," she writes. Horses are known to carry traumatic experiences with them for many years, a form of equine PTSD.

pit bull attacks mini horses in bethune south carolina

The vicious dog attack inflicted mutilation injuries to the genital region of Rebel, the male mini.

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