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Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: San Antonio Woman, 83, Dies After Pit Bull Attack

san antonio woman killed by neighbor's pit bull

More Information
UPDATE 04/17/14: What was formerly behind a paywall is now viewable (at least for DogsBite). On April 14, the San Antonio Express-News reported more details about the death of Petra Aguirre. She had been feeding her cats in her backyard when a pit bull-mix, named Skirtgles, crawled under the fence and mauled the 83-year old woman "from her scalp to her toes," according to authorities. The animal belonged to her neighbor and had a history of biting.

The attack occurred on March 31. She died at University Hospital on April 11. The dog was described as an unsprayed 2-year old female pit bull-mix. The animal was surrendered by its owner after the attack and euthanized. Perla Rojas-Ibarra, the dog's owner, was "cited for the bite." Skirtgles and two other dogs owned by Rojas-Ibarra, were also involved in a biting incident last May. The dogs attacked a 13-year old boy who was walking down West Salinas Street.

Petra was living with two brothers and a nephew at the home when the vicious attack occurred, according to her son Chris Aguirre. The nephew was away at work and, horrifically, her two brothers could not hear what was happening. Her nephew, Simon Yanez, told that he is still haunted by the image of his mother's bloodied and bruised body. "She had bites on her arms, on her legs, her neck, her skull, her ear," Yanez said. "I didn't believe it was only one dog."

Aguirre also told the Express-News that his mother was a devout Catholic who taught religious education to children at St. Gabriel's parish for many years and was the "bedrock" of her family.

Texas Felony Dog Attack Law

For readers who are unaware of the Texas felony dog attack law, please see Lillilan's Law. Despite the attack on Petra fulfilling the two central requirements of the law -- the dog attacked off its owner's property and has a documented history of aggression -- there is still no word from San Antonio authorities about criminal charges. They are "still investigating" the incident, according to Express-News and KSAT news reports, KSAT even called it a "multiple-agency investigation."1

04/15/14: Senior Citizen Killed by Pit Bull
San Antonio, TX - An elderly woman has died for the second time this year at University Hospital (See a related study from the same hospital: Mortality, Mauling and Maiming by Vicious Dogs). Petra Aguirre, 83-years old, was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull in her backyard last month. Aguirre had bites all over her body, according to officials and family members. She died Friday evening at the hospital. The 2-year old pit bull had been involved in a previous biting incident.

It is "highly probable" that the language used to describe the pit bull, "a 2-year old American Staffordshire terrier-mix," was supplied to the reporting news group by San Antonio's Animal Control Dept. to lessen the blow to the country's top killing dog breed and to confuse the public. The same article also states that 75-year old Betty Clark of neighboring Comal County died in January at the same hospital after being attacked by two dogs in her Canon Lake neighborhood.2

A news report by the Associated Press states she was attacked on March 31 while feeding her cats in her own backyard. The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office said Petra Aguirre died on Friday from dog bite complications. Animal Care Services spokeswoman Lisa Norwood says the dog "got past Aguirre's fence." The pit bull inflicted bites to her head, neck, arms and legs. That dog and two others where involved in an attack last May when a 13-year old boy was bitten.

A more in depth news report from the San Antonio Express-News is behind a paywall.
map iconView the Google Map: Texas Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

Texas Dog Bite Victims' Advocacy - Join our Texas email list to stay informed

1As if special opts were involved. This same special opts team failed to notify the media when the attack occurred. Quite literally, dogs are murdering senior citizens in this area of Texas and the public has only learned about it after the victim died and because University Hospital was willing to bring the information forward.
1So, how many unreported fatal dog maulings to the media are there just in Texas alone?

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Comal County Woman, 75, Dies After Pit Bull Attack

Woman Dies
Canyon Lake, TX - While literally in the midst of preparing to contact the Comal County Animal Control Dept. about a reported dog bite fatality noted in a Spring 2014 Comal County Public Health Dept. newsletter, information about this death was reported by the San Antonio Express-News late last night. Betty Clark, 75-years old, was delivering presents to her Canyon Lake neighbors on December 21 when she was attacked by two pit bulls in her neighborhood.
Information about Clark was revealed in the same late night article that reported the death of 83-year old Petra Aguirre, also killed by a pit bull.
Clark was discovered unresponsive with bites all over her body. She died on January 6 at University Hospital having never regained consciousness after the attack. "She died because of those injuries," said Dr. Natasha Keric, an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center who treated Clark. Specifically, she had bite injuries on all of her limbs, torso, abdomen and head, according to a case presentation on her death prepared by her doctor.

The Comal County Sheriff's Office has not released the full incident report about Clark's attack citing an ongoing investigation. According to doctors and her niece, both dogs were pit bulls.

Doctors at University Hospital Respond

In 2011, the Annals of Surgery published a critical peer-reviewed scientific study pertaining to severe and fatal pit bull injuries (Mortality, Mauling and Maiming by Vicious Dogs, by John K. Bini, et al.), authored by doctors at San Antonio University Hospital. In the landmark 2012 Tracey v. Solesky decision, which declared pit bulls "inherently dangerous," the highest court in Maryland cited the entire abstract of this study. The conclusions by the University Hospital doctors:
pit bullConclusions: Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the US mortality rates related to dog bites.
The majority of the San Antonio Express-News article (who many readers cannot see because it is behind a paywall) pertains to this study and a rehearsed rehashing of the 30-year old pit bull debate. One of the primary authors of the study, Dr. Stephen Cohn, is interviewed in the article. "We've had people that have almost lost their legs just going out for a run," said Dr. Stephen Cohn, a professor of surgery at the Health Science Center. "This is a complete hazard for all of us."
pit bullCohn, one of the University Hospital doctors, has been vocal in his call for regulations on breeds such as pit bulls. He was one of the authors of a 2011 study that found that, while fatal attacks were rare, pit bulls were "the single breed responsible for the vast majority of deaths due to dog attacks."
pit bullCohn also pointed to a 2010 study that analyzed the effect of breed-specific rules on dog bites in a region of Spain. Governments there enacted regulations that required additional steps for owners of “potentially dangerous dogs,” some of which were defined by breed.
pit bullAccording to the study, there was a "noticeable decline" in hospitalizations from dog bites after the rules went into effect. - San Antonio Express-News
In a nutshell, while has substantial concerns about dog mauling fatalities by all breeds failing to be reported by media outlets in all 50 states, the deaths of both Betty Clark, 75-years old of Canyon Lake, and Petra Aguirre, 83-years old of San Antonio, are possibly on public record at all today due to assistance from doctors at University Hospital. The advocacy movement needs health officials in every state to ensure that this information is public.

