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5 thoughts on “2003 Dog Bite Fatality: Anna Cieslewicz, Killed by Pit Bulls While Jogging

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  1. Bleddy Van Karnage…Take a mauling incident and pervert it into a taxpayer subsidy for Pit Bull owners! Brilliant!

  2. “In the weeks leading up to the attack, Tom Justik, had reported one of the pit bulls for aggressive behavior to Parmer’s department. Mary Murphy-Smith had complained to four Sheriff’s Preserve Police about the dogs as well. Subsequently, she filed a suit against the Cook County Forest Preserve District charging negligence because they never took care of the problem. All in all, there were over a dozen complaints about the dogs prior to the deadly attack.”

    This is what always shocks the daylights out of me.

    In too many areas, reports are made and police, animal control do nothing!

    These dogs should have been shot or trapped immediately.

    Of course then they have to deal with the local No Kill maniac who starts having hysterical fits about the dogs, or Ledy Van Kavage mouthing off, but WHO CARES?

    Instead, police and animal control sat idly by and let people get attacked, then die.

    This is unacceptable, and if it takes lawsuits or going public about their failures, we must do everything we can to make sure action is taken.

  3. The A/C Profession has been criminally irresponsible about analyzing these mishaps and reforming to prevent future ones.

    Instead of becoming more safety consious, they are actually becoming pit bull advocacy organizations. Just look at what’s happening in Indianapolis.

  4. My God, this city still can’t pass a mandatory spay/neuter law for all pets. What a disgrace…and how terribly sad for people and pets.,0,1076506.story

    A powerful alderman’s effort to make Chicago the second major U.S. city to require dog and cat sterilization faltered Thursday when he put off a vote after several colleagues spoke out against the idea.

    Earlier this week, Ald. Ed Burke (14th) said he had the support to pass the mandatory spay and neuter ordinance. But he pulled back Thursday, saying the court reporter recording the lengthy public hearing had to leave and he wanted to make sure all views were heard.

    Several aldermen left during the meeting and others questioned Burke’s idea.

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