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7 thoughts on “2017 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics -

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  1. I might be able to understand multiple dog attacks on humans in a post-apocalyptic world, but not in a so called "First World" country in the 21st century. To me, the increase in pack attacks is one of the most frightening statistics of all.

  2. Thank you for all you do. It is quite sobering, and very sad, to see all the victims in a list. Every death listed here could have/should have been prevented.

  3. Annual surveys from Animals 24-7 (the annual breed population counts) show that rottweilers were 2.2% of the total dog population in 2012, and in 2017, were 1.8%. Their annual death rate has long been dwarfed pit bulls. Rottweilers could easily have 1 or no deaths for a few years then back up to 4 deaths annually. Rottweilers are predictable killers due to their predatory attacks on young children. Like we say about pit bulls, we would like to see both breeds under 1% of the total U.S. dog population. ("Of the 110 victims recorded from 1978 through 2017, 76% (84) where children ages 11-years and younger. Of these children, the large majority, 69% (58), were ages 4-years and younger. ")

    Fatal Rottweiler Attacks – The Archival Record

  4. Are the numbers of fatal rottweiler attacks falling because rott owners are getting more responsible or because rotts are falling out of favour recently and there's less around?

    It's interesting that most of these pits carrying out the fatal attacks are not adopted from a rescue or prior home. Raising them from a puppy obviously doesn't make them safe (as some people claim).

  5. RE: Animal Uncontrol — Yes, the rottweilers do. The curve is a more erratic inverted bell when looking only at pit bull deaths because they kill across all age groups. Here is an image (2005-2015) we made a few years ago when we looked at this closer. Since this time, pit bulls have killed at least 3 more people in their 20s, an age group virtually unheard of for fatal dog maulings. The top two age groups of pit bull victims are 0-2 (65 deaths, 23% of pit bull deaths and 57% of all fatalities in 13-year data set) followed by 50-69 (56 deaths, 20% of pit bull deaths and 74% of all fatalities in data set).

  6. RE: Rottenwilers – it is interesting how the victim's age range spreads out across an "upside down" bell curve. Most of the victims appear to be small children and elderly.

    Seems as though rotts go after the proverbial low hanging fruit.

  7. I have two elderly friends who adopted a Rottweiler. I think they got it from our local humane society, or from our county's tax-supported shelter. It's a 90-something woman and her 70-something son.

    Son told me that the dog doesn't like anybody. Which is why I worry about him and his mother. It also motivated me to stay away from their house and to keep a safe distance whenever I see the son walking the dog.

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