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15 thoughts on “Traveling by Air with Service Animals - Public Comments from to the Department of Transportation

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  1. I pray to God that these self evident truths that were submitted by this organization will ring loud and clear in the hearts and minds of government rule and law making bodies.

  2. I would never board a plane there were any “service” animals other than Labradors or Golden Retrievers and certainly not a Pit-bull, Rotweiler or any of the dogs on the Insurance Companies Do Not Insure List.

    What if a Pit bull “Service” dog attacked the Pilot and Co-Pilot.?

    • Look, I am no fan of pit bulls and this website is a wealth of infomration. But since 9/11/2001, the cabin doors are locked and literally bullet proof. Not even a pit bull would be able to breach that.

      • Pilots need bathroom breaks and food service.
        An enraged pitbull might seize the admittedly limited opportunity. (I am assuming someone has to open the door on these occasions.)

  3. I, too, sincerely hope the DOT will listen! It is all right there. Obviously, pit bulls don’t belong on planes! What a crazy risk to force the airlines to take, when it is the airlines that have take responsibility!

  4. All dogs are of course predators. My Siberian Huskies killed many birds and rodents. Fighting breeds are/were selectively bred for same-species combat. This is abnormal behavior, unlike predation.

  5. Is it too much to ask to have a dog-free flight? I mean, come on. I’m forced to deal with them on the ground. Could I get away from them for a few hours?

    • Cogent, really compelling facts and arguments. Thanks for taking on the task of providing the DOT with a sound basis for making the right decision.

    • Sorry, Your Quiet Neighbor. That was a comment intended for Colleen and the article here.

      I do think dogs in a cramped compartment with a diverse bunch of human beings who have no say in the matter, all isolated at 30,000 in the air, is a bad idea on its face.

  6. Excellent, professional comment! Thank you Colleen for everything you do to help make our world safer!

  7. I will not put my life in danger by being on a plane with a dangerous dog , I would have to get off that plane or the dog would !

  8. I left comments and asked my family to do the same. I hope DOT will do the right thing and not allow these dangerous dogs on flights.

  9. Putting this comment for you where it belongs, Colleen, as I misplaced it above (in a way that unfortunately suggested I was being critical of somebody else):

    Cogent, really compelling facts and arguments. Thanks for taking on the task of providing the DOT with a sound basis for making the right decision.

  10. My corgi service dog was amazing she passed away in July. She was trained in general by me and by ADA trainers I can’t imagine a pit on a plane unfortunately you don’t know what can happen with an aggressive breeds.

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