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7 thoughts on “Texas Lawmaker: No Pit Bulls for Minors Without Adult Supervision

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  1. Too hard!….The pit community will still pump out dangerous dogs which is the root of the problem.

    Just put a ban in place…Like removing a bandaid…Just rip it off!

  2. Honestly, of all places I would have thought would have nipped this in the bud…. what is wrong with the men in Texas? They all need to grow a pair…stop protecting the criminals, gang members, and drug dealers who breed these dogs, and start protecting your WIVES,SISTERS, MOTHERS,AND CHILDREN!

    C’mon, guys, man up, will ya? Stop letting the criminals and these looney women who want to “save all the poor pitties!” call the shots! Aren’t there any men in that great state who have the cujones to stand up and be heard…and stop letting these dogs maul innocent kids and old ladies? Instead of standing around, wringing your hands and talking tuff about using your guns, demand your legislature make these damn dogs illegal!

  3. Whoa, amazingly well said! You simply must put that in a letter to the editor for Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, etc.

    And speaking of nanny dogs, I have a friend who said she saw a special on Discovery or TLC about pitbulls and how they used to be nanny dogs before the gangsters got a hold of them. This shocked me — that the myth has been so well perpetuated by the propitters, that it ends up being reported as fact by a well-known station.

  4. They can overturn the state law preventing breed specific legislation

    After all, the law was put in place by dog fighters, dog breeders, and other assorted criminals

    It was a law catering to a special interest business, and the law should be struck down right now

    It was the equivalent of the tobacco industry going in and making legislators pass a law that prevents any tobacco laws

  5. Foolmeonce, I have seen some of that program…the problem is really the decline of journalism, and especially investigative journalism in this country. I have a good friend who is an editor, and we have talked about the poor quality of journalism in our local major metropolitan newspaper, including some very embarrassing instances of formal retractions.

    Another good example is the recent Sports Illustrated piece. Honestly, the writer merely went onto sites like Bad Rap, ect., and wrote what he read there. (I guess if you read it on the internet it must be true!) The history of the breed had been completely fabricated by the dog-lobbyists, yet virtually no journalists challenge the statements regarding pit bulls once being the most “popular dog in America”….they never were, and its been PROVEN through research, by Merritt Clifton.

    The pro-pit lobby is never asked by journalists to quantify their information, or back up what they say. No one “researching” the breed, surprisingly, manages to find Merritt Cliftons studies. No journalists ever bother to read what the dogfighters themselves have written about the dogs…including how MANY fighting dogs were HIGHLY huamn aggressive and that it is simply a myth that these dogs were “culled” if they were man-biters.

    I am hoping more journalists will learn to use the resources provided by this site to get a better idea of what the real problems are with these dogs.

  6. pit bulls are like guns, eh?
    Wait- my gun just busted out of it’s crate and is charging down the street, bouncing along on it’s little butt!
    If only I’d bought that choker gun leash…

    Oh, wait, guns don’t have minds of their own, do they?

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