Both victims fall into the most underreported scenario: senior citizens who suffer horrific injuries from a dog attack and die while being hospitalized for these injuries. Neither Clark nor Aguirre had a news report of their attack either, which left devastating injuries all over their bodies. Clark was attacked on December 21 while delivering presents in her neighborhood. Not news worthy? Aguirre was attacked on March 31 while feeding her cats in her own backyard. Not news worthy?
map iconView the Google Map: Texas Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

Texas Dog Bite Victims' Advocacy - Join our Texas email list to stay informed

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05/21/11: Texas Doctors Produce Study: Mortality, Mauling and Maiming by Vicious Dogs

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2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Suspected in Death of Elderly Kaufman Woman

woman killed by son's pit bull in Kaufman Texas
Two pit bulls seized from Michael Hamilton's homespun breeding operation.

Medical Examiner's Office
UPDATE 04/15/14: The Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office ruled the cause of death for Dorothy Hamilton as a "dog mauling." The Medical Examiner's report listed the cause of death as "dog mauling with lacerations and puncture wounds." On March 31, 85-year old Dorothy Hamilton was discovered dead in her living room by her son at approximately 4:46 pm. Police immediately suspected that two large "very aggressive" pit bulls in the home were responsible for her death.

04/01/14: Eight Pit Bulls Seized
CBS Dallas / Fort Worth reports that police were called to a home on the 1400 block of East First North Street after Dorothy Hamilton was discovered by her son. When police arrived, they found the victim dead in the living room and a pair of aggressive pit bulls inside the home. Animal control put those pit bulls down right away. Police said the dogs were being held in a bedroom, but broke through the door to get the woman. Police believe the two dogs are responsible for her death.

NBC 5 reports that Michael Hamilton, the victim's son, had been keeping a group of pit bulls on the property for several months. The two lived at the residence together. Authorities seized a total of eight pit bulls from the property -- including the two suspected of killing the woman. Police said that all of the pit bulls belonged to her son, who had been keeping two of the animals inside the home. Police said that all six of the remaining dogs are very aggressive and will be euthanized.1

Autopsy results determining the actual cause of death are still pending from the medical examiner.

Related video

04/01/14: Woman Found Dead
Kaufman, TX - An elderly woman was found dead in her North Texas home Monday after she was apparently attacked by her son's pit bulls. Kaufman police identified the woman as 85-year old Dorothy Hamilton. Capt. Ed Black said that it appears two very large, aggressive dogs attacked her. Authorities seized eight pit bulls from the home. The woman's son also lives at the residence. The dogs were in a bedroom, but apparently broke through the door to attack, according to Black.

Her body was discovered in the living room. An autopsy has been ordered by police investigators.
map iconView the Google Map: Texas Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

Texas Dog Bite Victims' Advocacy - Join our Texas email list to stay informed

1The NBC 5 video interviews a neighbor who said that her son "moved in a few months ago" (with his breeding operation). There have been seven documented calls to the home since April 2011 regarding stray animals.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills 5-Year Old Boy in St. Clair County, Alabama

John Harvard killed by pit bull in St. Clair County
Parents Interviewed
UPDATE 04/11/14: In an interview that aired at 5 pm CST on ABC 33/40, the parents of a little boy mauled to death by a neighbor's pit bull spoke out publicly for the first time about their horror and loss. Jeremy Harvard, the boy's father, told ABC 33/40, "It's sad because I read a story on Facebook the other day about a 5-year old being mauled by a pit bull," said Harvard. "And I never dreamed I'd be talking about that to you today, because it happened to us. It happened to John."

Readers should know that there will likely come a day when a great majority of Americans will know a person or pet who has been mauled by a pit bull. This sentiment was also recently echoed by a Winston-Salem Journal columnist after 3-year old Braelynn Coulter was killed by her family's pet pit bull: "Anecdotally, many of us know that pit bulls are trouble. Increasingly, more of us know someone who’s been attacked by a pit bull, or whose dog has been attacked," John Railey states.

We ask readers to once again review the 31-Year Summary of Pit Bull Trends (1982 to 2013)

Johnna Harvard interviewed after son mauled to death by neighbor's pit bull

04/10/14: Pit Bull Euthanized
New information has been released about the mauling death of 5-year old John Harvard who was brutally attacked and killed by a neighbor's pit bull on April 6. The pit bull was reportedly only 8-months old, according to the Daily Mail, and has since been euthanized. The City of Riverside does not have a leash law. However, St. Clair Undersheriff Billy Murray said that law enforcement would still likely consult with the St. Clair County District Attorney's Office about the evidence.

Because the dog was technically "at large" when it attacked the boy (and also lived next door to the boy in a semi-rural area), there has been a flurry of attention on "passing a leash law" to prevent similar future tragedies. Every town has to start somewhere and in semi-rural and rural communities, it usually starts at the base level of a leash law. A balloon release event is being organized for Saturday to help Riverside community members say goodbye to John Harvard.

