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35 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 88, Dies of Injuries, Child Severely Injured, After Pair of Family Pit Bulls Attack

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  1. I’m going to take a wild and crazy guess and say that there probably were neighbor complaints about these dogs.

    As we all know, pit bulls are notorious escape artists. This site is full of stories of fatal maulings by pit bulls that “somehow” got out.

    In addition, pit bulls are barkers. Big barkers. Unless these dogs were kept inside 24/7, neighbors were probably subjected to the noise being force-fed into their residence. Someone probably complained.

    And why is there no history of complaints? Well, this jurisdiction is probably “served” by an animal control with its own history. That would be a history of ignoring complaints, responding to them in a less-than-timely manner, or covering them up altogether.

    • I used to live in a ghetto, and we had two neighbors on our block that had pits that we never saw. They never let them out at all and their yards had no signs of dogs. I could not comprehend having a dog and never letting it out to the point that many neighbors did not even know one lived there.

  2. This is tragic. I am 100% for banning pits. However, pits are generally not big barkers. They are often wonderful, until they aren’t.

    The sad part is that no matter how many people die from pit bulls, their owners refuse to learn.

      • A family owning pitbulls and caring for a very senior family member should make the choice of one or the other.

        Why didn’t this woman’s family seek help from government aging services in the city, county or the state to move this senior woman to an asisted living home? She would have been safe from the pitbulls.

        It’s a tragedy that pitbull owners seem to value their maulers more than their mothers.

    • Barkers they are. I have neighbors who keep their pit bulls in an assortment of kennels in the backyard. They are attended to ONCE A DAY and the kennels cleaned (shoveled out) once a week. Whenever someone appears in their backyard or a car pulls into their driveway, the dogs go berserk, jumping on the kennel walls and shrieking for attention. Local deer passing through will set them off big time. Sometimes I yell back. I think the dogs frequently wear bark shock collars, but batteries do die and excited mostly-neglected dogs often don’t care about the shocks.

  3. Here again it the thousand of stories where a family pitbull killed a family member. It tragic the grandma lost her life but I feel more sympathy for the little boy he have to witness his beloved grandma being mauled to death by evil pitbull.whoever the owner is I hope she or he is haunted by her death until the day he or she died.

  4. An elderly woman is no match for a pitbull. The immune system is weakened by age. These dogs were probably good until they weren’t.

  5. Is there another breed of dog that requires officers to act as a “human shield” to protect the victim? These dogs aren’t evil. They are dangerous. It’s that simple.

    • Why didn’t the police simply shoot the dogs? Who wants to harbor a killer dog?

      I myself would be classified as elderly, and any pitbull could easily kill me. I couldn’t get away. There’s no way. Yet I have an eighty pound GSD lying on the floor, and I have absolutely no concern he will bite me. He’s bigger than most pitbulls. Breed matters.

      • It’s more difficult to safely shoot an attacking dog than one would assume. They don’t hold still, and are usually close to the victim, who may also be moving around.

      • There was a case a few years ago, where a woman was being attacked by a pitbull and someone accidently shot her, while trying to shoot the pitbull. So that is a concern.

  6. While the police press report appeared to be comprehensive, much time was spent by the diplomacy of the police without giving usual basic facts. I had been initially impressed by the report as well.

    Three issues I have been thinking about this week beyond the major issue about why the pitbull owners’ family mixed their very senior citizen in a house with pitbulls:

    1. I have read a dozen news reports now. The family has likely hired an attorney to shield them from criticism by not releasing their name.

    2. A woman in her 80’s is not going to adopt pitbulls. They were owned by the family. This situation reminds me of dear Joan whose death was reported several months ago.

    3. The victim had just moved into the house a month earlier. Dear Joan had been in a new apartment for several months as I recall. I wonder about the impact of a recent move unsettling highly strung pitbulls. And the obscuring of a bite history report.

    I hope the Golden, Colorado Police Department will investigate this mauling death by pitbulls with an eye on elder abuse.

  7. Another possibility to consider: The boy at 12 years old is likely her great-grandson. 77 years difference. A considerable age span to be raising a child.

