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8 thoughts on “Seizure Speculated After Family Pit Bull Named 'The Devil' Kills Teenage Owner -- Excuses Have No Borders

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  1. Lack of Love has no borders. Those who love self or others don’t force dangerous animals on themselves or others. Lack of Love can be seen in lies that are obvious lies. It is impossible to be in Truth and Love while also being in hate and lies. People who are in Love do not give their children or other people or themselves dangerous snakes, dangerous canines, scorpions, crocodiles, lions etc. Love is as love does. Love does not make false accusations. Love does not bear false witness. It is easy to see people who are in hate. It is easy to see what lies they say, and what threat of harm that they bear.

  2. If the mother knew the dog “got nervous” whenever her son had an epileptic attack, then she should have gotten rid of it. The warning signs were there and were ignored, and now this young man is dead. I’m also really curious as to what “got nervous” is refering to. Actual nervousness, or has the dog attacked previously? We may never know. I’ll try not to assume, but this really makes me angry. The beast animal responded negatively to this man’s epileptic attacks on at least one previous occasion. It should have been removed from the house the very first time. This could have been prevented. I’m just so saddened by this. Rest in peace to Miguel Ángel Aguilar Hernández.

  3. “Because he had a seizure” is not an excuse for a dog to murder.

    I recently came across a saying, “Forgiving an abuser is an injustice to their victims”. Sadly, pitbull nutters seem to do just this–over and over and over, again.

    Presio or pitbull (and frankly I’ve seen my fair share of them at this point and that monstrosity is just an oversized pitbull/mastiff mix IMO)

    A startled dog does NOT “lash out” when startled. Anyone who believes that is deluded and knows nothing about dogs.

    Dogs are startled all the time–every time, like a human someone comes quickly around a corner, something falls on top of them, a cat pounces, etc. etc.

    A stable, startled dog, does not rip its owner to shreds. It moves away or in a worst case scenario, nips or growls. A dog that attacks under those circumstances, is a product of crappy breeding and no amount of training or “love” can fix that instinct.

  4. No dog that kills a human should be granted any mercy, nor excuses made for it. Never should any such dog be kept, rehomed, left unneutered, bred, sold, traded, adopted, or sanctuaried. There is no reason for keeping such a dangerous dog alive in a world of humans. There can be no guarantee that such a dog will never escape and repeat the deed. There is no dog that has a value so great as to be granted a reprieve from euthanasia after killing a human.

    Anyone who offers excuses for such a dog or contributes to a proposal to keep such a dog alive is as guilty as if they themselves sicced the dog on the victim.

  5. Another fatal pit bull attack in Mexico: The dogs’ owner blamed the victim, of course. In another news story that is linked there, the dogs’ owner sobs when the judge orders the attacking dog to be destroyed. In that story, it is unknown how the dog escaped from the enclosed garden. Of course, dogs’ owners are not responsible when their dangerous dogs use Dog Magic to escape from their enclosure.

  6. That beast has a freakishly wide mouth even for a pit. Seeing it behind “bars” I wondered if it had 2 mouths like that mutant that made the rounds a few months ago.
    Then I thought maybe it was a sore on the right side.
    Then I saw a pic of the beast out of the cage and realized it has a large mouth, even for a pit. Truly a case of “The better to maul you with, my dear!”

    Frightening to think how many years of breeding it took to transform a wolf in to that abomination. Hopefully it gets put down. Sadly I can see a “rescue” in the US spending thousands to charter a plane to fly it up here.

    Does it seem strange to anyone else how anytime a pit mauls a disabled person it is played off as it is no big deal? “Oh well, Petey never did like epileptics,wheelchair users, people who walk with canes, diabetics,the elderly, sleep walkers, flat feet (fill in the blank with what ever condition the person had) so he ripped them apart like a cheap chew toy. That’s what they get for being different.” There never seems to be any push back on this.

  7. The photo of that fat, white pitbull, covered in human blood is very disturbing…’The Devil’ must have been mauling the 18 years old for a long time? Long after the poor kid was dead…Yeah, and using a pitbull/pit type breed as a ‘service’ dog or similar… such a great idea – NOT! Some dog breeds can be trained to ‘help’ a person having a seizure, barking loudly, to alert other people to the situation, etc. I highly doubt these dogs are supposed to use their teeth on a seizuring person! they are definitely not trained to grab the persons throat and rip it out, that won’t help the victim

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