Related video

04/07/14: Burial Fund Started
A family friend or relative has started the John Triton Harvard Burial Fund at "Please help a grieving mother bring her deceased child home with her to California for a burial surrounded by family and siblings," states Jodi who created the page. The boy's mother, who had been staying in California with family, "has begun the 2,300 mile journey to retrieve her precious son's body and bring it home to rest in peace forever near her and his siblings," states the More Info of the fund.

04/06/14: Pit Bull Kills Child
St. Clair County, AL - In a developing story, a 5-year old boy died Sunday after being attacked by a pit bull in Riverside, Mayor Rusty Jessup told ABC 33/40. The victim was playing with his 9-year old brother when the animal attacked him, according to Jessup. He was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police have identified the 5-year old boy as John Harvard. ABC 33/40 has a crew en route to the scene and will be livestreaming from the scene.

WVTM adds additional details about the attack. Jessup said the attack occurred just after 4:00 pm Sunday. The two brothers were playing in their yard when an 80-pound pit bull came onto their property and attacked the younger boy, Jessup said. The 9-year old tried to get the animal off his brother, but could not. He ran into their house to get help. The father ran back outside and shot at the pit bull. The boy was rushed to St. Vincent's Hospital in St. Clair County, where he died.
map iconView the Google Map: Alabama Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

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Photo: ABC 33/40

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2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bull Kills 4-Year Old Girl in Houma, Louisiana

Houma girl killed by family pit bull
No Steroids in Second Dog
UPDATE 04/11/14: Steroids tests performed on the family's second pit bull came back negative. The second pit bull, Khloe, was not involved in the violent attack on March 25 that took the life of a little girl and ended after police officers fired 13 bullets into the 130-pound pit bull named Niko. Despite Niko's sire, UKC's Most Wanted Kimbo (a UKC registered American Pit Bull Terrier), also weighing 130-pounds, Houma police suspected that Niko's "hefty" weight was due to steroids.
It is not rocket science when a sire produces a dog similar to itself after a chosen mating with another UKC registered American Pit Bull Terrier.
This is "doggie breeding" genetics 101 readers. Surprisingly, Donna Reynolds of BadRap appears in the latest Houma Courier article and gets backed into a corner when asked about Niko's size. Reynolds is connected to the "hive mind" of the Pit Bull Propaganda Machine and like all of its drones, denies that genetics plays a role in the pit bull breed. Instead, "It's all how you raise them." Reynolds doubted that steroids affected the dog's size, but that genetics were the likely cause.
pit bull"I've never met a dog whose size was exaggerated by steroids, so I tend to doubt the theory of them being used to increase this dog's size," said Donna Reynolds, director of, a pit bull advocacy group based in Oakland, Calif.
pit bullIf the dog wasn't injected with steroids, its genetics may be the cause for its large and muscular build, Reynolds said. - Donna Reynolds of BadRap
 04/04/14: Testing Second Dog
On April 1, reported that Niko's owners are "still not talking" and that the investigation into the mauling death of Mia DeRouen, 4, had come to a standstill. Megan Touchet, the girl's mother who was also injured in the attack, and her boyfriend Kerry Dominique are not talking to police under advisement of their attorneys. "We're still investigating this case aggressively. We're just at a roadblock right now," Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis said.
We know what our officers saw that night. We know what animal control saw that night. But the investigation won't be complete until we've talked to them. - Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis
The April 1 article also states that police officials are unclear about the dog's breed despite the animal having an online pedigree, along with Niko's sire and dam -- both UKC registered American Pit Bull Terriers -- also having online pedigrees. Niko's sire, UKC's Most Wanted Kimbo is also 130-pounds. Niko could not be tested for steroids post-mortem, according to police. Tests for performance enhancers are being conducted on the second pit bull, not involved in the attack.

What we find most disturbing in the past few days is that police want to know why Niko attacked, as if an unpredictable attack by a pit bull is unusual? As if it is not well established in appellate decisions upholding pit bull ordinances that these dogs often show no warning signals before an attack? No such befuddling mystery surrounds why a herding dog herds or why a retrieving dog retrieves. Nor is it a mystery why a dog breed, selectively bred to fight to the death, attacks.
the Pit Bull bites to kill without signal. Starkey v. Township of Chester (1986) ... the American Pit Bull Terrier breed possesses inherent characteristics of aggression, strength, viciousness and unpredictability not found in any other breeds of dog ... pit bulls are especially dangerous due to their unpredictability ... American Pit Bull Terriers have been known to be friendly and docile at one moment, willing to sit on your lap and lick your face, and at the next moment to attack in a frenzied rage ... Such frenzies can occur at any time and for no apparent reason. Garcia v. Village of Tijeras (1988) ... to increase its effectiveness as a fighter, certain pit bull traits have been selected and maximized by controlled breeding, including ... an extraordinary directness in their method of attack that does not include the common warning signs such as barking or growling displayed by other breeds; American Dog Owners Ass'n v. Dade County (1989) ... Pit Bulls have the following distinctive behavioral characteristics ... undying tenacity and courage and they are highly unpredictable. Vanater v. Village of South Point (1989) ... Pit bull dogs possess a strongly developed "kill instinct" not shared by other breeds of dogs. This testimony indicated that pit bull dogs are unique in their "savageness and unpredictability." Hearn v. City of Overland (1989) ... At the hearing regarding the ordinance's constitutionality, the trial court was presented with evidence which established that the specific breeds targeted by the ordinance possess inherent characteristics of aggression, strength, viciousness and unpredictability not found in other dog breeds. Singer v. Cincinnati (1990) ... The trial court also found that pit bulls tend to be stronger than other dogs, often give no warning signals before attacking Colorado Dog Fanciers v. Denver (1991) ... The referee found that the qualities of a pit bull as depicted by the logo are loyalty, persistence, tenacity, and aggressiveness. We consider this as a charitable set of associations that ignores the darker side of the qualities often also associated with pit bulls: malevolence, viciousness, and unpredictability The Florida Bar v. Pape (2005) ... The Majority of jurisdictions have accepted the proposition that dogs of this type have a propensity to be aggressive and attack without provocation Hardwick v. Town of Ceredo (2013)
03/30/14: Owner's Instagram Page
While researching BTM Kennels' Facebook page, we also discovered the kennel owner's public Instagram page in the early hours of Thursday morning. Initial reader responses to the kennel owner's Instagram page can be read in the comment section of this blog post. "Repulsion" best describes these responses. On Friday, the owner of Niko and Khloe privatized his Instagram page, but by that point, had already taken over 100 screenshots for research purposes.
We are sharing a selection of these photos to shed more light on Niko, as well as designer XL, XXL pit bull breeding.
The PDF contains about 30 images and reinforces the lineage of Niko -- both his sire (who also weighs 130 lbs1) and dam are UKC registered American Pit Bull Terriers. The document also contains images with hashtags written by the owner calling his dogs #pitbulls. The last portion, "The results of pit bull 'designer' breeding," may repulse some readers. It must be included, however, to show readers the deformity and exaggeration of designer XL, XXL pit bull breeding.

