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10 thoughts on “San Francisco Man Scales Tall Fence to Escape Violent Pit Bulls Captured on Video; Dog Owners Lived in RV Under Overpass

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  1. Poor Pablo if he truly a victim.was he walking next to the gate and the pitbull attacked him they pulled him in the gate he got up and trying to look for help and no one help him well that place is ghetto people in the hood doesn’t help anyone whether it men women or a baby or is pablo the robber trying to break in the house trying to steal because everyone and the police think he’s suspect.

  2. We learned after we published that the dogs have been euthanized. There will not be a Vicious and Dangerous Dog hearing.

  3. I’m glad the two dogs were euthanized. Quick euthanasia is important since there are many people in our country who would have tried to rescue them.

  4. Terrifying to watch the attack. He’s lucky to be a healthy, fit male. Many others (including myself) likely would not have survived. I hope that he can find healing.

  5. Riiiiiight.

    Because your average burglar jumps *into* a yard leaving the two pitbulls *outside* that yard because…the loose pitbulls were guarding the property from the outside?

    If the average people in SF are that dumb, it’s no wonder it’s a mess.

    At least the city had the sense to euth the pitbulls without messing about.

    If that man had been smaller, or the pitbulls went for a senior or child or disabled or even shorter man who couldn’t scale that fence, someone would be dead right now.

    • Thank God there are TWO less vicious pitbulls in the world. What a compelling story…a story that plays out everyday. These are the ones we don’t see or hear about because of our shoddy laws, a plague of pits and a national media that will not expose the hell these dogs and their idiot owners cause.

  6. You never forget something like this…it is always with you, destroys your own comfort in your own neighborhood, and the trauma is for life. Condolences to both these two men…I feel your emotions.

  7. Have the dog owners been charged?
    I hate this mentality that says “You can’t punish me for what my dogs did. They paid for their crime. Leave me out of this.”

    If you willingly choose to own a dangerous animal you should be responsible when it attacks.

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