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3 thoughts on “2006 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics -

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  1. Great job DBO….There is a huge whole in the death stats since the CDC stopped tracking at the behest of the dog lobby in 1999.

    The oft quoted 66 deaths over 20 years stat is completely inaccurate as the piticide rate has increased radically.

    37 Americans were killed by pit bull breeders in 06 and 07.

  2. How about the people who died from a heart attack after their dog was ripped to pieces in front of their eyes? They are not in these stats.

    But it seems from the statistics that the best way to prevent an attack is: don’t visit people that own one.(87% of the attacks occurred on owner property )

  3. You are right, Mrs. Poodle…while we have to continue to fight to get rid of these dogs from our cities, I will not go to somebody house that I know has a pit bull. I have a friend who has one. Never again will I go to there house as long as they have a pit bull. They are very nice people who simply believe pit bulls are misunderstood angels. Sadly, they could not be more wrong. They just had a baby too…I simply pray nothing happens.

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