03/26/14: BTM Kennels Cached Page
Two of the below images are from BTM Kennels' Facebook page, breeders of XL pit bulls serving the Baton Rouge and Houma areas. BTM Kennels pulled their Facebook page at some point, but the page is still in Google Cache (See: PDF document version). It is no coincidence that images of pit bulls named Niko and Khloe covered their timeline. News articles posted an image of Niko earlier today and Khloe has been described as a 6-month old female pit bull by Houma police.

Do readers think this is the same Niko that killed Mia? How many offspring do you think Niko has produced? One post on the BTM Facebook page (likely posted on March 92) is an advertisement that promotes, "TG's Hidden Treasure - Niko - Open for Stud." A February 5 post reads, "My baby boy Niko." A January 14 post reads, "Niko at 25 months. This boy will have an exciting 2014. 40 points away from being an ABKC XL champion. Cardiogram, semen, pennhip tested. OFA soon."
BTM Kennels is quite literally breeding "killer" XL pit bulls and their near champion stud dog, Niko, just killed an innocent child.
Also, by clicking on the sire and dam names of Niko, you will see they are both UKC registered American pit bull terriers. XL and XXL pit bulls (yes there is a heavier class than XL) are part of a growing trend of "designer" pit bulls being called "American Bullies." All registered American pit bull terriers and American staffordshire terriers are "automatically" American Bullies, according to the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC). Cross registration of the breed is "standard practice."

BMT Kennels' XL pit bull Niko stud dog kills child

03/26/14: Fundraiser Soars
Family and friends have set up a fundraiser at GoFundMe to help the girl's family pay for funeral expenses. Through 344 contributors and only 3 hours so far, the effort has surpassed its goal of $15,000, by raising $16,570 (3:46 pm CST). Mia DeRouen, 4-years old of Houma, was brutally attacked and killed by her family's pit bull on Tuesday evening. The child was bitten numerous times 
on the face, shoulders, and back, according to Houma Police Chief Todd M. Duplantis.

WWLTV reports additional details. The attacking pit bull, who was "staying at the home," was categorized as a "monster" by responding police officers. Duplantis described the scene as "horrific" and said that counseling was being offered to the officers who were on the scene. The dog was initially shot three times by officers, who then tried to enter the apartment. Unfazed by the trio of bullets, the dog charged the entering officers and was shot 10 more times before dying.

03/26/14: Passed Through Window
Houma, LA - A family pit bull killed a 4-year old girl3 Tuesday night at the Houma Highlands apartment complex and attacked her mother who intervened. The dog was running wild in the apartment when police arrived just after 7 pm, forcing the mother to barricade herself and 4-year old Mia DeRouen inside her bedroom. She passed her injured daughter to paramedics through a window.4 Mia was taken to the hospital with severe facial and head injuries; she did not survive.

By 9 pm, police had cornered the animal in the apartment and tried to shoot it through a window from the second floor balcony. The dog then bolted out of the apartment and was shot repeatedly by officers. Animal control personnel carried the animal away on a tarp. A second pit bull owned by the family was also seized by authorities, but was not believed to be involved in the attack. The child's mother, 27-year old Megan Touchet, remains hospitalized in moderate condition.

More details will be released by police during a news conference at 1:30 pm Central time.

Related video | News conference

Image of Niko, the attacking family pit bull (FOX 8)

niko killed houmo girl
map iconView the Google Map: Louisiana Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

1For additional repulsion, please see the website of the owner of Niko's sire, UKC's Most Wanted Kimbo.
2The Google Cache time stamp is March 9, so all posts labeled 6, 7 or 8 hours ago, were presumably from that day.
3WAFB reports that she would have celebrated her 5th birthday next week. On January 17, 2014 Kara Hartrich of Bloomington, Illinois was killed by her family's pit bull on her 4th birthday.
4Several fatal pit bull attacks have involved critically injured children passed through a window because the "family" pit bull was still berserking in the home, thwarting responders from entering, most notably, the death of Izaiah Cox.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Bullmastiff Kills Child, Seriously Injures Another in Killeen, Texas

bullmastiff kills child in killeen, texas
Raymane and Angela Robinson, parents of fatal dog mauling victim.

No Criminal Charges
UPDATE 04/06/14: The parents of a 2-year old boy killed by a loose bullmastiff hope their son's death encourages officials to change state law regarding vicious dog attacks. Currently, if the animal does not have a history of previous attacks or documented previous aggression, criminal charges cannot be filed. On March 1, 2014 a bullmastiff charged out of its owner's garage and attacked two children walking down a residential street, severely injuring one and killing the other.

