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7 thoughts on “2nd Edition: Misunderstood Nanny Dogs? A Critical and Objective Analysis of the Facts & Myths Concerning Pit Bulls

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  1. Thank you so much for highlighting this book and others like it. They are a welcome counter-balance to the the tidal wave of “cute, misunderstood pittie” books.

    While I was on Amazon I also discovered a book titled “My Dog Doesn’t Bite: The Parents’ Guide to Dangerous Dogs” by Mark S. Mathusa DVM, which I also purchased and plan to read. This seems to be another one of those rare authors who is willing to look at the grim realities of bully breed proliferation.

  2. Another book recommendation:

    Red Zone: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of the San Francisco Dog Mauling by Aphrodite Jones

    It’s about the Diane Whipple case.

  3. I can only imagine how much hate and vitriol Mr. Beasley has been subjected to. All for speaking the truth about a breed of dog that has no place in civil society.
    I’m glad he covered the “no kill” madness that has permeated the rescue industry. I personally will never trust a rescue organization that pushes the “save them all” mantra. It’s has allowed unacceptable and dangerous dogs into neighborhoods with innocent people completely unaware these creatures are next door. I shouldn’t have to be armed to let my kids play outside safely.
    Pit pushing organizations are the same as drug cartels. They push dangerous product into neighborhoods all over this country and the result is the horrific mailings and deaths of unsuspecting folks.
    Kudos to Mr. Beasley for doing what is no doubt a thankless and dangerous job.

  4. My pappion-bishone mix was attacked by a 120 pound Pitbull named Beast. It happened in Stockton ca. We were taking are same morning walk that we have been doing for 7 years. I fought him off and was actually unhurt . I actually fought for her life but she died after surgery 2 hours later. The dog is alive and lives two doors down.

  5. Thank you for making this website.

    I had a vet tech try to convince me that the “pitties” were loveable, misunderstood goofballs out of the blue. I was there for a check up with my sheltie pup. I told her they seemed unpredictable, periodically killing even their own family, & cited a recent murder that had made the news.

    It’s time to charge the owners with murder, assault with a deadly weapon, etc.

    I’m in Canada where shelter dogs are few & far between. They’re either incurably ill, geriatric or a dangerous dog. At least half are pit bulls.

    So sick of seeing them labelled “lab cross”. No, they’re not, & dog people know it. The set & shape of the ears & eyes, the shape of the muzzle, the fur. This all combined screams pit bull/pit cross, but it’s labelled “lab cross”.

    Shelters here get so few dogs compared to the USA that I think they should do DNA tests. DNA doesn’t lie. People do, when it’s convenient.

    My sister was interested in adopting a lovely looking pup from a major shelter. She called, asked if they had the dam, & what she was. Rottweiler. You don’t think someone might wish to know that?! She’s never lived with a dog, but they talked up the breed like it was toy poodle level suitable.

    I’m sorry for what you must endure. I believe you’re saving lives.

  6. The more I think about the vet tech while reading this website, the more I realize she was using the clinic she doesn’t even own to indoctrinate new dog people to be pro pit bull. It isn’t working. And it’s so wrong. Doubt it’s in her job description.

    I’m well known to be a new dog person at that clinic. And when I got to thinking, none of the vets there have a pit. Two each have a cat, one has a mini schnauzer, one has two border collies, & the best tech has an old Lhasa.

    When the “pittie” tech heard my response, she resolutely turned away in place in a semi circle like a child caught stealing cookies & pouted. I didn’t hear another word, but the two receptionists exchanged a glance. Guess people don’t expect a new dog person to have done any research/stand up to a pro pit tech.

    I’m so incensed. I was being primed to join the indoctrinated masses who believe no dog should ever be euthanized. I was there for a check up.

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