    • I disagree about the age span. If you look at statistics most people especially when college educated aren’t having their children and their own children aren’t having children as teenagers anymore! More parents are in their 30s than their early 20s now too because it takes years to get a college degree and then get those student loans to a manageable level so you can begin to afford to think about children! Neither of my children are even remotely thinking about children and they are both in their mid to late 20’s still working on their PhD and I was in my early 30s before I could even afford a child after paying for my own education!

    • It was reported that the pit owner, Kayla, was mother of the 12 year old and tue elderly woman was her grandmother. She was great grandma to the injured 12 year old, who knew the dog was a threat to her as he was trying to put the dogs up.

  8. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her favourite breed, the corgi, is in the news, especially in Australia.
    Talking about her working dog, as opposed to just being a pet, one Aussie corgi herder said
    “I just got into it because I thought this would be fun to do to see if she could remember what her ancestors used to do. I think it is very important in any breed to maintain what they were intended to do”
    She obviously didn’t think about all of the fighting breeds, still available as pets..

  9. Judith, do you live in Australia? I have commented at other websites on some dangerous dogs deaths in that country.

    Do you feel that staffies are just as bad as pitbulls? It seems so, especially after reading about the newborn killed in 2021. Is the general public mood to ban staffies too, like the pitbulls have been banned? I have read about the complexity of the Australian laws.

    • Nunzia, yes, I am Australian, the English ‘staffie’ is a far friendlier dog from experience, though, being a fighting breed, not always to other dogs! It is a really popular dog here. Could it be because of the average Australians laid back nature? It may reflect on our dogs? Almost all of the fatal dog attacks in Australia within the last few years, is by the American Staffie or AmStaff, which I consider a big pit type breed. The APBT is a banned dog in Australia but it is not impossible to own one, you just have to agree to keep one under certain regulations!

  10. APBT are still being shipped all over the world, thanks to the USA support of the sadistic bully dog breeders who breed bully dogs like flies, and simply list the puppy as another breed.

  11. The little boy name is ty and his grandma name was mary.The dog belong to the little boy the dog name is diablo .the family had him for seven years.the little boy was attack by the dog he got free cuz of his grandma and he went to the neighbor for help and he call 911.

    • The dog’s “owner” was 5 years old when he adopted the dog? No, one or both of the parents were the owner. Not that they’re going to get into any legal trouble because of it.

      Later reports mention only one dog, “Diablo”, but there were two pitbulls doing the mauling.

      It sounds like the boy did all he could to try to save his grandma.

  12. “Officers were forced to tase the dogs” So when you discover pit bulls mauling human beings to death you have to worry about the feelings of the pit bulls? Little wonder spree killers like Nicholas Cruz get the ‘kid gloves’ treatment in our courtrooms.

  13. I will send this to the Governor of Denver. I still haven’t forgotten how he mocked the Pit Bull Ban in Denver by hosting a pit bull in the Governor’s mansion and flaunting it in photos. Of course now the ban is gone. Awareness of the danger of owning a pit bull is growing. I can see that as the numbers of comments indicating is growing as more people have become aware that they are a problem. It’s beginning to look like a revolution is brewing among those who have either been mauled, had a family member mauled or know someone who has been mauled and those who are dealing with aggressive dogs in their neighborhoods. Never has a breed been glorified to the degree that pit bulls have been. I believe the dogfighting industry supports the animal centric orgs that push pit bulls in cities all over this country.

  14. I’m glad to say I was wrong when I speculated that the dogs’ owners wouldn’t face repercussions. The mom and her boyfriend are charged. Where is the boy’s father? Relevant question if the mom goes to jail (doubtful, to me…and possibly not the best thing for her kids). Is it possible that if people face serious trouble when their dogs attack, then word will spread and some will be deterred from owning dangerous dogs? I hope so.

    It is interesting that the children described “Diablo” as heroically fighting the other dog, when in fact human remains were found inside its stomach. It seems that the great-grandmother was the hero who saved her great-grandson’s life.

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