The dog could have killed both children during its rampage (more had they been in the vicinity) and there still would be no criminal charges under these circumstances -- not even misdemeanor fines for multiple vicious attacks. At the very least, the owner or caretaker should have been fined $4,000 (Class A misdemeanor maximum) for each attack resulting in serious bodily injury, along with facing up to 2-years in jail. Instead, the caretaker was issued a $164 "dog at large" fine.
The Robinson family has launched a dog violence prevention website and Facebook page.

03/05/14: Mauling Victim Identified
The victim of the latest Texas fatal dog attack has been identified as 2-year old Raymane Camari Robinson, Jr. Preliminary autopsy results show the cause of death as penetrating and blunt force injuries. Last Saturday, Robinson and an 8-year old girl were walking on a sidewalk in a Killeen residential neighborhood when a bullmastiff flew out of its owner's garage and violently attacked them. Robinson did not survive his injuries; the other child was hospitalized with serious injuries.
A donation page has been set up to help the boy's family pay funeral costs.

03/02/14: Neighbors Respond to Attack
Three people, ages 18, 8 and 2-years old were walking back from a park on the sidewalk Saturday afternoon when a bullmastiff ran out of its owner's garage and attacked. Killeen police were called out to the 4100 block of Pennington Avenue regarding gunshots being fired. While en route, they were told a dog had attacked several children. The 8-year old girl was the first target and victim of the dog. As neighbors pulled the large animal off of her, the dog next attacked the 2-year old boy.

Police said the child was dragged down the sidewalk until one neighbor fired off rounds to scare the dog away. The animal fled back into the garage after the gunfire. The Coon family, who lives next door and have two children of their own, said it could have been their own. "We were in the backyard at the time when it happened. Any normal day we would be out in the street; it would be my 2-year old and 7-year old and they're out every single day on the street," said Neil Coon.

Mildred Lubina, who lives right in front of where the attack happened, is a nurse. She ran out to help the victims. She saw the injured boy and began administering CPR. "The child started to breathe, but blood was coming out," said Lubina. "Looking at the child, I felt so bad for the helpless child," said Lubina. The boy was rushed to Darnell Army Medical Center in critical condition, but did not survive. As of Sunday afternoon, the 8-year old girl is in stable condition.

Neighbors told Fox 7 News that the dog's owner was out of town at the time and that the massive brute that killed one child and seriously injured another was "being watched by his mother."

Misinformed Texas Media

Fox 7, along with too many other Texas media groups, once again failed to get the Texas felony dog attack law (also called Lillian's Law) correct. The root of the confusion may also be Killeen or Bell County officials. If the latter is true, we invite both to look at the track record of Travis County, who continues to successfully prosecute under the state law. Lillian's Law only applies to loose dog attacks where knowledge of prior viciousness can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
pit bullSec. 822.005.  ATTACK BY DOG.  (a)  A person commits an offense if the person is the owner of a dog and the person:
pit bull(1)  with criminal negligence, as defined by Section 6.03, Penal Code, fails to secure the dog and the dog makes an unprovoked attack on another person that occurs at a location other than the owner's real property or in or on the owner's motor vehicle or boat and that causes serious bodily injury, as defined by Section 1.07, Penal Code, or death to the other person; or
pit bull(2)  knows the dog is a dangerous dog by learning in a manner described by Section 822.042(g) that the person is the owner of a dangerous dog, and the dangerous dog makes an unprovoked attack on another person that occurs at a location other than a secure enclosure in which the dog is restrained in accordance with Subchapter D and that causes serious bodily injury, as defined by Section 822.001, or death to the other person.
pit bull(b)  An offense under this section is a felony of the third degree unless the attack causes death, in which event the offense is a felony of the second degree.
Learn more about Lillian's Law at

03/01/14: Dog Kills Child, Injures Another
Killeen, TX - In a developing story, yet another monster bullmastiff attacked and killed one child and seriously injured another in a different part of the country today. Killeen Police said a 2-year old boy died from injuries inflicted by the dog and an 8-year old girl is currently in critical condition at Carl R. Darnell Army Medical Center due to injuries inflicted by the animal. The attacks occurred in a neighborhood near Iduma Elementary School at about 5:00 pm on Saturday afternoon.

The Killeen Daily Herald interviewed Carroll Smith, a Killeen Police Department Public Affairs Officer, in this related video. At the time of the attack, at least three people were walking by a home, ages 18, 8 and 2-years old, when the bullmastiff (unrelated to the victims) escaped its owner's property and attacked the 8-year old girl. People were able to pull the dog off of her. The animal then turned on the 2-year old, latching on to him, dragging him, ultimately killing the boy.

This is the second fatal dog mauling of a child in Bell County, Texas in under 15 days.

Texas Dog Bite Victims' Advocacy - Join our Texas email list to stay informed

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03/20/13: Report: Texas Dog Bite Fatalities, January 1, 2005 to February 17, 2013
09/02/09: Grandmother and Mother Charged in 2007 Dog Mauling Death of Killeen, Texas Boy

Photo: The Killeen Daily Herald

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Owned by Family Members Kill 3-Year Old Mississippi Boy

pit bulls kill boy in holmes county, mississippi
One of the offending pit bulls being carried away from the scene.

On Scene Footage
UPDATE 04/01/14: WAFB video footage shows the high fenced pen the two pit bulls escaped from and attacked the child who was playing nearby. How the dogs escaped is unknown. The footage also shows authorities carrying away both pit bulls, referred to by the child's aunt, Lucy Mayze, as "puppies." When asked if the dogs were vicious before, Mayze said, "Not the puppies. They never been no real vicious dog they never bit nobody they never jumped on nobody…"
"The dogs just jumped him and took him down and drug him in the back and killed him, ate him up," Mayze said.
Captain Sam Chambers with the Holmes County Sheriff's Department said, "The children were outside playing and [the mother] missed her child and when she went around to look for him that's when she saw the dogs on him and she went up there to try to get the dogs off her child and she ended up getting bit too." Chambers added, "Sad, when it comes to a child, real sad." The child's mother was treated at Lexington hospital. The little boy's death remains under investigation.

Related video | Additional images of the two pit bulls from

family pit bulls kill Mississippi boy

03/31/14: Pit Bulls Kill Child
Holmes County, MS - In a developing story, two pit bulls owned by a family member killed a 3-year old boy on Monday afternoon in Holmes County. The attack occurred in the Thornton community. The boy died on the scene. Holmes County Sheriff Willie March said it appears the dogs were in a pen and got out. Family members owned the two pit bulls, March said. The boy has been identified as Christopher Malone. The coroner and Holmes County Sheriff's Department are on the scene.
map iconView the Google Map: Mississippi Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

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06/26/10: 2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Terry Child, 5-years old, Killed by Neighbor's Pit Bull
11/09/09: 2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 16-Month Old Killed by Pit Bull of Babysitter's "Boyfriend"
07/23/08: 2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Mississippi 3-Year Old Boy Killed by Pit Bull


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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

30-Year Anniversary of Historic Pit Bull Attack Victim and The Village of Tijeras Pit Bull Ban

30-Year Anniversary Video
Village of Tijeras, NM - On March 19, 1984, Angela Hands, 9-years old, was critically injured by four pit bulls belonging to a relative while walking home from school. Two younger pit bulls running loose initiated the attack. The two parent pit bulls then climbed a 6-foot high fenced enclosure and joined the destructive, sustained attack. After receiving extensive reconstructive surgeries, doctors estimated that Angela would continue to undergo these surgeries until she reached the age of 35.1
When the dogs finished with her, Angie Hands' right leg was gnawed to the bone. Flesh and muscle had been gouged from her upper arms, and the 9-year old's ear was ripped in half. - Syracus Herald-Journal, 19852
Just under two months later, the Village of Tijeras adopted a pit bull ban. The Court of Appeals of New Mexico upheld the constitutionality of the ban in 1988, which helped lay the legal framework for bans adopted by Denver and Miami in 1989. We discovered the Angela Hands footage3 while watching the Lucas County Dog Warden Dogfighting Compilation DVD (1987-1997). We captured key segments from the DVD to create this video, which reflects upon that time period and today.

What Has Changed Today?

Not the "horrific" injuries inflicted by pit bulls. In a recent attack that gained significant international attention, 7-year old Sakurako Uehara was bitten over 100 times by four pit bulls.4 Her family was visiting New Zealand from Japan when the animals, owned by a family friend, unleashed a violent, sustained attack. At a recent news conference, surgeon Zac Moaveni described the girl's condition as "horrific." Moaveni said, "I don't think any of us were prepared for what we were going to see."
The first priority is to stabilize Sakurako and clean her "grossly contaminated" injuries … The reconstruction of Sakurako's "ferocious" facial wounds would take time, Moaveni said. - NZ Herald News, 20145
Amazingly, Angela was not bitten on her face during the attack. Sakurako was bitten all over her body. In an interview with Radio New Zealand, Dr. Moaveni said, "There is a lot of damage to the face," and that a "large amount of crush injury" is involved. Moaveni is hopeful that she will have "some sight" after many reconstructive surgeries and the ability to eat and drink, but it is too early to forecast. Moaveni predicts Sakurako will need these surgeries until she reaches adulthood.

Nor has the "pit bull debate" changed since Angela's attack. This 1986 Associated Press archive article, which shows the Village of Tijeras pit bull ban one step prior to the Court of Appeals decision, opens with the same claim we that hear so often today by pro-pit bull groups. The Village of Tijeras pit bull ban "is discriminatory," said the dog owner group challenging the ban, along with the agonizing comparison of a "dog breed" being equivalent to an ethnic group of human beings.

Escalation of Maulings and Fatalities

As stated in the video, the only aspect that has changed in modern times is the increased number of serious and fatal pit bull maulings due to the growing population of the breed. When Angela was attacked in 1984, the pit bull population was estimated to be 1% of the total U.S. dog population, according to a study.6 Five people were killed by pit bulls in 1984. Today, the breed's population base has grown to 6%.7 Last year, pit bulls killed 25 Americans, five times more than in 1984.

Today, nonfatal mauling and maiming injuries inflicted by pit bulls have flown off the charts. We pointed this out in the 2013 Dog Bite Fatality Statistics Discussion Notes in January. If it were not for advanced medical trauma centers and life flight helicopters, a number of these victims would not be alive today, including Sakurako, who will grow up grossly disfigured and possibly blind. The $155,000 raised for the little girl so far, barely reflects the "millions" her acute injuries will require.

The Village of Tijeras got it right in 1984, as did the Court of Appeals of New Mexico in 1988.


We intentionally closed the 30-Year Anniversary video with the scrolling credits of the Lucas County DVD. During those years, 1987 to 1997 (and through 2009), Tom Skeldon was the Lucas County Dog Warden and a fierce advocate for public safety about these dogs. Though we do not know who said it or in what year, the male voice over explains why the pit bull problem still persists today: "It's become a very popular dog for an unsavory element of our humane community."8

This video and blog post are dedicated to Angela Hands, Sakurako Uehara and Tom Skeldon.
donate to today
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1Garcia v. Village of Tijeras, 108 N.M. 116, 767 P.2d 355, 360 (App. 1988).
2A Breed Apart: Pit bulls Have Killed 12 People Since 1982, by Fred Bayles, Syracus Herald-Journal, December 31, 1985. Part of this article is also referenced by Gary Wilkes in 1987: Pit Bulls: Foes, Fanciers Agree Dogs Are a Breed Apart, by Gary Wilkes, The Mesa Tribune, July 26, 1987.
3Though we suggest in the video her segment was filmed in 1986 or 1987, it could have been 1988, 4-years after she was attacked. The brave, bubbly little girl in the video does not reflect the true nature of her horrific injuries that required 7-weeks of hospitalization. As noted in the 1986 AP article, her mother also said, "her daughter lost much of the control of her right leg," indicating permanent gait damage in addition to other permanent injuries.
4In the United States, the legal definition of a pit bull includes the Staffordshire bull terrier.
5Dog attack victim faces years of surgery, by Cassandra Mason, The New Zealand Herald, March 7, 2014.
6Pit Bull Attack: Case Report and Literature Review, by Steven F. Vegas, MD, Jason H. Calhoun, MD, M. Eng., John Mader, MD, Texas Medicine, Vol. 84, November 1988.
7Dog attack deaths and maimings, U.S. & Canada September 1982 to December 31, 2013, by Merritt Clifton, editor Animal People, December 31, 2013.
8Contemplate that statement for awhile.

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See More: Historical Articles Examining Pit Bulls and Their Victims -

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014 Dog Bite Fatality: 77-Year Old Phoenix Woman Dies After Bitten by Family Pit Bull

phoenix woman dies after being bitten by family pit bull
The victim, Nancy Newberry of Phoenix, Arizona.

History of Aggression
Phoenix, AZ - A woman bled to death after being attacked by a family pit bull on Friday. Nancy Newberry, 77-years old, lived at a home with her husband and daughter and three family dogs. The attacking dog was a 4-year old male, neutered pit bull that belonged to her daughter. The dog reportedly had a "history of aggression and biting people," but had never attacked a person in the home before. Her husband, Dick Newberry, said the "dog just snapped" and attacked his wife.

The victim was giving the pit bull "medicine wrapped in meat" when the animal suddenly bit her in the abdomen, a place where she had previously had an operation, according to her husband. "And boy, the blood was coming right out of there like you couldn't believe...and I grabbed a towel and put it over there…and she just slumped to the floor," Dick said. The couple had been married for 57-years. Dick said she was his "whole life." He does not know "what the hell" he will do now.

The medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death. The family put the pit bull down.

Related video
map iconView the Google Map: Arizona Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

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09/24/13: 2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Boy Killed by Pit Bull-Mixes at Babysitter's Home in Gilbert
08/23/11: 2011 Dog Bite Fatality: Tucson Man Succumbs to Injuries After Attack by Pet Pit Bull

Photo: MyFoxPhoenix

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Letter: Colorado Springs Senior Citizen Asks 'Why No Pit Bull Ban' After Vicious Attack

John Castle survived a life-threatening pit bull attack
Pit bull attack survivor, John Castle, asks "Why no pit bull ban?"

Colorado Springs, CO - A courageous 79-year old man from Colorado Springs who suffered a life-threatening pit bull attack in 2012, recently sent a letter to His letter details his violent attack, what city officials did afterward (not much) and how he is currently trying to address city council members about this vital public safety issue. We are publishing his letter in full -- bold emphasis on the part of the victim. added links to deepen and broaden his letter.

His letter expresses his outrage at what happened to him, the misery of the medical procedures he endured and how he continues to suffer today. He expresses shock that his outrage is not shared by city council members who continue to "profess ignorance" about the dangerousness of pit bulls. Finally, to "add insult to injuries," he states, he was jolted to learn that a "Service Dog" pit bull recently moved into his housing complex: "I'm scared to death. Along with 150 other seniors."

We greatly thank John Castle for his outrage, his compassion and his courage to speak the truth.

No Pit Bull Ban! Why?

pit bullWhy doesn't Colorado Springs have a Pit Bull ban to protect her citizens like the seven responsible cities north of us? Denver led the way back in 1989, that's nearly 25 years ago. At least seven other Colorado cities have since adopted Denver's Pit Bull ban or one similar to it. Why not Colorado Springs? If our Colorado Springs council members are not serving (protecting) their citizens, than who are they serving? Why have our Colorado Springs council members chosen to ignore all of the overwhelming evidence on this dangerous animal, while putting her citizens at risk?
pit bull"Denver's pit bull ban is the most controversial in the U.S. Over the course of 24 years, the ban has withstood numerous battles in state and federal courts. On each occasion, the City and County of Denver has prevailed. The litigious history of the ban, and Denver's consistent victories, has helped many cities adopt similar measures. The Denver pit bull ban is undoubtedly the beacon that illustrates the legal viability of breed-specific pit bull laws."
  • Eight cities in Colorado protect their citizens with Pit Bull bans: Castle Rock, Aurora, Denver, Commerce City, Lone Tree, Louisville, Fort Lupton, and Lajunta.
  • Seven hundred and sixty three cities in the U.S. protect millions of their citizens with Pit Bull bans or restrictions.
  • Forty states in the United States contain jurisdictions that protect millions of their citizens with Pit Bull bans or restrictions.
  • Forty countries (whole countries) protect millions of their citizens with Pit Bull bans or restrictions, here's some of them: Argentina, Austria, Bavaria, Bermuda, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Guyana, Israel, Liechtenstien, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Spain, St. Kitts and Nevis, Switzerland, Turkey, the UAE, United Kingdom and Venezuela.
  • Our closest U.S. neighbor, the Province of Ontario, Canada and her major cities of London, Toronto, and Ottawa protect her millions of citizens with a single Pit Bull ban.
  • Colorado Springs is completely surrounded by Pit Bull bans (North, South, East, & West). In fact: every military base in the United States protects their personnel with Pit Bull bans, including: Our Air Force Academy, Fort Carson, Peterson, and Shriver military bases.
Why do all of these countries, cities, and military bases protect their
millions of citizens and military personnel with Pit Bull bans?

Because the Pit Bull is dangerous and unpredictable.
  • The Pit Bull is responsible for the majority of U.S. human deaths caused by dog bites, over 60%. Hundreds of humans have been killed by Pit Bulls, and thousands have been maimed. See -- Read many of the case histories of these deaths and injuries.
  • About 65% of those deaths are children under the age of ten. Little children! Like the 4 and 5 year olds that opened the neighbor's gate to play with the doggies; they were promptly torn apart and mauled to death by three Pit Bulls. Just babies! Who should be held responsible for their deaths?
Pit bulls kill more people than all other dog breeds combined!

Here's my story:
pit bullAround 10:00 am Labor Day 2012, about a year and a half ago, I was returning home from my three mile walk up to Union Blvd, which includes Memorial Park and Prospect Lake. While walking on the south sidewalk of Pike's Peak Avenue in front of the Homewood Point apartments, a Pit Bull attacked me from behind without warning.
pit bullHe sunk his teeth into my lower left leg, twisted and pulled, which turned me toward him causing me to loose my balance and fall. While falling, he was airborne lunging at my throat. I threw my hand up to my throat, he tore my hand up. As I hit the ground, again he lunged at my throat. At that second, his owner jumped on him and held him as I felt his hot breath from his wide open jaws and looked into the eyes of an animal that wanted to kill me. Had my reflexes been a second slower, he would have ripped my throat out. He was extremely fast and powerful, disabled me in a matter of seconds.
pit bullI rolled backwards away from him and somehow managed to get to my feet, even though my left leg was paralyzed with pain, my hand was hanging in parts, and I was dazed from hitting my head from the unblocked fall. I dragged myself out into Pikes Peak to get help. There was no immediate traffic. I continued to drag myself across the street where I ended up hanging over the railing beside the Deaf and Blind school in a great deal of pain and bleeding profusely. Eric Brooks and others from Homewood Point Apartments came to my aid. Eric called 911 and did a good job trying to console me until the ambulance left. And has since been very helpful and a strong witness in criminal court.
pit bullI've experienced a considerable amount of adversity in my 79 years, but this was the most terrifying experience of my life; I came within a second or two of a violent death at the jaws of a Pit Bull. Would a Pit Bull ban have prevented my life threatening attack? What do you think? You or a family member could be next.
pit bullMy first stop was Penrose Hospital where a several hour wait trying to locate a local hand surgeon failed. That sent me on a painful ninety mile ambulance ride to St. Anthony's Hospital in Lakewood, where I would spend the next few days for reconstructive hand surgery and treatment to my leg. A few days after I returned home, my lower leg swelled double its normal size and turned beet red. I was readmitted to Penrose for severe infection at the sight of the dog bite wound.
pit bullThen came the excruciating rabies shots because they couldn't find the dog. I later learned from the Humane Society and the District Attorney that the owner hid the dog, and even denied that he owned a Pit Bull. Over the next several weeks, I would complete the excruciatingly painful rabies shots. And several more weeks of daily trips to the infectious disease clinic for one hour intravenous antibiotics. Then came the daily nurse visits to swab out the wounds, which consists of stuffing specially treated gauze deep into the wounds and slowly pulling them out with the infection, very painful. Therapy and treatments continue on my other injuries (head, neck, ears, eyes and posttraumatic stress disorder).
pit bullWhile suffering countless nightmares from the Pit Bull's life threatening attack and injuries over the last year and a half, my suffering still continues. All during this time the LAW has protected the Pit Bull by allowing it to remain free. Yes, it's still free, from the time the owner and the Pit Bull ran from the scene of the attack. If a person had attacked me with the same results there would have been an all points bulletin out on that person promptly, but not the Pit Bull. That's in the hands of our trusty Colorado Springs Humane Society, protectors of Pit Bulls.

What's wrong with this picture?

pit bullWould a Pit Bull ban have prevented this life threatening attack? Probably. Then why doesn't Colorado Springs have a Pit Bull ban? Should Colorado Springs be held responsible for this vicious attack; are they guilty of negligence? How in the world can all of the past and present council members profess ignorance? Who are they serving?
pit bullI've been told by a reliable source that there is a small self-serving group of people that have successfully (secretly) lobbied the Colorado Springs council members against a Pit Bull ban for years, at the risk of the rest of its citizens. Imagine that!
pit bullOur Humane Society is the leading promoter of Pit Bull adoptions in El Paso county, whereas, national pet shops will not handle Pit Bulls because insurance companies will not insure them.
pit bullColorado Springs, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when the Pit Bull will kill. There have already been many close calls. The library, police department and Gazette have a long list.
pit bullThe greatest pain I suffer today is from not being able to take my grandchildren to all of the outdoor activities at our beautiful parks that we have visited for decades. My fear of the Pit Bull prevents this. I have no idea how I would protect my grandchildren from an attack. That I couldn't live with.
Now add insult to injury or maybe more injury. Recently, Colorado Springs housing allowed a Pit Bull to move into our housing complex as a "Service Dog." The number one national killer of humans as a service dog. I'm scared to death, along with 150 other seniors. We all feel threatened! The Pit Bull has already been seen running loose in the hallway (see below photos) and the laundry room without a leash. I will not allow my grandchildren to visit me under the threat of this Pit Bull.
loose service dog pit bull in senior housingloose service dog pit bull in senior housing
pit bullFinally, I requested ten minutes to make a presentation to the Colorado Springs City Council on a Pit Bull ban from my Councilwoman Jill Gaebler. Her assistant allowed me three (3) minutes, which I knew would be impossible. I'm mentally slow, I suffer with pain, a balance problem, and I'm hearing impaired, all from the Pit Bull injuries. But I still tried. I was reduced to leaving a complete packet of information on Pit Bull bans and my story with Council President Keith King to share with the other members of the council. That was nearly two months ago. Not a word from any council member.

No Pit Bull Ban! Why not?

This question should be answered in honest and accurate terms to the citizens of this city.

John Castle
Senior Citizen and Pit Bull Attack Survivor
Colorado Springs, CO
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